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Unless it's that special occasion, most guys forget to make an effort to show their girlfriend love. Do you remember how the first months of your relationship seemed like paradise? You'd call her every day and night, tell her sweet nothings, buy her flowers, hold her hand in public an treat her as if she is your world. I like to call it the honey moon phase. Well, most girls know when this spark is over and when they are being taken for granted. It's therefore important to learn how to bring that spark back.


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1. Cook her dinner- men, please learn to cook! Make an effort to prepare a dish you know she loves. You don't have to have been on top chef to prepare a decent meal guys. Get into the internet and search for recipes for that favorite meal she loves so much. This will go a long way in impressing her.

2. Surprise dates- surprise dates are the best. Take it back to the dating days, have lots of fun and be sure to make it a surprise. We get accustomed to routines after we have stayed with our partners for long, so break this routine and I promise she will love you more. Small surprises will make everyday be a special day.

3. Call her randomly- take the effort to call your lady for no particular reason. Just tell her that you are thinking about her. It shows how affectionate you are and she will love it. Remember guys, call her don't text.

4. Leave a love note for her- do you remember when the two of you were dating and you used to slip those cute notes to her in class. Write just a few words on a paper, put it somewhere random and let her discover it. If you know your origami, even better! Fold the paper into a cute shape. You will definitely impress her because she least expected it.

5. Buy her lingerie- girls love new stuff. Get her something that makes her feel sexy. This is will sure bring back the spark into your love life.

6. Give her a massage- she says had a busy day and tiresome day at work. Give her a nice surprise back rub, make her feel relaxed. It will definitely lighten her mood. If you are lucky she will return back the favor.

7. Buy her flowers- well, most girls love flowers particularly red roses when it's to express your love for her. Buy her favorite flowers at seemingly random time.

8. Take a vacation- we all love vacations. A sure way to strengthen your romance with your partner is to go on a romantic vacation, just the two of you. It's a perfect opportunity to spend time with your girlfriend while getting away from the hustle and bustle of your jobs and daily routines. Call it a gift for the two of you.

9. Go to a class and learn together- this is something new for both of you, but something which both of you have yearned for a long time to learn. It could be a class for Italian cooking; or learning how to swim; or ballroom dancing. Anything that you can do together and will give you lots of unexpected fun.

10. Help around the house- don't you know that you will be appreciated very much if you share with the chores around the house? Just washing the dishes and watering the garden plants and washing the car will get a huge load off your partner's shoulders. He or she will then feel she is loved. As a matter of fact, doing household chores is really a manifestation of sincere and true love.

Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Show you appreciation every day..
  • Make time for her just to talk..
  • Take a class together. Can be dancing or going to the gym.

Questions and Answers

How do I get her to love me totally?

I met my girlfriend about a month ago, but I was told that she had a heartbreak last year. I love her so much that all I think about is she. I want to make her my wife, but my fear is that she doesn't love me. If I ask her about her love, then she will say she does. She takes time to reply my pings, and she doesn't show her love to me. What do I do? I have tried: I have tried to show her love. I call her, text her, send her love poems, begged her to trust me, to forget the past and love me, and promised not to hurt her. I think it was caused by: I feel she is scared of getting hurt, and I think she has another date somewhere.

She needs time to test the relationship. It takes people days and months to realize if they love the person and wish to spend the rest of their lives with them. The decision of marriage for some people comes after 3, 5, 10, or even more years of having a relationship, which is why she might be feeling overwhelmed by so much happening in her life at once without giving her time to think it over. If she has a date elsewhere (we have an article on learning if a wife or girlfriend likes another man), then she may end it in favor of you if you show patience and a bit less of undivided attention: this may do wonders to people who are used to test and probe everything in their lives. Give her time to learn you and trust you. Show your independence, talents, knowledge, and your respect for her freedom of choice, and she will, in turn, give up her every last fear and will wish you to love her forever.

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