Know if Your Best Friend Is Falling for You

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Establishing and keeping a friendship with someone of the opposite gender isn't that difficult. However, it can become hard if you end up falling for your best friend or vice versa. Would you want to give it a try and bring that friendship to a higher level, or would you just keep the friendship and be best pals forever? Before you start imagining wedding bells and white picket fences, try to observe the following signs to determine if your best friend likes you as more than just a friend.


Indications That Your Best Friend Is Falling for You

When a person is romantically interested in someone, it subconsciously shows in their behavior. It may be subtle, so you'll need to pay close attention. If your friend displays some of the following signs when you're together, he or she may think of you as more than just a friend.

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    Watch out for body language
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    Actions speak louder than words. You may never hear your best friend talk about his or her attraction toward you, but actions and body language may betray him or her. Some people actually find themselves attempting to initiate physical contact unconsciously. This can mean holding hands, wrapping an arm around your shoulders, etc. As a manifestation of a person's desire for a physical contact, they may find themselves touching their friend's hands while talking face-to-face, or leaning towards their friend when they say something. Some people blush or become slightly awkward or nervous when they're attracted to the person they're with. When you see these signs, then your best friend may be attracted to you.
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    Observe eye contact
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    Do you feel like you are melting when he or she looks at you? You may find your best friend staring at you with intensity for a prolonged time. However, some people are too shy to establish eye contact or look at a person they like directly, so they give several quick glances instead.
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    Always a shoulder to cry on
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    It may be true that your best friend will always be there for you when you need him or her (that's their role in life, I guess) but you'll sense that the level of dedication and effort is greater than what you would expect from anyone. They can drop anything and everything if you need them.
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    The green-eyed monster
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    Your best friend might not tell you directly that he or she's jealous, but you will see it with their actions. While he or she lends you an ear when you talk about this new person you met or you like, this does not mean the interest is there. If you ask what they think about your new boyfriend or girlfriend, they will likely seem uninterested rather than encouraging.
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    They want to spend more time alone with you
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    If you and your friend used to hang out in groups or with others, and suddenly they want to hang out with you alone on most occasions, it may indicate that your friend has feelings for you. Suddenly becoming a bit more possessive is a sign of interest that surpasses regular friendship.
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    Your arguments seem more like a lovers' quarrel
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    If you and your friend have an argument that seems less like bickering between friends and more like an argument you would have with a significant other, there may be deeper feelings there than just friends.
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Signs That Your Female Friend Is Falling for You

If you think your female friend may have a romantic interest in you but you're not sure, keep an eye out for some of the signs listed below. If she displays several of these signs or all of them, your friend may have some extra feelings for you.

  1. 1
    She constantly praises and compliments you
    If your female friend has started to fall for you, one good sign is a sudden change in her attitude toward you. She will consistently give you good remarks, and she may even praise the little things that you do.
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    She seems joyful whenever you are with her
    This is also a good sign to know if your female friend is falling for you. At this stage, she will now start to enjoy your company more than before and will feel happier whenever you are with her. Suddenly she will laugh instead of rolling her eyes when you tell a corny joke.
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    Constantly looks at you when you look away
    If you often catch your female friend stealing a glimpse of you whenever you are not looking at her, it strongly suggests that your female friend is starting to fall for you.
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    She feels awkward whenever you have physical contact with her
    This is also one of the signs to know if your female best friend is falling for you. If your female friend only considers you as her best friend, she will not hesitate to grab your hand or make physical contact with you. But if your female friend has started to fall for you, she may feel awkward whenever you have physical contact with her.
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    She chooses to spend as much time with you as possible
    The fact that she wants to be around you all the time means that she enjoys your company and that being around you helps to make her feel good about the day.
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How to Handle Falling for Your Best Friend

Falling for your best friend brings mixed emotions. You don't know if your best friend feels the same way about you, and you also worry that confessing these feelings might ruin the great friendship that you have. Many successful couples start out as friends before progressing from friendship into a more serious relationship. This way, they get to properly know each other first, making them more comfortable with each other once the relationship begins. Follow the steps below to see if it's possible to take it to the next level without ruining the friendship that you currently have.

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    Speak without words
    If you feel like you are falling for your best friend, give your best friend non-verbal cues to let him or her know how you truly feel. If your best friend positively responds to your cues, that's when you should open up about your true feelings.
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    Have patience
    If you don't want to come on too strong and you worry about making your friend feel awkward, wait to see if he or she notices your interest and brings it up. This may take some time, as your friend is likely thinking in terms of platonic friendship, and they may not notice your interest at first.
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    Do not place pressure on your friend
    Ensure your friend that his or her feelings or lack thereof will not ruin your friendship. Let he or she know that you can remain just friends if the feeling is not mutual and that you will not pursue the issue further if they're not interested in a romantic way.
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    If he or she displays no interest at all, don't bring it up
    If it's not a mutual feeling and he or she just considers you as a friend, it may be better for you to just keep your feelings to yourself and accept the fact that you may just be better off as friends. It may not be worth it to potentially ruin the kind of friendship that you currently have.
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  • Questions and Answers

    My question: Is my best friend in love with me? How do I know it?

    He has a girlfriend yet he is always making jokes with me that he likes me, that he wants me. We are three in our circle of friends, his jokes with my other friend are unlike the jokes that he always do to me. I am curious what is the meaning of that.

    He probably says a little less than he thinks, and his desires are masqueraded as jokes. He is physically attracted to you, there is no doubt, but he is afraid that anything more than jokes will hurt him or his current partner. What to do from there is your choice. You got his advance signals, and you can ask him to stop if you want, or you can make your move to see if it is love or just physical attraction. For example, you can send him a message to ask him to expatiate upon the meaning of his jokes.

    I am not sure if he is into me or not, he gives me mixed signals?

    We are more than friends I guess because of the way he cares and the way he keeps noticing me, and he looks directly into my eyes, but then he talks about his ex, which kills me.

    Some people are emphatic, and they do look into your eyes when talking. Either he is trying to provoke a conversation on relationships to become closer, or he is just being a good friend and seeks advice or compassion. Talking about former partners can, indeed, be very devastating if you love a person, but some people are socially less adept than other; thus he makes this blunder by mentioning his former passions.

    Please do not hesitate to ask whether he would like to talk about you instead. Boys are very much afraid of making their first move quite often. If he agrees, you can give him hints and ask what physically and emotionally attracts him to you. This can be a perfect first move.

    Am I falling for my best friend? And Does my best guy friend have feelings for me too?

    Okay so, I and my guy best friends have been friends since a year and a half ago. People always said that we both look like a couple. I often feel jealous and protective towards him. When I ask him if he likes someone and when I tease him with her, he asked me that whether am not I'm jealous and I say maybe and he just chuckling and then we drop the matter at hand and talk into more comfortable topics. He understands and cares for me deeply. He always admits defeat when we were in an argument, more like bickering like an old married couple. He always a gentleman to me. We always looking for each other, when we talk eye-to-eye, we always maintain eye contacts and sometimes leaning closer. When I'm tired and I want to lean on his shoulders, he allows me to do that. When I called him sweetie or dear he just smiles at me and we sometimes love to sit side by side. So, what do you think? Could you help me with this situation...

    It sounds like he likes you, but he might be hesitant to take your relationship to the next level. You can be straightforward and ask him if he likes you as more than just a friend, or ask him to go on a date with you and see how he reacts. If you want to be a little more subtle, try holding his hand or putting your arm around him when you two are sitting or walking together, and pay attention to his reaction. If he seems comfortable and open, then you have your answer without having to ask.

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    Hi, I have fallen for my best friend, we got intimate once too, but don't know whether he is serious about me. Can you help me?

    I have fallen for my best friend, we got intimate once too, but don't know whether he is serious about me. Can you help me? I have tried: Indirectly I have told him about my liking... he most probably knows it. I think it was caused by: He doesn't want to take any risk because our marriage will be an inter-caste marriage, maybe he is afraid of his family.

    Family interference can be a huge decision on whether to progress with a relationship. You have expressed to him that you like him and the only thing you can do now is to wait to see if he reciprocates the feelings.

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    How do I get my best friend with a fiancee to leave him and get with me?

    So I have a best friend of 6 years that I'm madly in love with. She's always been there for me. She's beautiful. She makes me happy. But there's one problem. She has a fiancee of three years that she says it's hard to leave him & they have a child together. I care about this girl so much. She's an amazing person. Her child, I care about him so much and have loved him like he's my own. The fiancee is just an awful person. Has no life really. His family sucks so bad that his father has taken a car they had to borrow to take their kid to doctors appointments but yet says they care and love that child so much. Plus they couldn't afford a car because he ruined his last car. He is only part time job while she's working full time & getting ready to start college. They live in an awful apartment & she tells me all the time she hates living in that apartment. I know she isn't happy, and I really want her. She flirts with me, I've always been her shoulder to cry on to, she's always telling me how proud of me she is, how good looking I look now, and we always talk. How do I get her to fall for me harder to a point where she can leave him? I am supposed to be seeing her in a couple days & I want to express myself to her but it would be hard to with her 2 1/2 year old child being there with her. Please help. Thanks

    You are walking a very fine line in your friendship with her. Although she has expressed disappointment with her fiance, women often complain to their friends about their relationship issues for advice and comfort. You are basically her crutch support for when she is hurt or angry. If you do reveal your feelings for her you need to be prepared for two scenarios: 1. She ends the friendship with you because now you are a threat instead of a comfort in her current relationship. 2. She hooks up with you but just as a rebound, and you get tossed to the curb when she finds her strength again or decides to work it out with her fiance. Just ask yourself how you would handle these situations before you approach any discussion with her. If she really wanted to leave her fiance, she most likely would have done so by now.

    My parents say we argue like a married couple?

    My parents like American ball a lot, like we don't know how to stop, I was wondering if that means we like each other in that way. I have tried: I tried not to argue with my friend Belinda, anyways I swear we argue like a married couple. I think it was caused by: I think because we grew up with each other that we fall in love with each other but I don't understand why we argue like a married couple Arguing like a married couple means that you have been together so long as friends that you can argue without feeling a threat of the friendship ending. You said that you love each other so those feelings can cause more little arguments in a friendship.

    What should I do to get my boyfriend back?

    I want to say that my boyfriend and I had a severe fight in the past four months, I know we both made mistakes, I don't know what should I do now. I really miss all those moments and my boyfriend.

    Set a time limit of 48 hours for both of you to iron out all your issues. After that 48 hours make a pact to move forward without carrying the hurt from your past together. It is so tough to put the past behind you sometimes, but for the relationship to progress, all that disagreement has to be resolved or pushed off to the side. Issues between people can burn to the point that little things become part of the initial issue. A fresh start is needed for you both to be back to normal.

    I'm involved with my Best friend and the signs are very obvious that he likes me too, but he never had the guts to tell me. Do I need to make the first move to tell him?

    I'm involved with my Best friend, and the signs are very obvious that he likes me too, but he never had the guts to tell me. Do I need to make the first move to tell him?. I have tried: I searched for the signs. I think it was caused by: One of my friends told me that he told her that he loves me because I'm his Best friend.

    Make that first move since all the signs are there that he has feelings for you. Good luck! Some of the strongest romantic relationships begin with friendship first.

    Why is it that I feel awkwardness between my Boy Best friend who is now my Boyfriend for real and me?

    We've been Close or somewhat like being a best friend for almost four years, and way back months ago, he confessed his true feelings towards me, and I heartily accept it with no doubt at all, but when time goes by, I feel somewhat like awkwardness between the two of us. I have tried: I try to settle first to myself about the uneasiness of feelings or somewhat like awkwardness .. I think it was caused by: I always think of Conclusion, or what if we were not in this situation ..

    The transition from friendship to romance is awkward. You suddenly can feel like the stakes are higher. Do not think about what would happen if the relationship ends and instead enjoy the time you are spending getting to know your friend romantically.

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    I have this guy friend for almost 2 years now. We started hanging out until we started going out alone for quite some time and up to now everything is still the same. I did not expect everything to happen that fast. Like I hated him at first and then all of a sudden we go out. I have heard rumors about his sexuality which he denied. He seems open to me on everything, where he goes, who is his family like I met some of them already. I am not sure if I feel this because after my qualms and traumatic experiences on guys I suddenly met him. I am pretty sure he likes me as a person because we will not be in this situation if not, right? However, he is a commitment phobe and that he said he is not prioritizing going through a relationship. He apparently said to me that he thinks that I am the only one who understands what he means because we are the version of each other. Do you think that we are just soulmates? I really want to take care of this guy. I wanted to give him the love that he truly deserves and the moment that I am typing this, I am really in tears. What should I do? I believe that I never felt something like this before. I have tried: I tried to show him that I am caring but I try not to compliment him or make it obvious that I am swooned. While he compliments me on everything, I did not quite believe anything at first. And I missed that now. I think it was caused by: I think I read his actions a lot. I think I am too focused on him already. I think I am paranoid which he said himself every time that he cannot spend his time with me and he always says he will do rain check especially if he is busy. I think there is someone else I think that we do not really say how we feel about "our" situation which he avoids as well

    He is not ready for a relationship and needs you there as a friend. Be wary of the sexuality rumors as some people hide their sexuality from everyone in their life due to fear of rejection. You may have put yourself in the friend zone by not responding to his signals in the beginning. Support him and be there for him and if he is ready to commit, you may get him in the end. Do not force anything now because he has stated that he is not ready and you could lose him altogether.

    I am just a little overweight though, and he is skinny, what do I do?

    I weight 165, and he weighs 75 what should I do, I think he likes me, but his friends always push him towards me. I have tried: I have talked to him and tried to lose weight. I think it was caused by: I eat healthily, I don't know.

    If he doesn't like you because your weight more than him then he doesn't deserve you. He does not sound like he likes you, obviously, his friends have heard about it but you don't need to lose weight for a boy, just be you, I bet you are amazing and by the way, 165 is not overweight, you are skinny and beautiful.

    Does he like me or does not like me?

    I've worked with my best friend before in a care home and those were some of the best times in my life and we grew really close. Even after we left we kept in contact, all be it a little difficult with his past jealous girlfriend. Who constantly pushed a guy who liked her towards me, and when he asked me out. I accepted, he was nice enough and I needed to get over my feelings for my best friend as he was taken. This was a really rough patch in my life and my friend was there for me as much as he could. Eventually, he broke up with her and casually dated a few others but nothing serious, he saw her friend treat me badly and he was always right. I was stupid once and cut contact to make my boyfriend happy as he knew I had feelings for this friend. (I'm always honest) I kidded myself I only had feelings for my boyfriend. We got engaged I was happy but sad I didn't have my best friend around and slowly got back in touch with him. He acted like I never went away :) But he did notice all the snide comments and difference in the way I dressed acted around him. My friend would beg me to move in with him and says he would take me to work at 6 am every morning if it meant he got me away from my emotionally abusive boyfriend. He would joke about moving out together all the time. Now after me and my boyfriend breaking months ago before Christmas last year. He's keeping in more regular contact with me than normal, constantly trying to feed me so he knows I've eaten. Will let me wear his favorite jacket when I'm cold, I have to be the one who sleeps in his bed whenever I sleep over and he sleeps on the sofa. Never even entertains the idea of sleeping in his bed while I'm there. Although when he sleeps at mine, my bed is the sofa (sofa bed) and he snuggles up to me as close as he can. He even squeezes me and sighs sometimes. I do get anxious sometimes about hi changing his mind, but he always tells me to stop being silly. He gets super defensive when people badmouth me, everyone thinks/assumes we're a couple. I have liked this guy since pretty much day one. I no longer have my parents, and I could never ask my ex if we could visit their grave despite paying petrol for the verbal abuse he would give me. My friend constantly asks how long has it been since I've seen my sister or my parents and decides we're going to see them. Then have a day out in the nearby town so I can go back home on a happy note. He spoke off nothing but food from McDonald's the whole time (when appropriate obviously) and then right before we got there we went to a really nice restaurant place with a definite 'date vibe.' And he spoke about going back again before we even had a chance to have dessert! I really like this guy, but I really don't know if I should confess or not. If we get this place the minimum set is a year so I have to tell him or drag it out of him :P But he saw the crappy shoe-box I was looking at moving too and was demanding the two bedrooms we saw he was going to put whatever money it took down to get it. Because he decided this place was in a nice enough area .etc. he's also making excuses to text me or at night so we can night to each other? Does he or doesn't he? Because I am literally captain oblivious. R ose x

    Rose, the best thing you can do is tell him that he has been there through everything these past few years and you realize that you want to be more than friends. Do not wait for him to make any moves because it is clear that he cares deeply for you. While it may not be romantic, the only way to really know would be to tell him upfront that you want more from your friendship with him. Understand that if he does not feel the same, the friendship may change for a period of time or forever. You would feel deep regret if you did not take this chance while both of you are still single.

    He sounds like an upstanding guy. This type of man often will not make the first move because they are unsure of what your reaction will be. Because he is upstanding, I think he will listen and be honest with you about his feelings. If they are not romantic, it is possible that your friendship will survive.

    I liked her during my college days without her concern. We got married at other partners. It is 20 years passed. Now felt feelings for her. She declined and even is not picking my phones. What should I do?

    I liked her during my college days without her concern. We got married at other partners. It is 20 years passed. Now felt feelings for her. She declined and even is not picking my phones. What should I do?

    What you may be feeling is nostalgia and regret from 20 years ago. She is not responding to your phone calls so the best thing to do is move on. Perhaps she will contact you eventually but at the moment she is not ready for another relationship chance with you. Respect that and give her space. Your chance was possibly just that one shot 20 years ago.

    How do you know if you are right for someone?

    One of my friends Sarah has been in a relationship and she is always insecure and jealous because of his female friend. He always spends more time with Sarah and always says that Sarah is the perfect girl for him, but Sarah gets jealous of his friendship with his friend whom he used to be in love with. In the end, when he had to choose between who to be with he chose Sarah but Sarah sees that their friendship is strong and they understand each other and have so many similarities so Sarah goes crazy thinking whether she's good for him or whether his best-friend would have been better for him. All theses insecurities really hurt her. How does she figure things out? I have tried: Sarah has tried to tell herself it's all in her head. She has asked her partner questions about it and he has always answered and sometimes got annoyed that he only loves her and not his best friend. I think it was caused by: Sarah had a dream that her partner left her for his best friend. Sarah is really confused.

    Sarah should just walk away from this relationship triangle. It is not fair to expect him to end his friendship nor is fair for Sarah to live in constant insecurity. This is a stressful situation that she does not need to be in. No one wants to have distrust in a relationship because then the relationship can't grow properly. The fact that they used to be in a relationship is a bad omen of what could happen in the future, so it is not worth the risk.

    Can you explain something to me?

    If the guy doesn't seem jealous if you are liking or dating another boy and at the contrary, it seems like super happy about you and another guy but in a weird way, what does that mean?

    It could be forced enthusiasm. We sometimes tend to overreact to make our feelings appear genuine when they are not. Either way, you are dating someone else so give that guy a chance and focus on your relationship with him and not the person you are wondering about regarding jealousy.

    How do I know if I lost my chance and hurt him in the process?

    We've been friends for six years now, and a few months ago he started to joke with me about being more than friends and in the first few weeks he went from zero physical contact to full (he's always hugging me, or wrapping his arm around my waist, or kissing my cheek/temple/forehead) which kept going on and on until I got extremely confused and when I finally decided to talk about it a few weeks ago he went berserk on me saying that I was simply imagining things and I, out of anger, friend-zoned him (to be precise, I told him that I care a lot about him and that he didn't need to worry because we would never be more than friends).. After that, his behavior changed and he almost went back to how it was before this whole thing happened. The point is that I'm still a bit confused because I've never been in a relationship before and I may have lost a chance! But on the other hand, I'm terrified of losing him. I have tried: I have tried talking to him so we can properly solve this and go back to how we were or not but at least do something about it because I feel like after I friend-zoned him, we have grown apart a bit. I think it was caused by: His abrupt change of behavior towards me and the fact that I have zero experience with romantic relationships and also that when he told me all those things and made all that physical contact he had always been drinking so I didn't know if that was the unusual behavior or if he was demonstrating what he doesn't dare to do sober (plus when he's sober he always says that I'm just his best friend)

    Alcohol can make a person say or do things that they would not do sober. As in never trust an offer or break up when alcohol is involved. When he is sober he states that you are just friends so, for now, you will have to keep it that way. See if you can go back to the joking and flirting to let him know he is not just in the friend zone, but there is a possibility of dating.

    If he really wants to date you and you feel that he is afraid to tell you his feelings when he is sober, you can ask him out in few months. Keep in contact with him and ask him to hang out as you would before. Try to establish an emotional connection with him again without causing him to feel smothered.

    How can I know that he is into me?

    He shares with me everything, yet we fight for petty things. This is my vacation, and I miss him a lot. How can I know if he is missing me? I have tried: I help him in all that he asks me. I think it was caused by: No idea.

    Besides the many signs that are posted in the article on this page, fighting over petty things is normal in a friendship and romantic relationship. This is because we spend most of our time with those that we are close to. It also means that we feel comfortable enough to be ourselves around them. So petty fights come from not having to be polite like we would with an acquaintance. While on vacation, you are absent from his usual daily routine. For sure, he misses you. The only way to know if he has deeper feelings is, to be honest with him about your feelings for him.

    I want to know if he is genuinely interested in me or not?

    So there is this friend I have known for years, who used to be my crush even before we have been friends. So we have always been off and on when it comes to keeping in touch as we live in different cities. A few months back he went through a breakup, and we started meeting. He behaves more than a friend at times but not very vocal about it. He is moving to my city soon. I want to know how to deal with this and understand what's going on?

    All you can do is spend more time with him and see if something develops further between the both of you. He is moving to your city so plan a weekend to show him around to your favorite places to hang out. See if you can arrange a surprise of something he is interested in during this time. This will show him that you pay attention to what he says.

    How do I know if he's just stringing me along or if we have a future?

    My best friend who I met this past summer is currently in jail and we talk daily. I bought a cash car it came out stolen and we both landed in jail. I'm currently fighting the charge but he's stuck in there for probation violation. He's willing to take a drug charge of mine because he knows I am only a year away from getting my records expunged. We are both in recovery and have the same clean date. We talk about everything and everything. Its an intimate relationship... He's got a girlfriend who he loves and I knew that when I told him I was in love with him. I have tried to ask him if we have a chance and he says that his relationships always start out as friendships and it's complicated with me and him. I respect his faithfulness and loyalty to his current girlfriend and it makes me love him more. I am always making sure he's got money on his commissary and always writing and doing things for him. He is trying to take that charge for me and so I feel obligated to help him in a way because I feel like if he wasn't driving my car he wouldn't be in jail in the first place. I know he loves me but I don't know if its like a sister or a romantic partner. I'm thinking of cutting the calls and I have once before and it was torture for both him and me. I'm so torn and I don't know what to do. Please help. He's in jail so I can't physically see his eyes or his body language and also don't think I've read any situation like mine. I have tried: Asking him straight up. His response is usually that he has a history with his current girlfriend and that they alternate going in and out of jail and so it may just be a closure thing but I can never get a yes or no from him. But I don't know if its just because he has no family or friends but me and a temporary sponsor I helped get him. I think it was caused by: My intense emotions. The fact that at be pressuring him to give a black or white answer and it may not be black and white. But since I have borderline personality disorder and so it always complicates things. He knows about it and understands that I have a mood disorder and he is also a recovering addict.

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    I have friend that I like and I am confused right now should I let go are continue to be there?

    Well I have a friend that I've met last year.At the beginning when we first started becoming friends he told me about the passing of his wife.Mind you in the beginning I didn't like him like that but then the more we conversed in person I started to develop feelings.I finally told him that I liked him and he told me he wasn't ready because the death of his wife. But the weirdest thing happened because I told him I liked him we became closer.We are still friends but he has be given me signs that he likes me a lot but not ready because of his wife's death.

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    Before 2 years I proposed my guy best friend and he refused at that time . He tried to get close to me physically and after some days told me he loves me . Now I am confused whether I love him or not , whether he truly loves me or not or just have lust towards me?

    Sorry to write such a long but plzz do read and help me.
    . Before 2 years..He(name A) and me became  friends and I had started liking him in fact I truly started loving him.And with that our bond of friendship was also getting stronger. I have observed his friends expressions whenever he was around me seemed like he had crush on me. For further studies ..he went to the another city ..where in hostel mobile was not allowed. So before leaving..I decided to confess my feelings to him ..he politely indirectly refused me by saying this " if these wouldn't't be a important career making years then I would have...." and cared for me a lot.We don't talk daily but once in a month as mobile is not allowed there and meet after every 2 months when he came here.I thought he would break friendship thereafter and it may get easier for me to move on but reverse happened.Our friendship became more and more intense after that and it was hard for me to move on.Since then I am trying to move on and somewhat I have moved on means now I have liking for him but not much that like before.For moving on I tried to get into relationship with other boy(name B) but I was not get adjust properly. He was a playboy but good at heart. I thought I can spend some time with B so that I can forget "A" and then will broke up with B. But after some days I came to know that B loves me truly and he is changed..I was guilty that I was using him ,I was indirectly cheating on him.(I wasn't a girl like this,, I was a sincere girl ..I used to hate temporary relationships but I myself was doing this ). I didn't have guts to tell him the whole truth .So I forced myself and tortured myself to love B but obviously forcing to love someone is very difficult and emotional act. And after being in 10 month relationship I broke up.And because of this guiltiness that I used someone..I don't deserve someone,, my attraction towards A decreased..not fully over yet.. From some months .."A's" behaviour is little changed. Like he is getting so much close to me such as hugging me,& finding a moment or excuse to touch me , he lifted me up in bridal way so many times , asked for eat in one plate on date and exchanging spoons for many times , tucking my hairs behind my ears,asking for kiss for so many times in sarcastic manner etc.. At that very moment..I do enjoyed this but when I think about this now I feel insecure as I was not his girlfriend then.He told all his friends that I am his girlfriend even if I am not. After 1-2 months ..he confessed me that he loves me..but now I am super confused whether I love him or not .and long series of questions are running through my head. He truly loves me or not or just have lust towards me ( he is of ___ caste and I grown up in the environment where ppl thinks that they ppl are deceivers and heard of such real examples  ..I don't believe on this..I know all people are not same but after growing in there ..I feel bit insecure about him )  . Even his looks are not much good. This fact doesn't't used to bother me before but it do bother me now.All other factors are good ..he is perfect for me( talented,  smart , understanding etc.) but I am super confused. Please help me out ..whether he loves me or has lust towards me. 1st thing is I am confused about my own feelings ..I am trying to sort it out from many days but not able to .
    And 2nd one is I am not able to trust him .He told me ..he loves me but I still have a doubt he loves me or have lust towards me. I have tried: Moving on but was not able to move on completely. I think I still have feelings for him but I don't want to love him. Or it may be like that I don't love him now but just feel that I love its been a habit now to think of him think future life with him. I think it was caused by: My own foolishness..I shouldn't be so much confused .I should be clear what I want.

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