Know if you and your girlfriend are compatible

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How to Know if You and Your Girlfriend are Compatible

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    The first thing you should ask yourself is if you are comfortable around her, if you can act like yourself truly around your girlfriend then you two have a great bond with each other also another good sign of you two being compatible is if you can say how you feel freely without feeling as if you would get attacked for saying something that she wouldn't agree with as this may be a sign that you two aren't compatible with each other being that you would have to disguise who you are to make her feel comfortable instead of yourself.
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    Common interests help create a strong bond for the both of you, if you two do not share common interests, then it will not be a good factor between the two parties
    A lot of people have used the quote "we don't have common interests, but it helps balance out the relationship" that is only true for a short period of time, but in a relationship the true interests and wants will start to come out and it will result in one of the parties having to give into what they like to do just to balance out the relationship, interests are almost like obsessions so if the two parties do not show any type of common obsession it can also cause a problem with both parties not wanting to give into giving up their interests for the other resulting in a break up.
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    When meeting a girl you will sometimes get a good feel for her making it seem as if you have known her forever or more than what it seems
    This will more than likely make it seem as if there is nothing you do not know about her creating a stronger bond with her than you will normally feel with any other person.
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    When in your relationship, it is a good sign when your girlfriend is sensitive about you as in for example nurturing
    If your girlfriend is sensitive about your feelings, then it will bring about a sense of wellbeing and happier with the two of you as opposed to a girlfriend who is not sensitive about your feeling who will more or so hurt your feelings instead of trying to protect them during the relationship.
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    Loyalty is the main thing in a relationship among others, so if you feel a sense that your girlfriend is completely loyal to you then that is perfect for the relationship
    In a relationship you should never feel as if you cannot trust your girlfriend as it will in turn cause a lot of issues in the relationship, such as suspicion, questioning and a sense of having to keep tabs. Relationships with these elements in them either cause the relationship to break up early, later or if fixed (which is rarely) can make the relationship stronger if both partners own up to their words of being loyal to the other.
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    Lastly, in a relationship the two of you should share a common view on life as in how far you two expect to go in life, whether it be furthering education, kids and things of that nature
    A relationship can hurt when one partner is ready for a life changing change and the other is not yet ready that would be a good example of the parties not being in sync with their viewpoints of where they are wanting to go in life.
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Questions and Answers

How to know if you are truly special to your girlfriend?

Knowing that you are truly special to your girlfriend makes you feel more confident and proud. But knowing it can be quite a little bit tricky. Below are some notable factors to know if you are truly special to your girlfriend:

  • Gives you personalized or DIY gifts. Personalized gifts are different to gifts that are bought. When your girlfriend gives you a DIY gift that she personally made, it is a good indication that she also considers you a special person in her life.
  • Enjoy your company or presence. When your girlfriend truly enjoy your company without showing any signs of boredom, it is also a good indication that you are very dear to her.
  • Constantly call or text you. When your girlfriend constantly calls or text you even just to say hi, hello or how are you? means that she really cares for you.
  • Invites you to her house or family gatherings. When your girlfriend invites you to have a dinner to their house or to attend to their family occasions, it means that she considers you a very special person to her and she wants to introduce you to her relatives.

The above factors will help you know if you are truly special to your girlfriend.

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