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There's nothing worse than typing out a great comment or email, only to see later that you wrote there instead of their, or made a silly spelling mistake. As embarrassing as this may be, it can happen to the best of us. Fortunately, with the use of a free tool (with a paid option available) called Grammarly[1], and your Chrome web browser, you can stop any unwanted grammar, punctuation and or spelling errors from leaking beyond your keyboard. It works with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn and pretty much anything on the web that accepts text. You can also use it to create new documents. With 250+ built-in grammar rules, (most of which MS Word misses) you can be comfortable knowing your writing will be clear and free of errors.

Free Version

  1. 1
    Launch Google Chrome and go to Google search.
    Gram 01 og.png
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  2. 2
    Type, "Google web store" into the search box and click the first link in the results.
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  3. 3
    Once you're in the Google web store, type "Grammarly" into the search box on the left side of the page.
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  4. 4
    When the search results populate, the Grammarly extension will be the first in the list
    Click the blue, "add to chrome" button.
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  5. 5
    An alert popup will prompt you to confirm adding the extension to your browser
    Click "Add extension".
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  6. 6
    Once Chrome is granted permission to install the extension, you will be asked to create a free Grammarly account.
    Gram 06.png
    1. Enter your; name, email, password, and choose an answer that best suits you in the drop down menu. If your information looks good, click "Sign Up".
    2. Make sure to use an email account that you regularly check or at least have access to. In the event of a password reset, you'll need to login to the email account used during registration.
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  7. 7
    You've just installed Grammarly on Chrome.
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  8. 8
    Next, we need to check our preferences by clicking the green Grammarly icon in the upper right corner of your browser.
    Gram settings.png
    1. In the Grammarly settings box you can select; the version of English you write in; whether to use it with Google, to display definitions and synonyms or create a new document.
    2. You can also access your Grammarly account by clicking, My Grammarly in the lower right corner of the settings box.
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Paid Version

In addition to their free service, there is an option to upgrade to a premium account. The premium version offers more options such as; customized checks, 24/7 email support, and even more relevant corrections for numerous writing scenarios.

Upgrade to a premium account

  1. 1
    In the lower right corner of Grammarly's setting box, click "My Grammarly".
    Gram settings2.png
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  2. 2
    On the left side of your Grammarly dashboard, click "Premium".
    Gram dashboard prem.png
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  3. 3
    On this page you can review the available subscription plans.
    Gram upgrade page.png
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Tips, Tricks and Warnings

  • It's good habit to proofread everything you write. Even a short message or post on social media is worth glancing over a second time quickly.
  • Grammarly currently does not support Google Docs.

There you have it. A free and a paid option that will help improve your writing over the web. Even the most popular word processors miss basic grammatical errors. On top of that, very few have time to triple check every little comment or reply they make over social media. Having a fail-safe in place such as Grammarly, right into your browser, will help cut down on tedious editing time.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.



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