Know if Another Guy Likes Your Girlfriend

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Is there a guy who has recently been in your girlfriend's group pictures every now and then? Does a man keeps sending sweet messages and quotes to your girlfriend's number and email? Chances are, that person may like your girlfriend. Now, a guy liking your girlfriend is not always a problem, but it could put your relationship in an unstable situation if he keeps on making advances that may make her fall for him. The tips below will help you identify if a guy likes your girlfriend.

How to know if another man likes your girl?

  1. 1
    Whenever possible, he goes where your girlfriend goes. This guy may be a common friend or an officemate. Every time a group goes out on an event or a date, the guy will always see to it that he goes with the crowd. Whether it is a birthday party or a group movie activity, he will make sure that he can go whenever your girlfriend goes.
    • How will you know about this? Easy, check on your girlfriend's messages and pictures. Is there someone who keeps on confirming if your girlfriend will go to the activity? Check pictures of your girlfriend's activities - is there a man that is almost always there, until you feel that you have memorized his face?
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    He is very active on your girlfriend's social media accounts. This guy will like and comment on most posts and pictures of your girlfriend. He follows your girlfriend on Twitter and tweets back from time to time.
    • How will you know about this? Check on your girlfriend's Facebook, Twitter and other online accounts. Is there a man who gives a like to your girlfriend posting about her bad hair day; and the post about her damaged hairbrush? Does the same guy never like posts about your dates and anniversaries? Then this man may potentially like your girl.
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  3. 3
    He keeps on sending sweet messages to your girlfriend. The guy will send sweet messages and love quotes to your girlfriend's cellphone, email and other communication tools and applications. He does this regularly, especially at the times that he thinks your girlfriend is not with you (i.e. night times before bed).
    • How will you know about this? If you are at that level where you allow each other to read text and email messages, then this could be an easy spot. If you keep that level of privacy in which you restrict each other from checking one another's messages, then you may rely on your creativity. If your girlfriend posts about love quotes and messages or sends one to you, casually ask her where she got it. If she constantly says it's from the same man, then this could be the sign that you are looking for.
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  4. 4
    He will try to initiate any conversation with your girlfriend. Whenever he can, this guy will try to make a conversation out of anything. He wants to talk with your girlfriend that badly. Whether it's in personal conversation, social media chats, SMS or emails, this guy will see to it that his message to your girl won't be the last.
    • How will you know about this? Check on your girlfriend's social media accounts. This guy will use the comments section of Facebook as the chat box. He will end his posts with a question or a phrase that will require your girlfriend to reply back (i.e. "I think you look good in that shirt. You got that from Clothes Shop, Inc., right?)
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  5. 5
    He cannot look you in the eye or talk to you straight. This guy thinks of you as competition. He will feel awkward with you and may not be able to look you in the eye. He cannot hold a long conversation with you and will find ways to avoid such scenarios.
    • How will you know about this? When this guy is in a conversation with you, he may not be able to talk with you spontaneously. He will find ways of involving other people or talking with them instead.
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  6. 6
    He gives small gifts to your girlfriend. You will notice that your girlfriend constantly receive little tokens and small gifts from the same guy.
    • How will you know about this? Your girlfriend may casually mention these things to you. If a guy constantly gives her "little nothings", then the guy may like your girlfriend.
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  7. 7
    He keeps complimenting your girlfriend. Watch out for that guy who always notices your girlfriend's new hair or sandals. A guy complimenting your significant other is not always a bad thing, but someone who keeps on giving appreciation may be showing that he has interest in her.
    • How will you know about this? Again, social media is a very powerful tool. You can check on your girlfriend's pictures if the same guy keeps on giving appreciative remarks to your girlfriend. He will also send his compliments to her email and her phone, aside from the verbal compliments that he gives to her.
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  8. 8
    He will try to be your girlfriend's best friend. He will try to be the helping hand that your girlfriend needs. He will help in any way he can. He gives out friendly advice, and all that mushy stuff.
    • How will you know about this? Whenever your girlfriend expresses her problems and issues, the guy will always come to her rescue. He will speak the right words at the right time. You will also notice that your girlfriend speaks of him time to time, and this is a sign that he is slowly succeeding in his attempts to get close to your girlfriend.
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What you should do when you suspect another guy likes your girlfriend

These are the things that you can do when you feel that a man likes your girl:

  1. 1
    Keep calm. Some guys are just friendly. Do not misinterpret actions and do not go on a rampage. You do not want to have an unnecessary altercation with a person who does not actually like your girl at all. Also, even if a guy likes your woman, as long as he is not making any advance to take her attention from you, it is not a big issue at all. It is normal for a person to like others; what is not good is when they do actions that may hurt other people.
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    Do not overreact. If your girlfriend has received a bar of chocolate from a guy, do not directly assume that he likes your girl. He may have given everyone in the workplace the same chocolates. Maybe it is his way of thanking his workmates for a job well done, or he may have gone on a trip and brought everyone some treats.
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  3. 3
    Talk to your girlfriend. Tell her of your suspicions. This way you can agree on some things, set limits, and have a healthy relationship. Do not keep all of these things to yourself. Your girlfriend is one of the concerns here, so she should know about these things too.
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  4. 4
    Talk to the guy. This is the last resort. If the guy gets too pushy or aggressive about showing his feelings to your girlfriend, tell him to stop. Some guys are just sweet to girls without any other intentions. Telling him that you do not like all of his extra sweetness may tone him down.
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What you should NOT do when you suspect another guy likes your girlfriend

The following actions should not be taken when you suspect that another man likes your girl:

  1. 1
    Do not do irrational things. Do not fight with the guy. Do not confront him angrily. That will make you appear obsessive and paranoid. Your being too hard on every guy is a big turn off for your girlfriend.
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  • 2
    Do not engage in a conflict with the guy. You do not want to get into conflict with someone especially if the guy was just being nice. You will appear to be the bad one, and girls and women do not like that.
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  • 3
    Do not be too possessive. Give your girlfriend some space. Allow her to mingle with other guys too. It is not wrong to protect your relationship, but if you are getting in the way of your girl's social life, then that could be a problem; maybe big enough to cause a stir in your relationship. There is an article for women on how to [Deal with a Possessive Boyfriend]]; you can check on it to see if you have the signs of being possessive.
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  • A person liking your girlfriend is not unusual, especially if you have an attractive girlfriend with a great attitude. Your objective is to protect your relationship, not ruin it. Always think that everything in excess is not good. Someone showing excessive acts of appreciation to your girlfriend is not good; and you being too overprotective and obsessive is not good either. Just maintain your confidence in your woman and trust that no matter how many guys try to lure her, she will stay faithful to you. It would be another story, of course, if you suspect that your girl likes another guy. You can check on this article to know the signs that Detect if your girlfriend likes another guy.

    Questions and Answers

    Is it okay for another guy to post your girlfriend's pictures on Facebook?

    He posts so may pictures of her that you would think that he was her boyfriend.. I have tried: Nothing because I don't want to seem possessive or jealous.. I think it was caused by: I caught her looking at pictures of herself on HIS Facebook profile.

    Yes, it is all right for some men to do that unless you specifically demand that he do not do that or unless he is stealing someone else's copyrighted photography. There are a lot of photographers, artists, and creative people who see a lot of people aesthetically appealing without any other context. There are also people who value friendships, and if someone has pictures of another person, then that does not mean that they had a romantic relationship. A good way to see that is find out whether he has a habit of collecting pictures of you, his other friends, or acquaintances. Additionally, nothing is impossible; and there is always a chance that he is reconsidering his current relationship (the person in the pictures is absolutely not necessarily involved in that).

    I don't know how to handle it, can you help?

    This guy is always talking to her and my girlfriend is the helpful type but he is in my opinion using that too much by laying all his problems on her and she is always upset and talks about him all the time and he makes me super angry. What should I do and if you need more details just ask. I have tried: Talking to her about it in great detail and she tells me it's fine but its not because she is always upset and it is making my relationship harder. I've also tired talking to some of her friends and they don't like the guy at all. I think it was caused by: She is such a nice and caring person, she said she would help him out with any problems he has so he told her every problem he has

    Her friends also do not like this guy and that is a big red flag. Gather her friends and stage a "you are too nice" intervention. Have the friends make a list on what they do not like about this person and then you all need to address her with these issues. This will put her on the defensive but she needs to realize that she has a toxic relationship with this guy and it is not just effecting your relationship but her friends as well. Girls can get trapped in a toxic friendship because it is in their nature to fix people. It is not her obligation to fix this man as much as she has.

    How to reduce the guilty in me?

    Yesterday I saw a male friend to my girlfriend putting her picture in his profile picture, I immediately told my girlfriend to ask him to remove it, later in the evening my girlfriend claimed that I never had to ask her because she had no issue bearing in mind they are just friends and he knows her stand? Now I felt guilty about telling her to do that, please kindly help. I have tried: I have done nothing towards it. I think it was caused by: My immediate response to it

    Jealousy is a normal reaction. We all have done something in a quick moment of jealousy that we regret later. Explain to her that you love her like she is the only girl in the world and your immediate reaction was to protect the rare thing that you have with her. She will understand that you were not intending to make such a big deal out of the picture.

    I really love her but I am not sure if all the dramas are worth it?

    I'm in a relationship with my girlfriend since 2 years. For about 6 months we were together (living in the same place) but after that we are in long distance relationship. She is the perfect kind of girl that I have dreamed of and I feel very lucky to have her. We both are in our early 20's and are very career oriented which has been working great for us. We keep our relationship very low-key and do not discuss personal matter much with neither casual nor professional friends. This has affected our relationship to some extent as guys constantly hit on her. There are couple of guys who often go overboard by sending her flowers anonymously, randomly texting her. At times it makes me feel like she doesn't want to keep them away. but when I see her reply to such texts and responses it makes me clear that it's not her fault. She is very loyal and has better things to worry about than those guys. It's the guys that I have problem with. These guys even have the gut to shed some untrue rumors about my girlfriend with the purpose of breaking us. She doesn't want me to interfere in her social issues which at times gets on my nerves. She's the youngest and the prettiest professional in her company. She works very hard and already bagged 2 promotions within 6 months of her work. She is such a charmer that there is no doubt that anyone could fall for her. Changing social circles does not seem to favor her career. I am really stuck in here and not sure if I will be able to tolerate this for my entire life.

    Take some advice from Beyonce, if you liked it then you better put a ring on it. This does not mean that you have to get married tomorrow but you should make a grand gesture of commitment and ask her to marry you. Guys are always going to be sniffing around her and you will have to trust that she only has eyes for you. At least if you make a stronger commitment to her then you will know that she is yours. That is all that matters. Now a ring may not keep these guys away but it will remind her of what she has with you and that is a promise of a future.

    I am in a 5 year relationship with my girlfriend, I found out she has an Instagram account, no problem so far, but all I see is really nice pics of herself including in bathing suit. When I asked about it, she said she would close the account. Now I found out it is a "private" account, you see this relationship implode?

    DO YOU SEE THIS RELATIONSHIP IMPLODE? Am I paranoid? My situation is different because she is not an "ex'. I have tried: I tried to ask for an explanation why she is showing herself suddenly to the world..this can mean she is looking I think it was caused by: Maybe our relationship is very unstable? I support her financially so I think now she is afraid to loose that support however she is acting like a single person would

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