Improve Your Sleep with Lavender Oil

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Lavender not only is pleasing to look at with its green leaves and purple blooms, but it is also very aromatic. It has been used for centuries to treat illness, sexual dysfunction, and insomnia. If you are having trouble getting to sleep, lavender oil will improve sleep. Below you will learn how lavender oil can improve your sleep aromatically. A couple other ways to improve your sleep are to combine therapies with the lavender oil using your sense of sight and hearing. Tips on how to achieve better sleep with all three will be described below. Sleep is essential for your daily performance in all activities, and your overall well-being. So read on and see how to get that badly needed sleep with lavender oil.

Improve Your Sleep with Lavender Oil

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    Among its many uses in treating ailments with its aromatherapy powers, lavender oil is highly effective in putting those having trouble nodding off to dreamland, sound asleep. Medical studies have shown that the aroma will not only calm your nerves, but has the power to sedate you to a longer and deeper sleep.
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    People who use lavender oil as a sleep aid in the studies showed that they were more alert and refreshed than those who did not use it. It is effective in helping men get to sleep, but even more so for the opposite gender.
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    Scientists attribute this to the fact that the female of our species has a better sense of smell (olfactory sense).
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Lavender has a proven sedative effect according to a scientific study

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    Just to illustrate how effective essential lavender oil can be for putting you to sleep, medical researchers at the Southampton University in England tested the efficacy of lavender oil in a sleep experiment with the following criteria:  
    1. There were 10 random adult volunteers in this one-week controlled experiment, in which their sleeping patterns were measured and recorded.
    2. Five of the volunteers went to bed at their usual time, in a comfortable room.
    3. The other five had the same setting.
    4. Lavender oil was diffused in the air of the first room, and the second room had sweet almond oil diffused as a placebo.
    5. After seven days the participants changed to the other five's rooms, where they slept the next seven nights.
    6. In conclusion of the experiment, both groups of five slept considerably better in the room of diffused lavender oil.
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    In another study of the effects of lavender oil, at Wesleyan University volunteers sniffed lavender oil, and then distilled water for two minutes prior to bedtime.  
    1. Their brain waves were tracked as they slept.
    2. There was a significant improvement in their deep sleep on the nights they sniffed the essential lavender oil.
    3. As expected, too, the next day after sniffing the lavender scent, they were more alert and energetic.
    4. Those nights the lavender oil was sniffed, researchers noticed all the volunteers' muscles were more relaxed.
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    How to use lavender essential oil to put you to sleep - Any of these procedures will put you to sleep quickly. You can use an aromatic therapy diffuser or drops of pure lavender oil:  
    1. Sprinkle five or six drops of lavender oil in your "before bedtime" warm bath water. The aroma of the lavender will soothe you to sleep this way, and once you exit the tub, the quick lowering of air temperature on your body will trigger sleep.
    2. Place a sedating sachet of lavender oil beneath your bedtime pillow.
    3. Place a few drops of lavender oil onto a handkerchief, and tuck it under your pillow right before bedtime.
    4. Try adding ylang ylang or other aromatic essential oils with the lavender oil.
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    The price of pure lavender essential oil is about $8, and an aromatherapy diffuser is about $15. You can purchase these items at any nearby health and nutrition store.
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Combine light exposure and music with the lavender oil

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    Light will help you sleep - In your daily routine find 10 minutes a day of time outdoors.  
    1. The outdoor light somehow triggers your body clock into knowing when it is time for your body to shut down and sleep.
    2. It is recommended to combine light exercise, such as walking or riding a bike during those 10 minutes. This will yield even more benefits to your health.
    3. These days, you especially want to use sunscreen on your exposed skin.  
      1. The UVB rays in the ultra violet rays are useful for your skin to convert the UVB into vitamin D.
      2. However, you still need the sunblock to prevent premature aging and cancer.
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    Music to help you sleep - Combine music with your daily sunlight, light exercise, and lavender oil.  
    1. Get out that DVD-CD player/radio, and listen to an "easy-listening" radio station, or play CDs of soothing music.
    2. Playing slow music softly with these other treatments will help you sleep longer and deeper.
    3. Studies show that nightly periods of waking up are fewer with the use of such music.
    4. Combined with the lavender essential oil nightly, the music reportedly enhances organization of thought during the waking hours.
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    If you have had trouble sleeping, and want to avoid using harsh medication to help you sleep nights, you can get to sleep now the natural way. Get your few minutes of time outdoors, with a little exercise ideally. Turn on your favorite soft music down low, and add pure lavender oil to the recipe. You now know how you can slumber like a baby once again, and better yet, you can do it naturally.
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Questions and Answers

How can I improve my digestion and sleep as I am sleepless for the last 3 months?

I feel great apprehension while eating because I am obsessed with the condition that I will not be able to potty so I can not sleep, eat and enjoy please help

First, let's address your digestion issues:

When you are awake with anxiety and the uncomfortable feeling of constipation it is tough to fall asleep so get your colon on a healthy track. Increase your fiber intake and you can also use psyllium husk by sprinkling it on meals for extra fiber.

Use the Lavender Oil nightly in a bedtime routine. It will help reduce your stress and anxiety. You can make a spray for your linens or use a diffuser to get the lavender oil into the air. The apprehension while eating needs to change by making the right food choices. Make sure you are drinking 10 glasses or more of water a day to keep your bowels moving.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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