Know if a guy has a girlfriend

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In various social situations, the likelihood of meeting a guy you might have a romantic attraction to is high. However, this can pose some risks. On your quest for love, of course, you want to be careful not to fall for a guy who already has a girlfriend. Not only will this lead to embarrassment, it brings heartache as well. The following steps will guide you in looking for signs that a guy already has a commitment, however loosely, with another woman.


Protect Yourself

  1. 1
    Observe how he acts around other females and how they interact with him
    There is usually a difference in behavior between a guy who's single and a guy who's in a relationship, especially in terms of how openly he reacts the attention toward him. A guy in a relationship will be more subdued, especially when there are people to witness his behavior. Of course, he doesn't want any negative feedback being reported to his girlfriend, but some men cannot resist attention from the opposite sex.
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  2. 2
    Conduct some online research
    With the available technology offers nowadays, it's rather easy to pull up some basic information about a person. Check out his Facebook or other social media accounts to see if there is any indication that this person is already involved with someone.
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  3. 3
    Observe how often he mingles with women
    Any guy in a relationship may not be able to afford to spend that much time with others, as the relationship alone requires a certain level of a time commitment as well.
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  4. 4
    Develop a platonic relationship with him first, without any expectations of being in a deeper relationship later on
    Friendship alone will allow you to get to know the person better.
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  5. 5
    Interact with mutual friends
    Friends are always a good source of information. However, do not be too obvious when making inquiries, as that may come across as being desperate and controlling to others. Keep it as natural as possible like you are simply talking about common friends.
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  6. 6
    Encourage two-way communication
    A dialogue motivates a good exchange of information. If you also do your part of sharing information about yourself, you are in a better position to ask information about himself.
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  7. 7
    If all else fails and he seems to be a guy who is open-minded enough, you may ask him directly like it's a question out of curiosity
    If you do not want to ask outright, you can make a comment assuming he has a girlfriend and see if he corrects you or not. It could be something simple such as "I'm sure your girlfriend would love this" or " I bet your girlfriend loves your new haircut, piercing, etc."
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Signs A Guy Already Has a Girlfriend

There are certain behaviors or habits that can reveal when a guy already has a girlfriend. Some of them are as follows:

  1. 1
    Constantly looking at his watch or mobile phone and seeming to be inspired each time he does so
    This may be a sign of his attention for another girl, more likely for his girlfriend. Other things may definitely make him happy, such as work, family life, sports, and similar things. However, the mere fact that he does not seem to be a hundred percent with you when you're together and prefers to be distracted by something else is a good indication that he may not be looking at building a serious relationship with you.
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  2. 2
    Not being able to dedicate a good amount of his time to you
    Of course, it is a given that he is also preoccupied with other important things such as work, business, family, etc., however, if he is not able to set aside time for you completely, it is a good indication that he is dedicating it to someone else special.
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  3. 3
    Deception or being extremely secretive
    Although in any relationship, you cannot expect that everything will be shared with you, there will still be some information that remains hidden, things he won't discuss. However, if a guy is towards the extreme side of being secretive, that should be a cause for concern.
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  4. 4
    When it comes to electronics
    Calls and texts he won't answer. Watch his face when he reads his texts - does he smile, but not share with you what made him smile? And then he doesn't reply in front of you? Over-protective of his phone. Closes his laptop when you enter the room.
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Obvious Signs A Guy Has A Girlfriend

Below are more obvious signs your guy already has a girl. You can stop reading now if you want. Some women don't want to know. Regardless of how long you put off the inevitable, it will catch up to you, and bite you in the bum. At least take control over your own life, and find out for sure. Ask him!

The Guy Will Not Take You Out In The Public

Do you notice there are some places he takes you, but they are a bit out of the way, hidden? He does not really talk you out in public. The reason why he is not taking you out in the public is not to be seen by someone that he knows or friends that might report to his "real" girlfriend that he is with someone else.

He Never Invites You To His Place

If the guy won't make plans at his place, never invites you to his place, and maybe you've never been to his place - that is not a hopeful sign. He most likely has another woman in his life, and it isn't his mother. Even if this other woman doesn't actually live with him, there is more evidence of her at his place, than he can cover up. Ask yourself this - why wouldn't your boyfriend want you at his place?

He's Not Answering Your Phone Calls

There are times you try to call your "boyfriend" just to say hello, or ask about his day, and over and over, your call goes straight to voicemail, or worse, your calls are rejected. Imagine your "boyfriend" is somewhere, with another girl watching as he does not answer his phone when you call, and he's with her.

He Doesn't Introduce You To His Friends

You have been dating for quite some time now and you still haven't met his friends. The guy might tell you it will happen, but he's just not ready to have you meet his friends. This means, he's just not ready to include you in his life, which might translate to - he has a girlfriend.

He Hasn't Introduced You To His Parents Or Family

Remember many guys are reluctant to take that big step and introduce their new girl to their family. If you have been dating for a long time and still you haven't met any of his brothers, sisters, mom or his dad - this might be an indication he already has a girlfriend. Ask him about it, and watch for his reaction. Is he evasive? Does he make a lot of excuses? Avoid your questions? Don't make excuses for him!

He Doesn't Want To Spend The Night With You

If you have been dating for a long time and are intimate with each other, and time after time you invite him to spend the night, but he refuses, or avoids, or makes excuses - he probably has a girlfriend. Does he go home, even if it's the early hours of the morning? A little bit odd right? This is another sign that he might have a girlfriend already that you did not know.

He Still Has A Picture Of His Supposed Ex-Girlfriend In His Wallet

Most guys without a girlfriend, don't have a picture of a girlfriend in their wallet because they don't have a girlfriend. Guys who have a picture of their "supposed" ex in their wallet, either are lying abut the "ex" part, or they still have feelings for this girl. Either way, it does not bode well for you as he's either still in love, or they are still together.

He Doesn't Want You To Check His Phone

The most important thing in a relationship is to have trust, and yet people still need privacy as well...but how much? Have you been together for quite some time, and yet your boyfriend is very protective of his phone? He doesn't let you answer it, doesn't hand it to you so you can scroll through pictures, certainly doesn't let you use it when you can't find yours - and has lame excuses why you can't. If he basically doesn't want you to touch his phone, be on your guard. Whether or not he already has a girlfriend, he is at the very least, hiding something.

You Don't Have Access To His Social Media Accounts

As his girlfriend, you might think you have rights to access his social media accounts. This is true of some couples, but not all couples. But, if he doesn't let you go through his photos if you learn his password, and he changes it if he doesn't want you to have access to any of his accounts, look for the meaning behind this. Not all couples share like this, so in this situation, you can't jump to conclusions. Trust is important, but then so is privacy. Trust your instincts on this one. It's more important to recognize when he closes the computer, or logs off of Facebook, or you hear him get messages he emotionally reacts to but doesn't reply to in your presence.

He Doesn't Post Pictures Of You Together To A Social Media

Another sign there is something wrong - he doesn't keep a picture or you, or the two of you together in his wallet, nor does he post pictures of you, or you two together to any of his social media accounts. While you worry about whether there's another woman, now would be the time to consider - you might be the other woman.

Excuses, Excuses and More And Excuses

  • If you want to meet him there - he asks to meet you somewhere else.
  • You want him to come over to your place - but he can't, won't or avoids.
  • You can't go to his place because he has a friend staying with him, it's being renovated, there as a flood, the toilet is broken, etc.
  • You're with him, he sees someone and does an about face, making an excuse why he's avoiding that person.

This might be the right time to just come out and ask...but if he's avoided letting you know this far, he'd most likely lie - again.

You Only See Him During Early Morning Or Evening

If you can only see your guy in the early mornings or late at night, then it could be that he has another girlfriend you are not aware of. He might continue to tell you it's due to his workload, or he's been working overtime so he can reach the company's target. Take note of the patterns - is he consistently meeting with you at certain times, or only on Wednesdays, etc. it's best to investigate if he's telling the truth or not. You do realize at this point, you don't trust him. Even if he's on the up and up - how you going to get that trust back, and why didn't you have it in the first place?

Feminine Hygiene Products In The Bathroom

If you know that your boyfriend does not have any sisters and his mom lives in another state or past the age when she needs feminine products, and you find some feminine hygiene products in his bathroom, you have more doubts. That being said, there are men who are thoughtful and do keep an interesting supply for just such an occasion. It doesn't necessarily mean they have another woman, but it might mean he's had his share of women in the past. This is a guy who's really open.


If you have found some jewelry that you're pretty sure doesn't belong to your boyfriend, and you're very sure it doesn't belong to you, you're going to wonder who it belongs to. Maybe you found it in the cushions of the sofa, or beside his bed, or in his car. Although not conclusive, this is an indication he might already have a girlfriend.

It's Not The Scent Of A Man

If you notice that you guy smells like fruity or sweet. There's a lot you can figure out by the scent of a man. Maybe he's piled on the aftershave to hide the scent of a woman. Worst case scenario - he doesn't have allergies, but he's asked you to refrain from wearing anything with a scent. Again, an indication you are the other woman...and don't know it.

Does He Want To Break Up With You?

Is he blowing you off? Giving you the brush off? Avoiding you? Find out!

He Has Less And Less Time For You

If your guy or crush does not want you to go out with you or keeps on saying he is busy even for a simple dinner, or perhaps he makes plans and then cancels them - he might be trying to blow you off. If a guy really likes you and wants to spend time with you, he will make it happen.

Not Ready To Have A Relationship

If you've been dating for quite some time, but he keeps on saying he isn't ready to have a relationship, then it could be an indication that he is blowing off - pushing you away. If you've been dating for so quite awhile, and he's resistant to even call you his girlfriend and doesn't want to admit he's in a relationship with you, you need to take the time to figure out the reasons behind that behavior.

Talks A Lot About His Ex-Girlfriend Or Other Girls

If he keeps talking about his ex or some sexy hot chick he met - it's like a slap in your face. Usually, guys are resistant to talk about exes or girls they are interested in, so if he's doing that, he's either a complete narcissist, or he's trying to push you away. Either way - run away! Maybe some men talk this way in front of each other, but it isn't right for a guy to be talking that way in front of you, unless he's trying to drop you, and hasn't got the nerve to tell you.

No Reply - Delayed Reply - Text, Call, Facebook, Messages

Maybe you just wanted to confirm your plans or to say hello, but he's not answering his phone or replying to your messages. It wasn't long again he replied promptly, but now a day or two goes by without a word from him. He's really not into you.

When He Is Drunk He Calls You First

This is also another sign that he is trying to blow you off. If you suddenly feel as if you are the only one trying to make whatever this thing is you have work, and the only time he tries to contact you is when he's drunk, this is a very bad sign. Maybe he wants a ride or it's a booty call, but neither of these garners much respect.

He's Distracted When You're With Him

If he's constantly looking at his watch or to his phone, he's asked you to repeat what you've just said - several times, he's not engaged with you in this moment. This is a sign that he is not into you and clearly he does not want to be with you on a date or to an outing.

He Avoids Being Alone With You

If he is uncomfortable when he's alone with you and prefers to be with you in a crowd, again, something has shifted, and he doesn't want to be with you anymore.

He Doesn't Flirt With You Anymore

He's lost interest, and you have no idea how this happened. He might be fickle. He might be a player. He might have a girlfriend somewhere, and the task of juggling more than one woman is getting tedious. Whatever the reason, he isn't interested in you. He might be interested in a girl on the other side of the room, but it isn't you. Now - you need to leave and find someone who wants to be with you. You deserve better.

Not Interested In Your Day - Not Interested In You - Not Interested

If you text your guy asking how his day was, and his reply is, fine, or okay, or something equally short and bland, or if he's stopped asking about your day - well, it's probably over - whatever it was.

Questions and Answers

Why won't a guy let you go even if he already has another girlfriend?

Uncertainty is a common cause of this type of behavior. Sometimes, guys are simply confused about who they really want. They tend to delay the decision making process to avoid any regrets later on.

This is something that cannot be explained for all guys. I can say the reason that he is not letting you go is that he is not sure if the girlfriend he has is the one he wants to be with thus he is keeping you around to compare with her so that he does not make a mistake. In this case, you can simply be a backup person but it is very hard to tell without knowing this individual's feelings.

Some men gain "power" from having a girlfriend and believe they gain even more if they have two. It makes them feel important but really makes them look like creeps.

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He says he broke up with his girlfriend. Can I believe him?

It's normal to have some doubts when he tells you this, but it also depends on how much you really trust him, and how he has proven himself in the past. If you are uncertain, the best thing to do is have an honest conversation with him - if this is possible. Tell him exactly how you feel about what he is telling you. From there, see how he responds to clarify the situation further.

It depends on the level of trust that you have for each other. Oftentimes, it would be good to just believe, especially if you really love that person. However, there are also times when you need to be more sensitive to signs and symptoms of your boyfriend cheating on you or on another girl. In other words, you should keep it well-balanced. There has to be a reasonable level of trust, but you need to be wise enough as well.


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How to tell if a guy has a girlfriend if you are talking online?

  • If all of your conversations are done online, make sure that you have a way to verify whether you are talking the person you think you're talking to. Face-to-face video conversations might help in giving you a slight assurance you are not talking to a person with a fake identity. This is the first thing you need to establish before talking any further about having a relationship.
  • Conduct some research. You can search for anything that links to his email address, instant messenger ID, and his social media activities. This should give you a clearer idea about his real personality and status. Although it is possible you may not be able to gather information about personal matters, you may find other information that is helpful.
  • Ask him directly and request proof. This is an understandable move because you are having an online relationship, and there are things you simply cannot observe over the computer, and things you must never take for granted. It's only fair to expect he will require the same level of transparency from you.

Below are some of the hints to indicate that the guy that you are talking to via online chat has a girlfriend:

  1. 1
    The guy unconsciously falls for your jokes regarding having a relationship
    One of the best ways to know if the guy you're talking to online has a girlfriend is to simply have a lively conversation that includes jokes and funny statements and secretly incorporate asking him if his girlfriend might get jealous if he's been caught talking to you. Because of the lively conversation, the guy will usually give you hints or a straight answer to your question without him realizing that you are actually asking him a personal question.
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  2. 2
    Avoiding relationship topics
    There are some honest guys that prefer not to talk about their personal love life and usually divert the conversation to another topic. They usually want to maintain their fidelity to their girlfriends and talk to you in a casual manner avoiding being flirtatious.
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  3. 3
    Constantly away from the keyboard
    Another indication to tell a guy if he has a girlfriend while talking online, the guy often hangs up in the middle of conversations or leaves abruptly. A short time later he returns, with little explanation of where he went. Just imagine that in the midst of your conversation, he closed his computer to hide you from his girlfriend, or he received a call from her, that he had to take, or he's switched windows to chat with some other girl. This kind of behavior warrants some questions.
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The above tips will help you gain insights if the guy that you are talking to via online chatting platform has a girlfriend.

Why does a guy not tell you he has a girlfriend?

He may have other intentions when he refuses to tell you this. From your end, take it as a warning sign that you cannot fully trust him.

If a guy does this, he definitely cannot be trusted. He wants to play around with two girls. If you find out he has a girlfriend and he never told you about this, that's already enough grounds for you not to really trust him.

It may also be possible that he is already trying to end the relationship with the other girl for certain reasons, but he is scared of her potential reaction. Therefore, he may be hiding it from you because he is trying to solve his issues on his own. He is trying to get you not involved to avoid complications.

Should I ask a guy if he has a girlfriend before I try to be friends with him?

There is nothing wrong with being friends with a guy. Having women in his circle of friends is normal. Therefore, it should not matter whether he has a girlfriend or not before you establish a friendship with him. Of course, this is a totally different matter if your main purpose in being friends with him is to use it as a stepping-stone to a romantic relationship. If that is the case, then yes, it should matter first if the guy already has a girlfriend or not.

Yes, it will help you to be able to distinguish if you will just be friends or if you will have a friendship with a mind to a romantic one in the near future. What you have suggested is the perfect way to go when it comes to joining a guy in friendship, unless he's not being honest with you.

Why men don't want their girlfriends in their social networks?

There are some men who prefer not to include their girlfriends in their social network. These are some of the reasons why they might have this preference:

  • They honestly just want to safeguard their girlfriend and their relationship.
  • They do not want to create the possibility of rivalry.
  • They want absolute attention from their girlfriends.
  • They might be hiding something. There are men who are tricky enough to tell their girlfriends they just want to protect them from harmful elements, but the real deal is that they're hiding something from them. Even worse, they might be flirting (or more) with another girl.

The reason for men not wanting to have their girlfriends involved in their social networks is because of their girlfriend complaining about what they see on their social networks. Any comments, pictures or anything else that happens on their social network can be a cause for an argument between the couple.

Why do some guys have more time for social media than their girlfriend?

Maybe this is because, while in front of the computer doing social media, they have no obligations and no rules and regulations - in short, "no hassle". Sometimes sitting in front of a computer makes a guy unconscious of many things. For example, he may not notice the time, if he has eaten recently, and many other things if he is playing online.

This answer can go both ways for it is not only guys who spend a lot of time on social media but also ladies. The reason people spend a lot of time on social networks is to be entertained, this does not mean a person is talking to someone on the Social Network all the time but it does mean that they like reading posts, seeing news and viewing other opinions. If your partner is spending a lot of time on social media then you can simply express yourself to them in order to help the to focus on your more than their social networks.

If anyone is more interested in who's doing what on Facebook, they need to concentrate on their own lives. We have created a generation of people who find it easier to communicate via electronic devices, than face to face. Sad - but true.

Why is it inappropriate to ask if someone has a girlfriend?

Asking a guy if he has a girlfriend could go either way. It might be appropriate or inappropriate - depending on your level of relationship or connection with him. However, if you two are really close or belong to the same circle of friends then you should know. One thing to note when asking such personal questions is that you should know what type of person you are dealing with because there are some people who feel their boundaries are crossed when asked such questions, while there are those who think personal inquiries are perfectly alright.

Do not appear critical, malicious, or nosy, as you might send the wrong message. It would definitely be inappropriate if you have the wrong intentions. It also depends on timing and delivery. As the cliché goes, "It's not what you say but how you say it". If you can deliver it with flair, then you will more likely get the right answers and leave a great impression as well.

There is nothing inappropriate in regards to asking a person about their relationship status for it is a good question or even simple question to ask a person during a dialogue.

How in the world would you consider asking if someone has a girlfriend too personal a question? This is something you'd ask a stranger on a bus. If someone becomes defensive about this question - run away!

Why would a guy want to be clear that he has found someone via social network?

It's a common scenario that people post snapshots of their appetizing entree or dish with tags of the restaurant or people they are with. "Selfies" have become highly sensationalized and viral because of social media. A lot of people can't get through a day without posting updates on a myriad of social networking sites.

The love bug has also caught up with the social media ripple. That explains why a special status change from "single" to "in a relationship" is definitely something that a guy or a girl would post online especially if he is seriously committed to the relationship and his partner. This is most often accompanied by images of the "beloved" and some messages of love. Public declarations of love or "in a relationship" status via social media reveals that a guy is officially out of the dating pool for the meantime as he is exclusively seeing someone.

Further, this shows that a guy is not attempting to date or be in a relationship with a number of girls at the same time as he declared publicly that he is currently in an exclusive relationship with one lucky girl. If the guy has previously broken up with someone or was cheated by an ex, then official social media updates on relationship status show that he has officially moved on and happy with someone new.

There really is no proper explanation as to why a person would put their information like this on a social network or tell people about this information. An idea about why a person should be this honest comes from is so he will have the understanding of whomever on the fact that he met someone over a social network.

When a guy dates another girl when he already has a girlfriend who does he love more?

If a guy dates another girl - even if he already has a girlfriend - it means that the guy is not truly sure about his true feelings and he is still searching for someone that best suits his personality. Doesn't it seem then, that neither woman is the right one? A guy will commit himself to a relationship to know more about the girl, and if he feels like something is missing, he tends to date another girl, often at the same time, hoping to find someone to fill the gap. The best way to know if the guy truly loves the girl is that the guy will only make himself available to his girlfriend and he will always be faithful to his girlfriend.

It depends on the guy. If he already has a girlfriend and he dates another girl, it means that he is not faithful and he is not loyal to his girlfriend. If he loves his girlfriend, he must not date any other girl. Guys date another girl, even though they have a girlfriend because they are not sure about their relationship and they want to try out a new partner. There are also some guys that love their girlfriend, but they want to try a new partner because they are not satisfied.

There's a lot of explaining unacceptable behavior. Sometimes, the guy is an ass, and has a massive ego, and goes out with more than one woman at a time because he, quite frankly, does not give a damn about anyone else but him.===If a man volunteers that he has a girlfriend is he warning you off?=== It will be a warning if the statement has come without a question. Perhaps you are flirting, and he feels uncomfortable and isn't sure how to get around the "elephant in the room" The conversation might go this way... The Girl says, "Wow, you're a genius" and she keeps on smiling or saying it in a flirty way. The Boy says, "Yeah, that's what my girlfriend always says to me." With the reply of the guy to the girl, he is saying that he's got a girlfriend and he loves his girlfriend and isn't interested.

If he just said it that he got a girlfriend, it means that he really loves his girlfriend, he is proud to have her, he does not want to have trouble and it seems that he is really serious about his girlfriend. There is a problem with this - as many women are more attracted to a man who's already "taken". They like a man who's desirable to other women - just saying'.

Here are some reasons why he might say he has a girlfriend:

  • He is just being honest. He's a good guy who's telling the truth and not hiding that he already has a girlfriend.
  • He loves his girlfriend. It shows that he is proud and loves his girlfriend.
  • He feels that a girl is flirting with him, so he says he already has a girlfriend and doesn't want to have any trouble.
  • He thinks that the girl likes him, and just tells the girl he has a girlfriend so that the girl stops liking him.

I like one guy very much. How will I know he also likes me?

I've been attracted to a guy for about 5 months - love at first sight. He is also very nervous around me. I emailed him about studies only, but he sincerely responded to me. How can I confirm he is also interested in me?

The best way to know if someone likes you without having to wonder or decipher their messages or motives is to ask him. I have dealt with this before in my life wanting to know if a girl liked me or not but the games I played proved to be a waste of time. All the signs said that she liked me, but she actually didn't, and I didn't find out until I asked her straight out. Sit him down or send a text asking:

"Do you have any feelings for me other than friendship?"

This is the simple way to ask, as you don't actually confess your feelings for him. If he says "no" then simply say at the end, oh OK I was just asking no big deal, and you get to keep your dignity intact. But if he says "yes" then it is up to you to further the conversation and let him know how you feel.

How can I tell if my neighbor is flirting with me or if he has a girlfriend?

I met my neighbor by accident one day when I was putting oil in my van, and he offered to assist me. I work the graveyard shift, so I don't really know my neighbors. He was on his way out to work and said hello then offered to help. I accepted and that was it. Recently though, there was a problem with parking and I offered him my parking spot because he was having trouble parking his truck. While discussing this he kept saying how nice it was to see me again and I choked up. Anyway, he waves to me almost every day now, and I wave back, but neither has gotten the nerve to talk to each other. I have seen a woman at his apartment at night and leaving in the morning, not every day but sporadically. He also has not come home until the next day few times a week and there are times he is there alone. I want to approach him but I want to be sure before I do. I'm confused. He knows I have seen this lady and has waved hello to me in her presence. I don't know if he is just being friendly or not. By the way - he declined the parking spot.

This can be anything. Some people are gallant. Politeness is their way of upbringing, and they are always happy to oblige. Today, a lot of courteous behavior is regarded as flirting by mistake. Observe his manners when he buys something in stores or talks to people if you can. These people have the tendency to be well-mannered, though they still can do something wrong or mistreat a person. As you can see, he did not ignore his lady and paid attention to you. This can be a sure sign of good upbringing and good manners.

Unfortunately, to find out if he was flirting, you have to meet him somewhere where you can talk either by chance or by inviting him. It will be a guessing game until you interact more.

From the things you've said, I'd say he was in a relationship and simply being polite.

My boyfriend doesn't want to go with me in a public place.

It has been a month that we began a relationship together, but we hardly meet. Until now, we've only met 2 times. He avoids going to public places with me. The first time we met we went to his house, but in morning he didn't come out to see me off. He also told me his uncle lives in the next building so he can't come outside. I don't know if he is really with me or with another gal, but he does message and call every time. I really don't know whether I should take the time to understand him or just leave this relationship.

There might be a lot of reasons to that. Some people are agoraphobic or enochlophobic. That means that they are afraid of either open space or crowds. Talk to him about his past experience at festivals or theaters to find out if he has any of these phobias. You will recognize it by his reluctance to talk about it or any other hints. There are many other fears as well (cars, bad people, etc.). The best way is to find common friends and talk about this behavior with them.

The other reason that he behaves like that is that he has a lot of neighbors who watch him and criticize every one of his actions. This happens in smaller cities or if the person lives with his relatives.

Of course, there is always a chance he treats you just like a friend. First, try to stay with him indoors and talk about how you love going outside at night or in the daytime (he might not be "watched" by his neighbors at night). Offer to meet at another distant point (another city is an ideal meeting point) to see if he is afraid of being near you in local public places.

One more thing: some people just prefer home to any other activity. They might be playing computer games, reading books, and avoiding a lot of social interaction in any other way.

He has pics of this gal on Facebook - old pics from 2013 - and he still hangs around with the gal.

Hi, I have recently met a guy online. I like him so much. I asked if he was single and he advised that he has been single for 6 months. I did a little investigating about him on Facebook, and that is when I came across the pics of himself and the lady from 2013. I then went to his recent pics and still saw the same gal in most of his pics but this time they're not cozy or anything, they're with their friends. I have tried: I tried to search on Facebook to confirm my doubts. I think it was caused by: The thing that caused this problem is that he hardly initiates a conversation and the other thing is that it is hard to believe a guy when they tell you they are single.

The girl in the pictures could just be a close friend. He also may have meant that he is single because he is not committed to another person but casually dating people. If you have doubts you should wait for him to contact you and then ask to meet him in person and speak with him not just online so you can hear his voice inflection when he talks. It is really hard for some people to make personal connections online so perhaps this is why everything seems to be going too slow for you.

He also might be a guy who can end a relationship with a woman, and remain friends. The pictures might be less intimate recently because their relationship has changed from lovers to friends.

So there's this guy I'm dating and I spend weekends at his place, only for me to wake up this morning and I see that there was a girl on his DP and the caption went like" Happy Birthday to this very special girl, I wish you all you wish yourself and even more."

I think this is a red flag and I need you to advise me on a mature approach to deal with the issue. I have tried: I have stopped picking his calls. I think it was caused by: I guess he doesn't like me enough.

Although that message was a red flag, it could have been sent to a female friend or family member that you are not aware of yet. You don't seem to be aware of his intentions towards you, and you may not be in an exclusive relationship, especially if you have never discussed whether or not you'd be seeing other people. This does not mean he isn't interested in you, and he has been calling you, so he does show that he has you on his mind and wants to be with you in some capacity. Ask Your Boyfriend What His Plans are Toward You is a VisiHow article that gives you a guideline for asking your boyfriend what his intentions are. Before you walk away from him, at least give him a chance to clarify your relationship.

The relationship is three months old and we only get intimate. What confuses me is the fact that when he is gone to see his parents our conversations are not the same as when he is around. He is very straight and so uninteresting and sometimes doesn't pick up calls.

He will claim that he can't talk freely when he is around his parents, so it's a way of respecting them. He goes on to say the only time we get to be close and personal is at night time when he is free from his work. Nevertheless, even during the day, it is a problem. Could he be seeing someone else or what? I have tried: Talked about and expressed my fears. I think it was caused by: Not sure if it's over with him and his ex

If you are sure he is with his parents then there is no need for concern. For instance, when my husband and children are around, I rarely make or receive a phone call unless it's important. I wait to make personal calls when they are sleeping so that I can focus on the phone call and not what is happening around me. This is probably what is happening with your boyfriend.

As for not being over his ex, this is another matter that you should be concerned if there are other signs. It's not easy to be in a relationship with someone still stuck in a past relationship. Let your boyfriend know that you do not want to be a rebound girlfriend. Also, let him know that it is understandable if he still has residual feelings but would like the respect of knowing that he is overcoming those.

Visiting his parents would be an excellent excuse if he has another woman in his life.

What if your crush is in 6th grade? What do you do then?

He stares at me and I try to hide my face, and he finds a way to stare again

In this age group, boys are just starting to notice girls. For them, it is more curiosity rather than love or a crush. They are often shy which is why he looks away. 6th grade is a time in your life for friendships and family. Do not waste time wondering if a boy likes you until you are in 10th grade. Even then, finishing high school and maintaining your close friendships should be more important. So the answer to your question is to do nothing at all. You could embrace him in your circle of friends but there is no point in going beyond that.

My man is always busy, I told him I will be coming to his place either on Tuesday or Wednesday and he told me I should 1st confirm so that he can check his availability?

He is a workaholic by nature, but recently he doesn't call or text me and loses interest fast. I told him I'm coming to his place either Tuesday or Wednesday but he told me that I should confirm with him 1st so he can check his availability. What is that supposed to mean? It is different because he talks about quality time. I have tried: I have tried to talk to him but its seems like he is forever busy. I think it was caused by: He might be having someone on the side and I really get tired of trying, so I feel like I must just let him go.

His response was normal and considerate. Consider that perhaps he does not want you to waste your time going to his place if he will not be there. If he is someone that works a lot, quality time for even just one hour is better than an entire day together.

Recently met a guy through work...wondering if he's in a relationship?

I just befriended a guy, and somewhat quite drawn to him, but I want to be sure he doesn't have a girlfriend. Once I had a friend (admission I WAS attracted to him, but kept the relationship platonic) who had a girlfriend and she went nuts...I want to back off should I hurt anyone, including myself. . This new guy doesn't wear a ring and is very much into cars. His main work seems to revolve around cars. When I met him at work, he was a little unkempt, and didn't notice me at first as he went straight to his friends in the group. There was no introduction, as I was in a foul mood about it. But somehow he noticed this and from somewhere he found out my name, and tried to initiate conversation. I was still in a low mood, but later we talked, and he was very friendly and cordial, and we have a lot in common. . . I'd like to know more about him, but I don't want to get caught up in a relationship of "falling in love with a friend" again. Enough of that, as I lose confidence in myself each time. Would appreciate some advice. Thanks. It's different as I'm not "seeing" this guy or meeting regularly. It was a short term thing while that particular work lasted. So I've yet to know about the person. I gave him my card but neglected to get his, when he was actually going to. I was in a hurry as it was a work day. But we did get in touch recently, due to work reasons. He provided all the contact info he had, and I take that he has nothing to hide. I have tried: I've given him my contact info (card), but neglected to get his (though he seemed willing to give me his-e.g. Facebook, email, number, etc.). I don't know why, but I think I was a little scared. He accepted but didn't contact me right away. I think it was caused by: As I said above, I was scared that he might not contact me. But a turn of events made it necessary to contact him, through our outsourcing agency (we are teachers), due to work. He contacted me right away. But still, I don't know how things might go.

So far, it appears that all of his contact with you has been professional. If you are interested in him, then ask him to meet for coffee or brunch one weekend. Then you will know if he has a girlfriend because he would say something. You can arrange it so that you have others attending such as other supply teachers that you are friendly with, though take some of the pressure away.

My crush told me a lie that he already has a girlfriend .why is he behaving so?

My crush told me that he has a girlfriend.but I could find out that it was a lie.why he don't open up like if he doesn't like me? What will be the reason behind telling a lie that he likes someone else? I presently have a crush on my senior in my college.I have just opened up this to him last day.At that time he was talking me casually and I was surprised to see that he was not surprised yet. We have just been talking before one month and he just asked me how can I just say that I loves him before knowing him deeply.And enough I gave him long explanation he was just escaping without telling me that he is interested or not.Then I just asked him casually that does he like someone else . He replied me a yes .But I could know from hims friends that it was a lie .I want to know that why does he behaves so ? Is he ignoring me ? I have tried: Firstly I wished him on his birthday. Then I started friendly conversation with him. And finally I have proposed him. I think it was caused by: I think that he is not interested to be committed to a girl or may be he is not interested in my character .or else may be he is checking whether my feelings to him is genuine or not.

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