Keep Yourself Warm During Winter

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Winter is indeed one of the most wonderful and beautiful seasons, but being cold often takes away the fun of it. As much as you want to look fashionable when you go outside during the cold months, getting sick will definitely bring you back into reality - freezing to death because you chose fashion over warmth isn't good either. Whether you're prepping for the winter season or searching for a way to get warm when you're outside, these field-proven tips and tricks can save you from negative effects from the cold.

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Freeze-Busting Steps

You might think you're resilient to cold, perhaps everything, but once you get a taste of cold-related sickness, you might want to reconsider.

Clothes for Staying Warm

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    You must dress appropriately during the winter season
    Wear only warm clothes. Layer your clothes. This will retain your body heat and prevent exposure to cold. It also allows you to take some layers off, when you go indoors.
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    Thick gloves or mittens.
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    Furred Jacket.
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    Quilted Robes.
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    Thick pants.
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    Long socks
    Wool is better than synthetic materials.
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    Water resistant Jacket/Shell.
    1. Thick fur boots.
    2. Hats or woolen caps.
    3. Scarfs.
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The right clothing can make a huge difference. The weather may be windy, cold and wet, but it matters little if you are dry and warm because you're wearing the right clothing. This applies whether you are skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, doing chores outside, doing other errands or just staying at home. Winter apparel is a good investment.

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Warmth Inducing Tips

If you can help it, don't leave the house unless you are dressed properly. The winter is wonderful, provided you're prepared for it.

Surround Yourself with Blankets


This is one of the most used and highly effective cold-fighting techniques. While blankets do not generate heat themselves (as some people believe), they do keep you warm by retaining natural bodily warmth. Huddle inside the blankets. Keep in mind not to bury yourself too deeply in blankets as this can cause suffocation, especially if you happen to fall asleep as you're getting warm.

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  • Keep blankets on couches around the house so that people around you and yourself can instantly get that warmth.
  • Whether you read books, watch TV or just chill on the couch, it will do you good to keep extra blankets on hand.
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Hot Water Solutions

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    Water Steam
    Winter can bring about a clogged nose, and dry skin and eyes. You can counter this by inhaling steam or steaming your face. Slowly breath the steam in and you can start feeling your clogged nose clear, your face being moisturized, and your body becoming warm at the same time. Better yet, why not try making a tent using towels and putting a bowl of hot/boiling water in the middle? You can have fun with your family while staying warm. You could put a few drops of Eucalyptus in the water if you do have a cold. WARNING. If you have children - many children have been scalded by the bowl of hot water. Take extra care if you have children and make sure little hands cannot reach the water.
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    Hot Water Bottle
    Water retains heat for a very long time when it's inside a hot water bottle. These are both affordable and an effective way to stay warm. Just remember put very hot water in the water bottle, but not to boiling water. You can use it while watching TV or sitting at your desk. Alternatively, you can put it under your blankets to keep you warm throughout the night. You can also press it to any part of your body that feels extra cold, like the soles of your feet or your palms.
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    Heat Bags
    You can usually purchase these at a craft sale, a market or make them yourself. It's like a beanbag. The outer "bag" is made out of 100% cotton - flannel is nice and soft and cozy. The inside might be a number of different things - wheat, rice, buckwheat hulls, feed corn, barley, oatmeal, flax see, beans or cherry pits. The bag is warmed up in the microwave, and stays hot for quite a while. You can put this in the blankets with you on the couch. It's good for sore muscles, but when it really comes in handy, is if your room gets cold at night, put the heat bag under your blankets, and then go prepare for bed - brush your teeth, etc. By the time you get into your bed, it will be so deliciously warm.
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An evening of a crackling fire burning in the hearth will definitely do the job of keeping you warm and comfortable. It also provides a very pleasant and nice atmosphere during cold winter nights. Use a fireback, a heavy metal sheet made of cast iron behind the fire. It protects the masonry, and at the same time reflects heat to the room. Here's a link to one: Fireback

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Warm Foods and Drinks


You know the picture, sitting on the couch near the window and sipping hot chocolate while thinking of good times. The winter season doesn't just bring it a lot of snow, but it is also creates a excuse for heavenly winter soups and hot cocoas. Substantial food like pizza, coffee and tea along with toasts and roast meats can help you get warm as well.

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Hot baths

Who doesn't like hot baths, right?


Hot baths provide you with immediate relaxing and warming sensation, healing your sore muscles as well as reducing stress you have during the day. A hot bath can warm you up in no time. However if you really want to relax, why not try lighting a jasmine-scented candle and put on soothing music? Now that is relaxation. Just be sure to dry yourself well afterward, as the cold season is unforgiving on wet bodies.

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Body Heat Powers

Did you know that your body naturally gives off heat?


Humans are warm-blooded (obviously) and we continuously secrete heat through our pores. This keeps us warm and relaxed, whatever the season may be. To utilize body heat, simply find a place you want to relax and wrap yourself up with blankets. Gradually you will feel your trapped body warming under the blanket. You can also use other people's body heat to warm yourself up. Did you know that big holiday parties warm a house more quickly? Yes, that's body heat right there! Snuggling with your loved ones also helps, so why not try snuggling with your honey? And you never know who you'll meet under the mistletoe at a holiday party!

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Cold-Proof your Home


Your home should be prepared for the winter as well. Weatherproof your windows and doors, as the cold air tends to come through these openings. Here's an article about weatherproofing your windows for the winter season: Weatherproof Your Windows. Here are some tips on weatherproofing your home for the winter.

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  • Remember to check your heater and make sure it's in good working condition for the winter.
    • You should have your furnace serviced every year before winter - change filters, etc.
  • Put the thermostat at around 21 C (70 F). Keeping this setting constant in your house will keep everyone cozy and warm.
  • Always open your curtains during the day so that sunlight can enter and heat your house. Remember to close them in the evening so that heat is retained inside. Install curtains if your windows do not have them. Blinds do little as heat insulation.

Tips, Tricks, and Warning

  • WARNING. If you put a bowl of hot water on the table to inhale the steam, and you have children - many children have been scalded by the bowl of hot water. Take extra care if you have children and make sure little hands cannot reach the water
  • For a nice and warm bed before sleeping, put a hot water bottle or heat bag in your bed ten minutes before you go to sleep.
  • Look for fun recipes when making winter foods and beverages. The same food and drink all the time can get boring.
  • Eat or drink newly cooked foods right away before they get cold. But be careful eating or drinking hot foods very quickly, as they can burn your tongues.
  • Be careful around candles as they are one of the biggest causes of fires in homes. Use non-flammable containers when using candles and remember to extinguish them before leaving the house or going to bed. Make sure you do not have lit candles near curtains, as they can blow into the flame - even the heat from the grates can move the curtains. Do not let children play with the candle or fireplace either.
  • While drinking alcohol can make you feel warm, it actually lowers your body's temperature.
  • Spread your chores throughout the day, so that you will have some activity throughout the day. Alternate between activity and rest.
  • Healthy foods provide you a lot of body heat.
  • Keep your exercises regularly. They not only provide strength to the body, but they also generate heat to keep your body warm.
  • Remember not to sit idly in one place for a long time.
  • Prepare your furnace ahead of time if you have one.
  • Resist putting on too many pairs of sock. It only restricts circulation and actually causes your feet to get colder.
  • Don't wear overly tight gloves or mittens. There should be a tiny air space at the tips of your fingers; these acts as additional insulation.

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