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Write a Letter of Invitation

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How to develop writing skills like a reporter?

My problems is grammar skills, language, low vocabulary, I have worked as development sector so I couldn't make up my writing skills.

Use websites like Ginger and Grammarly to hone your grammar skills. In Chrome, you can add them as extensions and then double tap words to get synonyms to broaden your vocabulary. Consider taking a writing class at one of your community colleges or furthering education programs. Diagram sentences for practice to get a better grasp of the important parts of sentences.

Can you please tell me about noun?

Tell me all about noun and all of it do not leave any

A noun is a person, place, idea or thing. Proper nouns are used to name a particular person, place, thing or idea such as Dr. Suess or Montana.

Asking for a useful expressions or set of phrases?

I would like learn some useful expression for writing with the aim to pass the PET

Visit the websites of Ginger or Grammarly. Write down phrases then double tap words within the phrases to get synonym suggestions and help with your sentence structure. TalkEnglish.com has a list of phrases and useful expressions as well as other practice lessons for you to complete.

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Write a Letter of Invitation

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