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Hand glove knitting can pose a tough challenge especially for a lot of knitting enthusiasts who are just starting to learn the craft. The complexity of knitting the fingers can be overwhelming. But thanks to a number of resources where one can learn the basics of knitting, creating a personalized pair of knitted hand gloves is really not that intimidating after all.

So how do you knit hand gloves? Below are the basics.

How to Knit Hand Gloves

  1. 1
    When making fingered gloves, experts suggest that you start using a nice wool that can accommodate number 3.5 needles
    Essentially, hand gloves are knitted tightly, thus, it is best that you make use of a set of needles that is thinner that you normally use.
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    For the yarn, you need one with a 21-stitch tension
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    Start by casting on 40 stitches, dividing them over four needles, before you start working to a round
    Knit seven centimeters in rib pattern. Continue doing this in the basic pattern. Once you reach in the third round, begin with the thumb gusset.
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  4. 4
    The right glove
    For the right glove, start on the third stitch, using the first needle before you pick up one stitch straight from the bar between. As you go on the third round, increase one stitch prior to and after the earlier increased stitch. Next, knit another two rounds before you slide the stitch of the thumb gusset to a safety pin. For the left knit glove, you can start on the third last stitch of the fourth needle.
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    Pick up one stitch from the bar stitch using an extra needle
    Make use of the old yarn knit, doing another three rounds with the remaining 31 stitches in the fundamental pattern. As for the bar on the middle and ring finger, cast on two secured stitches before diving the last five stitches of the send needle, the two bar stitches of the added needle, and the first stitches of the third needle.
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    Finally, finish it off as far as the little finger is concerned
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    For the mitten, you can start working on 40 stitches of the hands for 22 round before you start shaping them
    Once you get to the 41st round, gradually decrease to one stitch at the start of the first and third needle, and one the second and fourth needle, and completely knot the last one stitches together. Do these for the next rows.
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  8. 8
    Once you reach the last round, you can now tightly secure them with a knot
    Pull out the remaining eight stitches together along with the thread through the center and then sew all these in. Do the procedure when working on the thumb, like that of the finger gloves.
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  9. 9
    Essentially, knitted gloves can be created for all sizes, with different patterns and in various yarns in a variety of structure or thickness
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The above-mentioned guide is just a very basic instruction that can help you with the list of basic information you require. As for the proportions and size, these too can greatly vary. Therefore, be certain to apply your knitting skill to well-fitting gloves, or better, to the hand that the knitted glove is meant for.

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