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Grow a Beard

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I have patchy beard, and it takes a lot of time to grow beard on areas I have, why?

How can I have a full growth, to grow hair follicles on patches

Many men do not have a full beard. You can try some of the natural remedies or pharmaceutical ones to fill in those areas. This will be a daily routine for the best results, and you need to wait at least a month before results begin to show.

Is it possible to grow Beard on acne damaged skin?

My face used to have so many pimples. Now all of them have vanished, but I'm left with so many marks. It is possible that there will be hair growth in the areas with scaring? I have a good amount of hair on my neck, chin n upper lip. But not on my cheeks.Please respond. Thank you.

It is totally possible to grow a beard despite the fact that you have bad acne scars as hair follicles are not necessarily damaged if they have experienced inflammation in the past. Growing a beard is indeed an excellent way to hide acne scars. If there happen to be small patches where hair does not grow at first, do not be concerned. The hair of your beard will eventually grow long enough to cover these small patches.

I'm 18, and still there are no signs of a beard?

What to do?. I have tried: Shaving. I think it was caused by: Genes

What you can do is enjoy this time of not having to shave every morning and in some cases evening as well. You have not yet reached facial hair maturity so relax and just roll with it.

I want to be a wizard. Like gandalf, but with more beard, how do I achieve this?

I want to be a wizard with a beard. How do I achieve this. I have tried: Steroids. I think it was caused by: Steroids

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More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: Please provide me with a RECIPE TO grow full BEARD Am 25, and still can't grow a proper beard?

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Grow a Beard
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I'm 16 and I have no beard I am taking it very serious because my fellows make fun of me?

I am 16 years old and I have only a little side burns and little tiny not visible chin hair how can I grow a beard.please tell me solution I don't know how to increase testosterone level . please tell me something because my class fellows make fun of me and often call me a girl..I cannot do something but just to let it go.. I have tried: I have tried nothing so far... yes a little bit exercise in school.. I think it was caused by: I think genes

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Hi there, how can I get a rich beard?

I am 22 years old, and I want a rich beard but, unfortunately, my beard is not growing

The natural remedies in the following VisiHow articles will provide you with valuable information on what can be used on your face as well:

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