Know What the Pros and Cons of Homeschooling Are

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Homeschooling is getting increasingly popular these days. Its growth is estimated at 7-15 percent every year. According to statistics, there are more than 2 million children being home-schooled in the US at this time. There isn't a lot of difference between students who are being home-schooled and those who attend regular school, when it comes to performance. Many students with a homeschooling background come up with excellent results in tests, and are welcomed into colleges and universities.

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Homeschooling for children involves self-directed learning and the potential to become successful employers in adulthood. This is where the main benefit of home schooling comes into play.

Opinions about homeschooling vary from person to person, so in the following lines of this article, we will go through the pros and cons of homeschooling. Probably a lot of parents are wondering if they can proceed with homeschooling, and these pros and cons can definitely help every parent make a correct and final decision about what is best for their children.

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    One of the main advantages of homeschooling is freedom of choice regarding your field of interest
    1. Most home-schooled children have the opportunity to choose what they want to study, when they want to learn and how much time they would like to take for it. ##Regardless of their choices, learning starts with basic things.
    2. Learning might start at different ages as a child, depending on levels of interest, maturity and abilities, however, some states, educational freedom might be legally restricted.
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    Another pro for home schooling is the physical freedom
    This means that most of the parents who choose homeschooling for their children see it as being a medium to save time.
    1. There is a flexibility regular school is unable to provide. Start and finish times are flexible. Here, we need to mention that there aren't exact schooling hours, "homework" or a school calendar established, so children have more spare time for other activities during the week, while this is not as possible for other children regularly going to school who are free only during the weekends. This allows for:
    2. A schedule tailored to each individual child.
    3. More intense studies.
    4. More time with subjects that are difficult.
    5. Less time with subjects that come easily.
    6. More free time.
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    Thanks to homeschooling, some children are proven to be emotionally freer than children who are going to school daily
    Typical school days can be described as being pressure-filled, boring or even stressful, which can be a problem. Home-schooled children have the possibility to act, think and dress how they want, without the fear or need to fit in with others, and without the threat of bullies.
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    The fourth benefit of homeschooling is considered to be freedom from the religious point of view
    Religious belief is one of the most important parts of the identity of a person, according to the opinions of numerous families. Homeschooling offers the possibility to include their religious beliefs into their children's daily lives. It also provides a wonderful platform for your children to learn about various religious beliefs and cultures.
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    Homeschooling also gives the opportunity to strengthen the relationships between family members
    It is sometimes believed that children with conventional schooling are rebellious and are prone to destructive behavior, while these characteristics are not as apparent in home-schooled kids. The basic reason is we have every kind of student in schools, including mischievous ones, and others may be influenced by negative behavior more than positive. Also, stress often brings out the worst in us.
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    The next great benefit of homeschooling is represented by stability when there are difficult times
    Homeschooling has proven to be helpful in this area, and can help make children's lives better, by enabling them to cope more easily with any obstacles that might come up in family life, such as death, illness, a new baby or other issues.
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    Unlike children who attend conventional schools, home-schooled kids are considered to be well-rested
    After intense study, it is crucial for every child to be both emotionally and physically rested. This is even more vital for teenagers and preteens. Unfortunately, the effects of classes held early in the morning are unfortunately destructive, especially for those children who find it hard to wake up early in the morning. Recent studies have proven school starts too early for teens. Their natural clock is set to wake them up much later in the morning. Some schools are actually experimenting with this, and having great success.
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    There is that wonderful network of homeschooled kids
    Often they get together for "school trips" to museums, galleries, historical sites, etc. This often includes sports activities.
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We already saw the benefits of homeschooling, but like everything else, there are disadvantages as well. Let's see what the cons for homeschooling are.

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    One of the cons for homeschooling is time restraint
    Unfortunately, children who don't attend conventional schools require more time and attention from their parents. As the parent of your child, you need to consider if you'll have the necessary time to offer to him or her, if you choose homeschooling. Usually, one parent stays home with the kids, and you should really enjoy being around them to make this work. If you don't have the time, it's not recommended to proceed.
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    Another disadvantage associated with homeschooling is financial aspects
    Can you afford homeschooling? This is one of the most important aspects to consider before taking your final decision. If homeschooling would mean sacrifice and struggling to balance your budget, it's better if you don't choose this learning alternative. But a little sacrifice is worth giving your children the best possible opportunities you can offer them.
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    Home-schooled kids also have certain limitations when it comes to playing team sports
    The reason for this is that children who study at home are generally more independent and do everything individually, compared to children who attend typical schools and learn together while they can form a great community and a good team for a particular sport as well. Unfortunately, home-schooled children and teenagers are not always welcome to be part of teams.
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    Another con which could be applied to homeschooling is lifestyle
    Home-schooled kids and teenagers don't live the "normal life" in which children attending conventional schools are involved. Here, parents of home-schooled children may encounter problems with their kids when it comes to their integration in society. Some parents and kids living in the norm (with regular school calendars) are less accepting of parents and children living outside the norm. Home schooling does somewhat limit their social skills, however, there is that wonderful network of homeschooled kids which will lessen this issue.
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  • Tips

    Once you've decided to teach your kids at home, we have some great tips for you to get started!

    • The first thing to do is to find out the legal regulations for homeschooling in the country in which you live.
    • To have time for everything else, instead of spending all your time with homeschooling, establish a daily program together with your children, and discover the way they want to learn.
    • You can also go to a conventional school, where you may talk to a good teacher who can give you the necessary guides for proper homeschooling.
    • Network with other families home-schooling their kids in the community. They will be a valuable resource, as well as offer networking possibilities.
    • Never lose your patience! It is considered that parents need approximately a year to get used to the new learning conditions of their kids. Therefore, you need to be patient with both yourself and your child!


    • There are parents who believe that their children are safer in Christian schools or homeschooling. If Mom is doing the home-schooling, know that it might take away all your time (as a parent). As the mother of your children, it's a good thing to help them in homeschooling but don't forget that your husband and your kids don't love you for being the home-schooler! They also want to love the mother, wife, and friend that you always were! If you can keep the balance between all the activities you need to do in a day, you're on a good track.
    • On the contrary, if you don't have the time for everything (time for yourself, time to spend with your husband, spare time with your children, time for cooking and cleaning out the house), then it may be time to re-evaluate the whole situation! If you consider all these things and always keep them in your mind, you will be able to decide whether homeschooling is beneficial for your children or if it's too much of a sacrifice, because if it is, you'll end up resenting them - which isn't fair.

    Questions and Answers

    The pros of being well rested while being home-schooled?

    Being home-schooled doesn't only benefit the student, but the parents too. Kids do not need to put up with the pressures of classroom education - no loads of homework, no school calendar to follow and the kids get spared the usual bullying. The family can set a vacation or trip any time of the year without any worries of the kids having to miss their classes.

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    Since there isn't so much stress and pressure, the child's brain and body are in good condition for learning. The brain learns and remembers more easily when it is not overworked.

    Another good thing about home-schooling is that a deeper family relationship can be built. Kids who go to school are there most of the time during the day, making them closer to the teacher and their peers. When kids are home-schooled, they get to see their siblings more, as well as their parents. It creates a really close-knit family unit.

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