Know if Your Wife Likes Another Man

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If you've recently noticed that your relationship with your wife is somehow different, you may have concerns. You may even suspect she has developed feelings for or an attraction to someone else. While an attraction does not necessarily mean the end of your relationship, it can be learn that she is attracted to another man. However, this is not to say your wife loves you any less than before her uncharacteristic behavior began. Rather, it's a cause for concern and uneasiness in your relationship knowing your wife might like another man. This is a normal reaction on your part. In this article, we will discuss some of the signs you may notice that mean she may be attracted to someone else.

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Is She Interested In Another Man

Remember that while brief or passing attraction to others is natural for both husbands and wives to experience, acting on that attraction is almost always unacceptable. This is because it very well may amount to having an affair, and ultimately jeopardize the marriage.

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    She is spending more time with him or putting herself in situations that may put herself in his presence
    You've noticed that your wife is spending a lot of time around another man lately -- whether he is simply a friend or a colleague at work, a neighbor or even an acquaintance. They may not even be meeting for dates -- it could simply be noticed at holiday parties or seemingly innocent encounters at the office, in the park, or another public place. Regardless of the specific circumstances, you've noticed him around more often than you did before. You may even notice that she has been putting herself in a position to run into him more often. If she's talking about this, don't worry too much, but if she's not talking about it, you should be concerned.
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    She talks about him more
    Has your wife recently begun mentioning another man more often? The good news is that if she is speaking to you about him openly and not trying to cover it up. That means she is likely not having an affair with him. Someone who is meeting a lover for an affair usually feels like they need to be more secretive, so her talking about him is kind of a good sign. However, even though she may not be cheating in a physical sense, she is mentioning him more than others or even more than usual. This does mean there is attention and focus on him. That indicates that there is at least some interest. If she stops talking about him, but still sees him regularly, you should be concerned.
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    There is no more intimacy in your relationship
    There are many, many reasons for a decline of physical intimacy in marriage, but if you are no longer intimate with your wife through no fault of your own, it is worth finding out why. A lack of physical intimacy in a marriage is problematic because it is often a symptom of a larger issue. One possibility is that she is preoccupied with thoughts of another man. Of course, there are other causes for a decline in the desire to show physical affection and be intimate with your spouse. One of these is a health problem she may be uncomfortable discussing with you, such as concern over breast cancer. So keep in mind that developing an attraction to someone other than her spouse is not the only reason your wife might not be interested in being intimate any longer.
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    She seems to care less or seems uninterested and doesn't share personal information anymore
    Is there something that you used to do that irritated your wife all the time, but now when it happens, she seems to shrug it off? Have you noticed that she doesn't seem as affectionate or caring as she used to be? This could be a signal that her affection, care, and energy is being focused on someone else. Another way you can tell if your wife may have emotionally checked out of your relationship is if she no longer shares details about her day, work, or personal life with you. It is likely that earlier in your relationship, you were told a lot of details about her life -- you may have even been the first person to know! Now, however, sharing does not seem to be as important. It is possible that there is something she doesn't want you to know and is afraid she might share if she speaks up, or that she is simply withdrawing from you and focusing her energy on another man.
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Additional Tips

  • Keep in mind that the presence of one or more of these factors is not a sure sign that a physical affair has occurred or is occurring. It's not even a sure sign that your marriage is in trouble. That said, finding these signs in your own marriage can certainly be surprising and hurtful. If you feel that your wife has been behaving differently lately and that there may be something not quite right in your marriage, it's always a good idea to investigate if there is any deeper issue. This should, however, always be done carefully and without accusing your wife of infidelity or other negative behaviors which could make her upset, angry, and or defensive. Remember to talk to her, and to ask if you are concerned. If there are reasons to be concerned, then consider counseling.

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Questions and Answers

Is my partner having an affair?

She was out a year ago and stayed out until 7 a.m. She first said she was at her friends then changed to she went home with a male friend and his friends, she said she had a kiss but that was all. She did do a lie detector test and passed, its been a tough year and I am unsure what to think. I would like to know how to talk to her to get her to open up. I think it was caused by: I am no good at trusting over our 18 years together, we had a child after only 4 months of meeting then another three, they are all teenagers now, we haven't had a good social life

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Are you staying just for the kids? Do not misunderstand, staying for the emotional well being of your children is admirable but only if the parents are not damaging the child further with the relationship. You have gone to the level of having a lie detector test performed. She took it and passed and she also did come clean with you about the kiss she had with this male friend. Is she still friends with him? Because that would be an issue. If you after a year, can't get over that kiss nor trust her then it is time to consider ending the relationship or entering deep marriage/individual therapy. It seems that your relationship began 18 years ago when she discovered she was pregnant. At this point, you should trust her because she stayed with you, raised your children, and had one transgression. If you never trusted her since the beginning you never really gave this relationship a chance for growth and happiness. Try being her, under a shroud of distrust for 18 years. That would be exhausting and most women would have left long ago.

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What are the chances of my fiancé still contacting the man she had a relationship with while we were broken up?

Two and a half years in our relationship I started noticing changes in her behavior. There was a certain way she acted when talking about this man at work. She only talked about him twice. But what she said they had talked about was alarming to me because it was about things that obviously things that people that talk a lot and know each other well would talk about. When I asked if there was something going on she said " no he wouldn't be attracted to me" which was even weirder to me. I feel like that's saying she's thought about wether she would have a chance. Anyway a month later while I was working she took my daughter to watch him play in a basketball tournament and I didn't make anything of it because she said it was work related. After that she started dressing up for work a lot more than usual. She would get done up everyday. She would usually text me in the morning but it stopped. And she stopped really talking about her day. Then about a month after that game she had me go out with two other co workers, not him and that night she left me downtown and went to her female coworker and stayed the night Not returning till the next day. A week later she said she was going to that same girls house to have a girls night and would be home later but didn't return until the next day. She didn't text me at all that night. Her friend said they went out and she got sick but my fiancé said they just stayed in. Two weeks later she broke up with me.. 4 days after the breakup I found out she stayed the night at the man she worked with house and hooked up with him. We share a phone plan and I checked records and not even two days after the breakup they were talking from 7am till they went to sleep. They were in a relationship for three months and she asked to get back together with me and of course I said yes. It's been 4 months now. I just always wonder if she still talks to him. Things are good I just don't know sometimes...

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