Knit a Scarf for Beginners

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Scarves are considered the most versatile of all accessories. They are fun and very easy to create, and come in different textures and colors.

For the more adventurous ones, you can also try knitting cool and exciting patterns that will definitely bring out a personalized look on you. With so many patterns and designs for scarves you can make nowadays, here are some cool ideas.

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How to Knit a Scarf

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    Simple Sparkle Scarf
    This is an easy-to-make scarf that can go easily with casual evenings. What makes this interesting is its sparkling yarn that comes in all kinds of irresistible colors. Start by casting on 20 stitches, making sure you leave four inches as the tail. Work every row, making a garter stitch until the scarf measures about 52 inches, or until there is just enough yarn to bind of and secure the tail of the yarn. Once complete, secure all the stitches loosely. Try matching the same elasticity as the cast-on-edge.
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    Confetti Scarf
    This is a type of scarf that will really stand out and make a beautiful fashion statement, thanks to its cute and dazzling materials. When making the scarf, simply cast on 14 inches. Make sure you change to garter stitch until it measure to about 50 inches, and then completely weave on loose ends. As for the making of the fringe, it helps if you use open stitch markets so you can easily identify where you wish to place the fringe beforehand. Start by cutting 60 strands of yarn, each measuring 18 inches. Then divide the strands into 12 groups, with five fringe stands each.
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    Gather one group of five fringe strands together
    Starting from the short edges, start by inserting the crochet hook from the back to front towards the openings above the second row of the scarf edge.
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    Fold the five fringe strands in half before you hold the cut ends together to create a loop
    After that, place a loop on the hook, pull the hook halfway through the knitted piece, and with the hook still securely in place, pull the cut ends of fringe through the loop so you can make a knot. Pull the fringe ends so you can tighten the loop. Do this five more times, making sure that you evenly space the fringe along the scarf's edge, totaling six fringe groups. Do the fringing, this time on the opposite end of the scarf. Cut off all fringes to eight inches.
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There are a lot of scarf ideas and designs you can choose from. There are various tools online to help you with you project. Along with the proper knitting project, it is also critical that you learn how to take good care of your yarn. Make sure you store the yarn properly. Mildew, moths, and sunlight are the common enemies of yarn, so it is best that you keep them away from these elements. Also, there are yarns that can easily fade, especially when constantly exposed to sunlight. Finally, to keep away from moths, try cedar blocks as alternatives to the traditional mothballs.

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