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Facebook has become a very good source of information and entertainment. In just a few swipes of your finger, you can easily see a lot of information that you probably wouldn't see that fast during the times of newspapers and televisions. However, the downside to this is the fact that there is a quite a huge mix as well in terms of useful and useless information. Even worse, a lot of the links that you may see on Facebook may even give your computer some virus. Therefore, it is really crucial that you take extra precaution when downloading materials that you see, especially videos.

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Ways to Know Which Videos are Safe to Download

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    Hover over the link and see what you see at the bottom left of your screen
    If you hover on the link and you see extremely weird links with random characters, you may want to think twice before downloading. Some viruses or suspicious links are concealed in a way that they look like a valid link but in fact, they are utilizing another link to spread the virus from.
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    Read the comments on the video
    For Facebook, it is somewhat easy to predict if a video is suspicious based on the comments. Of course, it will be slightly more difficult if you happen to be the first one to see the video, but this is not the case with videos that have been around the net for quite a while. More often than not, you will see info or warnings in the comment section from people how have personally checked out the video and downloaded it. While not all comments may be true, if you see a lot of negative comments, then that may be reliable to believe in. If you do happen to encounter some bad video links as well, be considerate enough to remember to warn others as well so that the virus won't spread further to innocent users.
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    Be careful with videos that have very catchy titles and front screen
    If you think the video title is very intriguing or they use extremely weird front screen, then you have to start doubting whether it is just a campaign to get as much clicks as possible from users.
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