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Cydia can be described as third-party installer applications for all iDevices. It was developed by a man called "Jay Freeman". It can be said that Cydia is similar to the official app store, except that it provides apps and tweaks that can be downloaded for free or for a small charge, unlike app store.

In Cydia, one gets to use apps that wouldn't otherwise be available. The best example is that, on app store, one can only set audio ring tone for incoming calls on ice while Cydia tweak allows setting video ring tunes for iOS calls and is free. The Cydia store contains countless applications and tweaks. Tweaks can do minor changes or major changes. Minor changes such as changing the color of something and major changes like using full-screen browsing in mobile devices. Also, Cydia has various applications that Apple app store does not accept such as "Groove Shark". A very important point to be noted is that Cydia is used in Apple products (iPhone, iPod, and iPad).


There are some examples of Cydia tweaks such as "Dolphin for Velox" which can allows quick search on dolphin browsers; "NotifyWiFi" notifies WiFi change on banner; "ColdScrambler" which provides random order to unlock pass code buttons; "MessageRenamer" which easily allows renaming any message on app conversation; "CamRotate" which allow for easy rotation of the camera interface; "EasyIconEdit" which, as its name suggests, helps to reposition application icons and "Punggyeong" which helps to change the wallpaper automatically.

Installing Cydia Tweaks

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    To install Cydia, the device must be jail broken because Cydia is not available on Apple app store and it is a third-party app. Every jailbreak program comes with Cydia packed in. Through that, one can install Cydia during the jailbreak process.
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    The phone must be connected to WiFi. After Cydia is installed, one should tap on the Cydia icon to open Cydia.
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    Then, allow Cydia to initialize the repositories. It may take some time but is done only on the first occasion that the Cydia app is run.
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    After it is done initializing the repositories, Cydia will close automatically.
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    Restart Cydia by tapping on the Cydia icon, a window will appear with a question, "Who are you?" You can set yourself as a user. Never forget to give update permission to Cydia. Allow Cydia to upgrade and then restart it.
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Install Cydia via Computer

There is another process to get Cydia, without jailbreaking and those steps can only be done on a computer, not on Smart phones or tablets. In this process, one should browse Cydia and download it. IPA, after it's downloaded; it has to get dragged into iTunes and from there into the device. Tweak itself means fine-tuning or adjusting a complex system on an electronic device. After installing Cydia, several tweaks can be searched for and easily downloaded as any other program.

The Basics of Cydia and the Most Excellent Cydia Tweaks

Those who have tried a variety of iPhone models are definitely familiar with certain terms, such as Cydia, Unlocking, Jailbreaking, Installous, and a lot more. Nevertheless, the most popular ones are Cydia and Jailbreaking. These processes give the iPhone users the power to install many excellent iPhone apps which are absolutely for free.

Though the term is not really new, there are still a lot of iPhone users who are not well-versed about what Cydia is. It is crucial for iOS users to have even a basic understanding of what it is. Understanding Cydia

Cydia is referred to as a third-party, independent installer app for each and every iOS device. Cydia is the obra maestra of Jay Freeman, and it is quite similar to the legit App store. Cydia offers apps, as well as tweaks, which can be downloaded at no charge, or for a small amount. Through Cydia, iOS users can take advantage of various apps. There are likely iOS users who wonder why they would need Cydia to own new tweaks; it is due to the fact that it can offer you things that Apple isn't capable of giving you.

For instance, on iOS, users are only capable of setting audio ringtones for any incoming call. A new Cydia tweak, VUZIQ, which is available via BigBoss repo, allows iOS users to have video ringtone for any incoming call on iOS.

What makes this even more special is that it costs nothing! Installous is considered by some to be the most excellent app that can be acquired from Cydia, since it will enable iOS users to install all kinds of apps - premium and free - on their devices, without the need for spare funds. All of the applications have been cracked, as well as hosted on various free hosting websites. In order to acquire Cydia, an iOS user must first jailbreak his or her iOS device.

Why is there Cydia despite of the fact that there is an App Store?

It was mentioned above that Cydia is quite similar to the App Store. Thus, many iOS users are wondering, what makes the two different from one another? Basically, some applications for iDevices can't be approved by Apple because they implement functionality apple does not approve of. Therefore, there are tweaks and apps in Cydia which are not available in the App Store.

What are the most preferred and must-have Cydia Tweaks?

There are tons of Cydia users who are certainly happy and content with the apps they get from the Cydia store, and for certain reasons, there are apps that can stay in the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone for a long period of time. The majority of these applications are totally awesome, as well as in demand in the Cydia Store.

Below are some of the coolest, must-have Cydia Tweaks. iPhone users, be ready to be blown away.

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    App Switch. The name itself explains its function. This particular Cydia Tweak enables the iOS user to incorporate custom applications (maximum of four) in the App Switcher. With just three clicks, iOS users could change an app immediately.
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    SBB Settings. This is among the most preferred Cydia Tweaks and it has gained and is still gaining a lot of fans this year. This Cydia tweak has been in circulation for a couple of years already, and from the time it was introduced, it has been one of the most sought-after ones. This can make certain iOS app work much faster.
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    iBlacklist. It allows the iOS users to hide or block unwanted messages and phone calls.
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Tips & Reminders

  • It is very important to note that Cydia contains paid and free apps.
  • One should remember that Cydia must be updated regularly. It will help the user to avoid errors and improve the user's experience.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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