Keep On Asking, and It Will Be Given You

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What role does prayer play in your life? How much do you pray? Do you find yourself too busy to pray? Perhaps you hurry through your prayers mechanically as if they are a chore, or a duty to carry out. What is the quality of your prayers?

Two Illustrations That Teach Us To Pray

"Lord, teach us how to pray." (Luke 11:1) One of Jesus' disciples requested this. Jesus explained about two illustrations that teach us how to pray and be heard by God. If you ever wondered if God hears your prayers, you will be interested in what Jesus replied. Read Luke 11:5-15

The One Who Is Praying

The first illustration talks about the one who is praying. (Luke 11:5-8) In this story, a guest appears to a man late at night and has no food to put before him. To the host, the matter is pressing. Even though it is late, he goes to a friend's house to borrow some bread. At first, the friend does not want to get up because his family is fast asleep with him. But the host is persistent and determined to keep asking until his friend finally gets up and gives him what he needs.

What does this illustration teach us about prayer? Jesus is telling us we need to be persistent. We need to keep asking, and knocking. (Luke 11:-9-10) Why? Is Jesus telling us that when we pray we are pounding at the door of a God who hesitates to help us? Jesus' point here is that unlike the friend who hesitated, God is eager to answer proper requests from His people that pray to Him in faith. We demonstrate out faith by being persistent when praying to God. By doing that, we reveal that we really need what we are asking for, and we do truly believe that he will grant our request, provided that is His will. (Mark 11:24) (John 5:14).

The Hearer of The Prayer

The second illustration focuses on the Hearer of Prayer. (Psalm 65:2) Jesus asks, "Which father is there among you, who if his son asks for a fish, will hand him a serpent instead of a fish? Or if he asks for an egg, will he hand him a scorpion? The answer is clear; no caring father gives harmful things to his children."

Jesus said that if imperfect human fathers can give good gifts, how much more so will the Father in heaven give holy spirit, the best of gifts, to those who ask him?

(Luke 11: 11-13) What does this teach us about god, the hearer of prayer? Jesus invites us to see God as a caring father who is eager to respond to the needs of His children. We should feel free to approach Him with our requests at any time. Knowing that He wants what's best for all of us, you can accept His answer to your prayer, even if the answer is not what you hoped for.

We have many opportunities to pray to God. When we get up early in the morning, before bedtime, and before our meals, when we want to thank Him for the food he provides. You may be facing a very difficult time in your life, and are very stressed. That is the time to go to God for help and pray for strength at the right time - to get through our troubles. We can talk to our Creator at any time, and we never get a busy signal, or have to worry about a hang up! Praying to God is something we really should take seriously. Below are some helpful steps to make it easier for you to pray to God.

The Amazing Benefits of Prayer

Even those Christians who don't read the Bible regularly know that prayer is important in life. Below are some reasons it is important for a believer to pray.

  1. 1
    Communicate with God
    Prayer serves as an efficient means of communication with God. Prayer is like a telephone or cellphone, through which man communicates with God, and God communicates with man. Communication is very important in any kind of relationship, in order to surpass the challenges of time. Through prayer, men relate their thoughts, emotions, feelings, inadequacies, and desires, while God communicates assurance, answers, and His supremacy to mankind.
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    Experience God's Love
    Through prayer, one can experience the love of God for human kind. As often reiterated by religious leaders, "God is love", thus, through praying, one can comprehend and experience the love of Jesus and the Almighty. Whenever a person prays, he or she is able to access the presence of God, and be embraced by His love. Prayer can assure a person that God is present to give protection. Prayer eradicates insecurity, as well as gives people boldness and strength to face the obstacles in life. One can become confident that he or she will surpass all the dilemmas, knowing that Jesus is guiding him or her, and that Jesus showers him or her with love. David, who was a man of prayer and praise, experienced the presence of God in his life, and he shared about it in Psalm 8:4. David said that God has been so mindful of him. Paul, a follower of Jesus, reiterated the beauty of prayer, through Ephesians 3:14-19. As quoted by Paul, it is important for Ephesians to experience Jesus's love.
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    Keep the Forces of Darkness at bay
    Prayer also serves to defeat the forces of darkness. Christians are aware that they can overcome the influences of evil with prayer. As emphasized over and over again, the devil was defeated since Jesus Christ died and then was resurrected. People can reinforce this by praying. Whenever people pray, they enforce their faith in Christ to be safeguarded from the attacks of the evil.
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    Spiritual Growth
    Prayer also enables men to attain spiritual growth. A prayer allows men to establish their faith in Jesus and his father, God. This is the primary reason why Jude reiterated the relevance of praying to the Spirit. Prayer can strengthen the believer and enhance one's courage and confidence.
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    The key for aspirations
    Prayer also enables men to talk to God and tell Him their desires. Prayer is like the key for aspirations.
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    Prayer is meditation
    The concentration we experience during prayer, can make us more disciplined, and focused.
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    Prayer can even decrease the ego of a person. Prayer is the right time to leave pride behind, and this is also the time for people to admit their human frailties, and embrace their dependence on God. Through this, people can decrease their ego and reinforce their compassion.
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Steps to pray to God.

  1. 1
    Pray To God Everyday
    (Psalms 65:2)
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    Pray In Faith
    (Mark 11:24)
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    Be Persistent In Your Prayers.
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    Never Give Up
    (Luke 11:9-13)
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    Teach Your Children To Pray
    (Matthew 6: 9-10)
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  • What if my sins are too many?

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    Every person in this life is imperfect. We commit sins on a daily basis and that is inevitable, or at least usual. Regardless of the amount of sins a person has committed, God is always ready to forgive them. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." (1John 1:9) We only need to make sure to confess our sins to God and repent, and then ask for His forgiveness.

    Our sins are paid through the life that Jesus Christ offered to us so we really need to guard our hearts and stay closer to God. Remember it takes a bold step to acknowledge our sins, but takes inner strength to repent and make extra effort to fix the repercussions of the sins that we have committed. With this courageous effort to correct our sins, we will gain the extra bonuses that are joy and peace of mind.

    Bible Tips

    • Come closer to God and ask him for his help.
    • He will help you when you feel you can't go on.
    • Study and meditate on his word.

    Questions and Answers

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