Know What Your Handwriting Say About Your Personality

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Graphology, or handwriting analysis, is both a scientific, and artistic approach to assessing a person's personality. Although this is a professional practice, you can also do it as a hobby to assess yourself or others. It's a science, a learned skill. It's not like a psychic gift we've been given at birth. There is a technical process to this. If you do extensive research, persevere and are highly motivated, you will become proficient in this field. Handwriting analysis happens to be an interesting, enjoyable and informative hobby for people who are seeking to increase their self-improvement and self-awareness.

It has been said that handwriting reflects a person's past. And also, a graphologist can assess behavioral patterns of a person. Ruth Gardner, a graphologist, believes we can conceal our thoughts and feelings, but not completely. Even things you're trying to hide will be revealed in our handwriting. For this reason, handwriting has been called "brain writing" in the past.

Handwriting Sizes

Below, you will find various handwriting styles, along with the characteristics specific to them.

  1. 1
    If someone has tall handwriting, then he or she is a keen observer, determined and far sighted, but lacking in objectivity, negligent and tactless. They are also seeking other's approval most of the time.
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    Those with small handwriting are very thorough, attentive to details, modest, frugal, obedient, and conscientious, but lack backbone.
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    Broad and Wide
    People with this kind of handwriting aspire to travel, conceited, blunt and spontaneous. They have a good imagination and are friendly, open-minded and love to socialize. However, they lack concentration and tend to be egotistical.
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    Exceptionally Wide
    These people are often nosy, cheeky and forward.
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    Large writers love to be the center of attraction.
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    Narrow writers are inhibited, self-disciplined, know how to control themselves, economical, doubtful, introverted, demure, but not very artistic.
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Handwriting Slants

An individual's connection to his inner and outer world can be discovered through the angle to his or her handwriting. Writing upright demonstrates assurance, if it slants to the left it means self-examination, but if it slants to the right, the person is usually gregarious.

Right slant - aeshma.PNG
  1. 1
    Extreme Right
    Those with a slant that slants to the extreme right, do not have self-control, are intense, usually act on impulse, and are articulate, dependent, natural, but unable to handle failures well.
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    Moderate Right
    Individuals who write with this type of slant know how to express their opinions, are self-reliant, warm-hearted, extroverted, kind, and know how to think ahead, even though they can be impulsive.
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  3. 3
    This denotes an individual who has control over his or her heart, knows how to stand on their own two feet and knows how to control his or her emotions, but does not have a whimsical nature.
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    Moderate Left
    Writers with this slant are independent, un-biased, not particularly sympathetic, initially have difficulty expressing themselves, and are fussy when it comes to things or friends.
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    Extreme Left
    This indicates an unhappy childhood and a fear of what will come in the future. The person with this handwriting is defensive, and in denial.
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  6. 6
    Irregular Slant
    These kinds of writers have super sensitivity, mood swings, and are ambivalent and unpredictable, but versatile.
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Handwriting Baselines

What does your handwriting reveal about you?

  • Straight. This denotes that the individual is in need of control of their life, to be comfortable.
  • Ascending to the right. This type of writing is done by a positive thinker, who believes in the future and is energized, excited and joyful.
    Ascending - aeshma.PNG
  • Descending Slant - Descending slant indicates a fatigued, negative thinking, sick, and depressed individual.
  • Arc Shaped. These writers are enthusiastic at first, but then get discouraged and leave things unfinished.
  • Concave. This indicates a slow starter with low self-esteem, who has difficulty starting a project, but finds it easier to finish.

Handwriting Strokes

  • Moderate garland. One with moderate garland strokes doesn't like conflict, and is flexible, outgoing, kind, and a good listener, but can be lazy and overly talkative.
  • Deep garland. This person has a tendency to get depressed, reflective and emphatic.
    Deep - aeshma.PNG
  • Shallow garland. Writers with this quality of handwriting are audacious, inattentive, cordial and subtle.
  • Arcade. Arcade writers have a need to be protected, and are artistic, shy, reserved, well mannered and self-absorbed.
  • Flat Arcade. Flat arcade writers are pretentious, hypocritical, tight-lipped and resistant.
  • Angular. This individual is motivated, competitive, decisive, sensible, disciplined, and stern.

Letter Spacing

  • Close Spacing. This indicates someone who is scared, withdrawn, unfriendly and cold.
  • Widely Spaced - These writers are extroverted and understanding.
    Wide - aeshma.PNG
  • Unconnected First Letter. Individuals who write this way, stop even before they start doing something. They are keen observers, but not very good decision-makers and tend to procrastinate.
  • Unconnected Last Letter - They pause before starting to do something, but once they start, they won't stop until they're done. They are also doubtful and hesitant.

Word Spacing

  • Even Line. This denotes a person who is organized, consistent, and efficient.
  • Wide Line. This is the writing of a person who is sad, well mannered, and has good organization skills, but is lacking in spontaneity.
  • Narrow Line. Narrow lines indicate a person who is impulsive, meticulous, and an economist.
  • Very Wide. This individual is lonely, unattached, and theoretical.
  • Tangling and Overlapping. This style means reveals someone who is overly involved, inhibited and distracted.
    Tangling - aeshma.PNG


  • Heavy. He or she has a lot of creative juices, a strong libido, is emotionally strong and dominant, and prefers bright and dark colors.
  • Light. A person with light pressure easily forgives a wrong doer, has sensitivity, prevents troubles, is physically weak and likes pastel colors.
  • Displaced. A person with displaced writing feels inferior, has mood swings, and is unstable, emotionally.
  • Rhythmic Changing. This indicates a writer who is warm, charming, and could be temperamental.


What does your signature say about you?

Signature - aeshma.PNG
  • Bigger initials compared to the rest of the letters denotes stress on the individual's goals, skills and strengths and their need to be independent.
  • A signature that is poorly formed indicates a troubled mind, and suggests the individual could be at a difficult crossroad in his or her life.
  • Slashing through the signature means the person doing it is crossing him or herself out, as if there is a need for being discreet.
  • Self pride and autonomy is revealed when the first name of a signature is larger than the last or middle and last.
  • A strong forward ending stroke indicates bluntness and good health.
  • A huge signature means the person who wrote it is self confident, warm, sociable, and loves appearing in public.
  • An encircled signature means the person has a need to be cared for all the time.
  • If you write your signature ending with a dot, it means you are distrustful of others.

Questions and Answers

I have extremely small but neat handwriting.

Could that be a sign of micrographia?

Micrographia is aligned with diseases like Parkinson's. If your handwriting can be read without a magnifying glass, fairly legible, then you do not have anything to worry about. You want to write in such a way as to avoid your hand cramping. if your hand cramps, you need to relax your technique slightly.

What are letter connections and forms of handwriting strokes?

Sir I want to know what are the letter connections and forms of handwriting strokes. This is not about the personality sir, but it is related to questioned document that's why I want to know this things for my understanding about the subject QD.

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