Know if Your Female Friend Is Falling for You

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Does it seem like your female friend is suddenly flirting with you? It's possible that she likes you as more than just a friend, but what are the signs? If she's finding more ways to communicate with you or spend time with you, these could be clues that she's falling for you. Depending on your feelings for her, you might want to take action. Learn how to read the signs and find out if your female friend wants to be more than just friends.


Look for These Signs

If your female friend starts showing these signs, then there is a good chance that she is falling for you:

  1. 1
    Eye contact
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    You will notice that she keeps on staring or glancing at you. The eyes rarely lie. When a girl is falling for you, her eyes will show it. There is that glow in her eyes that you do not see when other girls look at you. Her stares are deep and meaningful, and her glances are so obvious that you often catch her taking a quick look at you. If these gestures keep showing, then there is a high chance that your friend is falling for you.
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  2. 2
    Seeking You.
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    If you are in the same class, she will pick you as her partner whenever there is a group project or activity
    If you are workmates, then she will be frequently at your desk, and will stay for a long time. On outings and group dates, she will always try to stay close to you. As she is falling for you, getting close to you makes her happy, so even if it's unconsciously, she will find ways to be near you whenever possible.
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    Shelley Branch jealous.jpg
    A woman who likes you may get jealous when you are mingling with other women, especially if she thinks, or knows, that you are interested in them as well. Though she will try to subdue these feelings of spite, her actions will still indicate otherwise. She may not talk to you or may ignore you when this happens. She may always seem to find faults with your girlfriends.These are her ways of telling you that she does not like you being with other girls. If you have a female friend who is acting like this, there is likelihood that she has affection for you.
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  4. 4
    Always Posting Likes Or Comments
    Did you just post a funny update on Facebook and you got a like from her immediately? That is completely normal, right? Check on your other status updates, or your tweets in Twitter. Is there participation from her on almost all of them? This is a sign that she wants to mingle with you, even when it's just on your social accounts. Even if you post a silly Facebook update with a just a period (.) on it, she will like it and find it funny. Most likely her social media accounts have you set as priority so that she can see all of your posts first.
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  5. 5
    Sweet Texts
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    When you wake up in the morning, one of the first messages you will get is from her. It may be a sweet quote, a motivational phrase, or a simple morning greeting. She never fails to text you daily. Some of her messages will end with a question too, like, "I had a great time watching that movie with you" Did you like it too?. Questions will require you to reply back, thus creating a topic-starter and eventual conversation. If she quickly responds to your texts, that's another good sign.
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  6. 6
    Always Available
    Do you have a project in school that she willingly offered to help with, without you asking for it? Did your boss give you a hard-to-hit deadline, but, thankfully, she was there to help you out, even without getting paid for it? Someone who likes you will be very willing to assist you. She will offer to give you a ride even though it is out of her way. Any new movie that comes out, she asks if you want to see it with her. Aside from the chance of being with you, she will also feel good every time that she knows that she is helping you out.
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  7. 7
    Her Appearance
    Shelley Branch makeup.jpg
    You will notice that she is always looking great when you are together. Other people will notice it too and may casually mention it. She will always try to look her best and be on her best behavior in the hopes that you will notice it and like her too. You start noticing that she is wearing new outfits for you. If your female buddy is trying to look and act her best for you, then it is highly likely that she is falling for you.
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  8. 8
    Treasures Gifts From You
    You may be surprised that she still has the key chain that you gave her three years ago. A woman who is interested in a guy will take care of the things that he gives her. If your female friend shows these signs, then it very highly likely that she is falling for you. Tickets from a concert you went together will be displayed in her room such as on her mirror so she sees them every day. She will have pictures of you and her together in several places. Her profile picture on her social media accounts will have you in the picture as well.
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  9. 9
    Wants To Hang Out Nightly
    Shelley Branch bar.jpg
    This sign isn't guaranteed, but if she starts asking you to meet up in the evening for drinks or dinner when that's not something you normally do, she probably wants to be more than just friends. She might start offering to make your favorite meal at her place on a regular basis. Perhaps she is taking a special interest suddenly in your favorite sports teams and inviting you to watch the games with her.
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  10. 10
    Finds You Funny
    If she laughs at your lame jokes or general goofiness and lightheartedly teases you, she probably likes you more than you think.
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  11. 11
    More Involved In Your Interests
    If a girl really likes you, she might stick around even if you're just sitting around playing video games she doesn't like or watching sports that you know she doesn't care about. Maybe she is suddenly starting a conversation about some of the players on your favorite sports team, even though you know that she had to research the topic beforehand.She also likes to tag along with you when you're running errands, or she'll ask you to go with her.
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  12. 12
    You Are Her Source Of Refuge
    While many people turn to their friends when something is going wrong in their lives, your friend continuously turns to you for support any time she's sad or upset. You are her first phone call when something happens to her. She only wants you around when she is sad. She tells you regularly about how much she needs you in her life.
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Questions and Answers

How to know for sure if a girl is falling for you?

There can be a number of signs to know if a girl is falling for you which can be any number of reasons which will be below:

1. Spending time with you will be the highlight of her day, she will often want to spend as much time with you as possible regardless of how much time she has already spent with you yesterday for today she wants more time. Also, she will move things that she has to do in order to make time for you no matter what the situation.

2. Communication will be a really important thing for her when it comes to you for you will realize that she is calling a bit more or texting you a bit more during the day. Even when she has nothing to say she will still text the "hi" or "Hi," messages just to get a response from you to know that she is still in tune with you throughout the day.

3. Jealously will play its part also in this situation because she will not like the thought of you being around other girls or talking to other girls if she knows that you have feelings or an attraction to them. It won't come off as an obsession jealousy but she will, in fact, give off the "yeah" or "uh huh" statements when the conversation is about other girls as a way to brush off the conversation.

4. Intimacy will become a factor when she starts to enjoy your touch more or touching you more throughout the relationship. First, it's just a long hug then its holding your hand and things of that nature. Sitting closer to you even if there are other seats available. She will become more comfortable with you in different ways of touching and closeness.

Those are just a few and there are much more but these above are the most noticeable ways to tell if a girl is falling for you.

How to know when a female friend is falling for you?

These tips are for both men and women because falling for someone is a natural human response that will elicit the same signs.

Here are a number of signs that you can pick up on that will alert you that the person is beginning to fall for you or has strong feelings beyond your existing friendship:

-The person seeks you out more wanting to be around you as much as possible. -The person will get jealous when you talk about other girls (in your case), and they will begin to continue to change the subject when you bring up conversations like this. -The person will get closer to you or more in your personal space wanting to touch you more than usual. -The person will talk about what it would be like if you were in a romantic relationship together.

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I'm wondering if someone I know is falling for me?

Her face always lights up when I talk to her. She also sometimes goes a bit quiet and has a slightly depressed look on her face until I talk to her. The other day she said that she wished she could hang out with me (We can't for various reasons beyond our control) as she thinks I am the most interesting person she has ever met.

These are all very good signs that she likes you as more than just a friend, but the only true way to know is to ask. If you like her too, let her know how you feel. If you're not ready, you can test her by standing close to her, making eye contact and even putting your arm around her shoulder and see how she responds. If she seems comfortable with it, consider that a good sign.



It doesn't matter if she's older than you. It's obvious that she likes you, so if you like her, too, then it's best to just tell her how you feel. You can ask her on a casual date and see how she responds. If she seems happy about it, you can tell her that you really like her and you want to get to know her better.

Have three of my girl friends fell for me?

My first "girl" "friend" and I enjoy a lot together but she doesn't like it, i.e._ me hanging around other girls, even though I have had some feelings for her in the past which when I confessed to her, she said we could be just friends, then why does she hate it-- me hanging around other girls, I have moved on since, now we are just friends! My second friend brings me gifts and completes my assignments, projects, and reports on all of my subjects and is more than happy to help, and when I asked her that - is she in love with me? She denied it totally then I said good, because I would prefer us to be just friends, and we are friends but she has always considered me a friend when asked by someone else(we both have common friends and they all have asked her whether or not she is in love with me and she has replied to all of them that she is just my friend and has no feelings for me more than being friends). P.S - She hates it when I talk to other girls in her presence and at times she has held my hand and has taken me places for any reason she deemed fit at that time to stop flirting with them, but she will never CONFESS it!! And my third friend likes talking to me but that is a bit complicated because she is married and she tells me that she loves her husband and I have also confessed my love to her after moving on from my first "girl" "friend" to looking for another mate. And she wasn't furious at all, knowing that I know that she is married! Instead, she said calmly she doesn't feel like that for me, and she considers me her best friend ever and we could talk for hours without any interruption, like literally 2 hours!! or so!! So I told this girl that I have moved on and now I consider her just a friend but I want to know what the heck is going on with my life?

It sounds like your first and second friends are either interested in you as a boyfriend but don't want to admit it or commit to a relationship, or they are very clingy and over-possessive friends. Since your third friend is married, it's best not to continue the relationship even if you're romantically interested in her. If you truly want to remain as only friends with her, then it's important for you to set boundaries and avoid crossing them.

How do I know If a married friend is falling in love with me?

I have a married woman friend, who although we do not see each other often, we do tend to SMS more often these days. We also chat a lot on Facebook too. I know she is unhappy with her marriage and she really likes talking to me or when I buy her gifts. However, she always says she likes me a lot but as a friend only. But it is quite obvious she is scared because of the society etc. What can you make out from this info?

She is married which means that even though she may be expressing unhappiness within her marriage, most likely her marriage comes first and foremost to her. It appears that you are a pleasant distraction for her and nothing more. She has told you that you are just friends and you need to respect that. You may be misunderstanding the signals that she is sending you and even if she is appearing to like you as more than a friend, you should not act on those feelings.

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I joined MBA 3 months back, I like a girl?

I joined MBA 3 months back, I like a girl. I have tried: We are the closest friend, she shares everything with me and we meet every day. She asks me to come and meet for coffee or tea, sometimes dinner. I think it was caused by: No problem yet

Seeing you every day and sharing everything with you are great signs that she is interested in you also. Invite her to dinner and let her know that you how much you appreciate her and enjoy spending time with her. Ask her if she would like to take the friendship a step further. If she responds yes then you definitely are right that she likes you also.

Does sharing your secrets with a lady mean love?

Just came across a lady via social media who stays outside my country and what she does is question me even if it is not necessary. She is always checking on me every day, just want to know whether she is interested in me or not? We've started our friendship a week now. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Nothing really

Sounds like she is interested in you. She messages you every day and is showing interest in your daily activities. Ask her to Skype with you so that you can have a face to face conversation over the internet. See if she smiles at you often and laughs.

Trying to figure out my friend's change in behavior?

Texting me from the time she gets up till she goes bed. Showing concern for my potential interest in other women. And showing concern of my emotional state around her. How I act around her and acts different around groups we know and when we're alone. Confused

There is nothing to be confused about. She is definitely interested in having something more with you. Most of the behaviors she is exhibiting are those a girlfriend would show in a relationship. If you are interested in her as well, then let her know that you would like to be more than friends. Most likely she is waiting for you to make the first move.

Why is she showing me mixed signs?

She's my workmate and she only prefers going to the field with me. She wishes me the best financially. She looks at me with deep penetrating eyes when any funny thing is mentioned during meetings. She wears makeup. Likes for me to buy her jewelry, tells me most of her problems. She left her former boyfriend 3 months ago and tells me about all that LED to her breakup. Has never got any new boyfriend. However, she rejects my advances, hugs everyone except me. etc. I have tried: I have several times told her my true feelings for her and she says has nothing to do with them.. I think it was caused by: I do not know.

She just likes you as a friend and co-worker. Perhaps she had some feelings for you before however, they seem to have passed. You have expressed your feelings for her but she has not reciprocated. Perhaps go out into the field with another co-worker and distance yourself from her. Workplace romances rarely end well and try to avoid any more unnecessary contact with her.

We are together for two years now, due to some problem we are apart but we are talking to each other, the problem is with her parents. Does she loves me?

Hi, I am from India I am in a relationship, she shares everything with me, she cares for me a lot, she says that you are my life, she had hugged me, she had kissed me, she will keep on staring at me. I can't understand that she loves me or not, but I am in love with her

She loves you but perhaps her parents are discouraging her relationship with you and she is feeling all of that pressure from them. Offer to speak with them if that will ease some of her misgivings. Tell her that you love her no matter what and want the best for her. Give her something that she can keep on her person and tell her it represents that you are with her always.

I am 45 and work with a woman who is 27. We have become very good friends and she has shared some very personal events from her past with me?

I have fallen for her in a big way but I have not done anything about it for fear of ending our friendship which means a lot to me. Very recently she has become more chatty with me with a lot more eye contact. I really want to take our relationship further as she is wonderful but I don't want to affect our friendship if she has no interest that way with me

Perhaps she has just become more comfortable around you. You value your friendship with her and should not say anything to her about your feelings unless you can bring it up as a hypothetical situation. Say something about how you both seem to make a great team and ask if she ever wonders what it would be like to be in a romantic relationship with you. Keep the conversation light in the hope that if it goes wrong you both can laugh about it. Give her a gift for her work space and see if she displays it prominently. If you give her a coffee mug that has something on it which she has an interest in, see if she starts using it daily.

Well I confessed but she brushed it off?

So I told my friend (girl) that I knew for a long time but she brushed it off and now we are both continuing like nothing happened I am too scared to bring the topic back up. I have tried: To talk to her or even tell if she can answer me but she never responds. I think it was caused by: Maybe me, it must be me, we were together for a while back but I left her because my family moved to another country, it really hurts me but I told her I don't feel it anymore so that she won't get hurt

She wants to be nothing more than friends. Evaluate yourself to determine if you should continue with the friendship or just cut off all contact. Sometimes it is better to have a friendship instead of nothing at all, other times the friendship is a daily reminder of what you will never have. You need to determine what works best for you now. You do not have to end the relationship completely but it may be best to only respond in short sentences when she initiated contact.

My business partner opened up to me?

My business partner opened up to me, a lot. Shared with me her appreciation of me, how much she believes in me and then opened up about her marriage and that things are not as good as they seem. That said, it went further in the conversation and when I least expected it we were sitting next to each other over drinks, holding hands etc, nothing beyond that happened. SO much more details but this popped and here I am. I have tried: I emailed her a Merry Christmas email and she texts me in the morning, saying my Christmas gift had arrived and she would pop by next week (this week) to give it to me.. I think it was caused by: There is no problem. I have feelings for her and she does too, this is all new to me as she is my marketing consultant, I didn't see this coming.

You should not try to initiate anything more unless her marriage completely ends. Most likely you will get hurt in this situation as you are the outsider to her marriage. While she has expressed that she is unhappy and held your hand, you should tell her that you respect her enough to not go further than friendship as long as she is married. She also is a business contact of yours. Make sure to ask yourself if you could withstand the loss of her business connection.

We both can't tell each other we're into one another?

My friend caresses my hands, hugs me a lot, puts her hand on my leg as I'm driving briefly. I know we're both very attracted to one another, but neither one of us can speak about it. It's just shown physically. She does tell me she loves me though. What can I possibly do?. I have tried: Just went along with all the physical reciprocation, but we both can't tell one another that we're sexually interested in words. She tells me she loves me and I tell her the same. She wants to see me frequently. I think she tries to make me jealous to push me to speak of my interest, which I really don't appreciate. I don't know what to do.. I think it was caused by: Afraid to admit our feelings with words.

One of you needs to make a move but it seems that you like her more than friends so be honest and tell her. Start the conversation off with how you need to tell her something but want assurance that what you say will not end the friendship because you want her in your life no matter what. Understand that once anything sexual starts, your friendship will drastically change. She may be waiting to see if you will ever say anything so take a chance and tell her that you not only love her as a friend but would like to be in a relationship with her. If you hesitate for too long either she or you may end up in a different relationship and not regret speaking up for a long time.

DOES SHE LIKE HIM? I need help with the ladies?

There is this one girl, she seems to like my Robert, but I cannot tell. She often glances at him when he is not looking. I need your help because you look like a total slayer with lots of experience in these matters, PLEASE HELP ME. I have tried: Asking. I think it was caused by: Lack of communication

She could just be curious although we often stare at things we are attracted to without even realizing that we are doing it. For instance, if you love the color red, you will immediately pick out the one red door in a row of houses on a street and be drawn to looking at it more than the others. As long as she is not flirting with him in an obvious manner then you should just let things stay the way they are.

You should have a conversation with Robert to tell him that it seems that someone is possibly showing interest in her.

How do I shut her down lightly?

My best friend just told me she loves me and wants to date me and I don't like her that way. but I don't want to lose our friendship because we've been friends for years and I love her, as a friend

Be honest and tell her that you love her deeply but more as a brother would love a sister. This may end your friendship because she might not be able to handle just being friends with you. It is better to be upfront with her then agree to date her when you know your feelings will not change.

She is going to get upset no matter what you say but as long as you speak from the heart and explain how much your friendship with her means to you it will lessen the blow of refusal. Offer her some time apart if she seems to need it and give her space to process her feelings without confusing the situation further.

Is she into me and is it even a good idea to start something with her?

I moved to a different country couple of months ago to study. I decided to live with a family during the months I would be in that country. That family has a daughter who is about my age and when I told her I didn't have any friends in this country to hang out with she offered to take me with her next time she was going out with her friends. That was 6 weeks ago and we've been hanging out a few times now. Since I "live" at her house we also talk once in a while. She seems to like hanging out with me but sometimes it seems like she's annoyed by me.. (Sometimes I do seem to catch her glaring at me. ). When a close friend of mine visited she hung out with us and when she left my friend said it was obvious she was into me but for some reason, I have the feeling she isn't. . . Also since I live with her family in her house at the moment I wonder if, even if she is into me, whether or not it's a good idea to start something. I pretty much live at her house with her parents and her. So I have the feeling that even thinking of dating her could end up badly. I have tried: I haven't tried anything because of several reasons: 1. To me, she doesn't seem into me. 2. If she's into me it still doesn't feel like a good idea dating someone that I need to live with (including her parents) for the next 5 months. I think it was caused by: I'm really bad at knowing if people like me or not. I also have no idea if her parents would even think of letting her date me. (let's just say my self-esteem isn't very high)

It is not a good idea to start anything romantic with the daughter of your host. If anything goes wrong, do you have somewhere else to live? If you do think that there is a possibility that she is interested in you, keep it friendly until you move out. You do not want to fall into a relationship where you would have to move if the first date turns into a disaster. Get to know her for those 5 months you are staying there and when you leave, ask if it is alright if you stay in contact with her. This is the best way to keep things drama free.

Does it mean that she is not interested if she doesn't ask me out?

She is one of my close friends, in class. I have asked her out a couple of times but she had only asked me out once. However, when I ask her how her day was, she would give me her answer and ask me why am I asking and is it because I want to have a meal with her. She would agree to go with me but she always put it in a way that I am the one who needs her to keep me company. That is true of course, but I just find it weird because how am I suppose to know if she is interested when she puts it in that way. Like, she is going out with me to keep me company because I am lonely, or she is genuinely interested in spending time with me? How am I to know if I have a chance with her?

Just keep inviting her to do things with you. You seem to enjoy her friendship and she seems to at least feel that way towards you. Don't push beyond that. If something is meant to happen, it will without being forced.

What if this person is less emotional and their flirtatious signs are limited?

There is a woman much older than me, and she is the director of a program that I attend daily. I like her, I am 18 now,so I feel a little less guilty about it. She knows that I am into females and she is OK with it. I repeatedly tell myself that she could not possibly like me because of my small size and small voice.. I get signs from her and I try not to take it too seriously. She always finds a way to touch and hold my hands, I can often tell when she glances at me and at other times she stares deeply into my eyes before I walk past her. I believe that if she did like me, she would not go too far or tell me because it may cause her, her job. Her ways of flirting may be slightly different from others. Yes, she is touchy,but that still does not guarantee that she likes me. This is simply because I only see her while she is at work. She is also very experienced and professional and I doubt that she would jeopardize her job as a deputy director for a relationship.

I can not just ask her because that would be awkward for the both of us. I just need a little more time to observe her actions towards me versus other people. And she does in fact act different towards me. I have tried: I try to distance myself from her,but she finds ways to be around me. I think it was caused by: My feelings for her. I feel guilty because I am not supposed to like her.

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Will she accept me ? I asked what would she do if I proposed her , she hasn't taken it serious . What should I do?

Actually I and her hold hands while we walk , and sit together and hug , I would kiss . Her on her cheeks and hold her hips but she didn't know that I felt that way towards her but then I went to her house and I asked her , what would she do if I proposed to her , then she smiled and didn't take it seriously (I think) then the same day same hour , just after asking this we were on the sofa she was lying over me I held her and we were watching videos of love songs in a dark hall and when I left I hugged her for a while and kissed on her cheek and left . Then the next day I asked about the question I asked that day , she still acts as if she is not serious about it , and say "you make good jokes " the same day evening I held her hands and hugged her and cuddled with her . What does this mean what does she want me to do ? Will she be serious about this ? Will she accept me ? Please help me out ... Nothing explains a situation like this , it's really confusing here , she acts like she hasn't taken it serious and lets me hug , cuddle , kiss her and hold her hands ? I have tried: I've kept on asking , "please what would you do if I proposed to you ?" I explained that I would leave my girlfriend for her , I want to live her and that there's no one except her . I think it was caused by: She doesn't love me , she doesn't want to have me as her boyfriend, she is doubtful whether I'm serious about this , she's just checking me ...

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Well just not long ago I felt I like we connected on something like I was like I messed with some beats because I wanted to be a DJ and wanted to get into music and I felt something there?

I know even though sometimes she says were just friends sometimes it feels like more than that. Well long ago in school she basically ask me out but we never go to that because I really wasn't confident in myself so that really brought it down hill but now that she said we are friends I really feel something there with me and her

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I was rejected by a female friend but now she added my contact again after months,checks my WhatsApp status,cares for me?

We met after 6 years,I proposed her by letter on 10 th day of meeting.she said I did not expected this from you .then we started chatting continuously,she still was saying no.she has no boyfriend,but does not want to marry against parents.we were still chatting,but she said I don't and will not love you.I stopped texting to my friend told her he is upset he needs you and she added my contact number, she now cares for me.I did not ask her again about love.what is on her mind. She was texting me,I thought she love me but she denied.she cares for me but does not accept love .it is confusing and frustrating. I have tried: I have kept her contact on my phone.I have asked my friend to convince her for accepting my friend has told her about my depression. I think it was caused by: I don't know,she just does not want to accept.Her body language was saying yes to love,but she did not told my mouth

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