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One of the most popular website content management systems, WordPress actually started out as a blog management system. Written in PHP, WordPress offers a sleek and streamlined way in which to create a site that is easy to manage and easy to maintain for the average user.

A low learning curve makes it the ideal solution for the older person or even for children, while the powerful content management makes it perfect for the small or the large business.

Creating the look and feel that you want is just easier with WordPress too. With a wide range of unique free WordPress themes found all over the internet, you can create just about any type of WordPress design that you're looking for with very little effort and very little expense involved.

VisiHow has gathered up a few free WordPress themes for you to choose from, as well as some directions to install them to make it as easy as possible to get your own website.

To Install a WordPress Theme

Opening and Checking the Theme

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    To add your new theme and your new look to a WordPress site, start by finding the new theme that you'd like to have
    Download the theme and when you do open it and look to be sure that you don't have components that do not have to be removed before the upload.
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    Check out the read-me file to make sure that you're not required to edit any files prior to the upload
    In some cases you do need to edit a few files prior to uploading, such as ads or small graphics.
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    Go into your website using the wp-admin or login area that you've set
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    Once inside the site, you will look to the left and see the dashboard
    In the dashboard you're going to see a tab that says "Appearances." Click that tab.
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Uploading Your WordPress Theme to Your Website

Inside the "Appearances" tab you'll find the tab that says "Themes". It offers you a list of themes that are available to you free of charge from which you can choose. If you like you may also upload a theme. In that tab you will see "Manage Themes" or "Upload Themes". Click the Upload Theme tab.


Once you've browsed the theme that you are uploading and found it on the hard drive, click the Upload Theme button. The file will show itself in your active themes now and allow you to click preview or activate in order to see the file in action on your site.


If you like what you're seeing, simply choose "Activate" and the site will be themed in the design of your current WordPress theme. Go into the pages then, and upload sample content or set your content into place and step back and admire your work.


Now that you've got all of your themes and plugins in place in WordPress, moving on to adding content and then some SEO is the next logical step.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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