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Get Rid of Chickenpox Scars

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Skin scars and burnt, please I really do need your help, can I try my own soap like adding local black soap with honey and lemon, does that work?

I suffered from skin disease since 1996 that left my skin with black spot that look like burns, I can't wear dresses that expose my legs because I feel ashamed, how can I get my skin back in shape, whenever I try to use all those creams they end up bleaching my skin and the affected areas get darker

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If you apply the honey and lemon, only concentrate on the dark spots and not all of your skin. This way you are only lightening that area. Be careful using any cream that lightens skin because it can damage the skin over a period of time. Even natural lighteners can burn the skin. Before night, apply aloe vera to any irritated portions of your skin. You may also want to add some potato juice to your concoction. Grate a potato and squeeze all of the liquid out. Store in the refrigerator. The potato will lessen any possible skin irritation.

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Does the holes can get off by using natural remedies like vitamin e even after 3 months of chickenpox?

I got chickenpox in 17th of February .. Got medical treatment the bumps gone in nearly about 25 -30 days, but still some holes and many scars are left...

Used revise cream and supatret cream for filling holes.. but not getting any results, please help sir..

Getting the scars to go away will really require a lot of patience as it can't happen overnight or just after a few weeks.

The best option is to use Contractubex. You just need to apply it to the affected area at the beginning and end of the day. It will help if you will drink vitamin C supplements as that will also help your skin to be able to rejuvenate faster.

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Do you know any natural way that will fix the problem?

I had chickenpox 4/5 and they left dark, discoloured scarring on my forehead. Do you know any natural method I can use to get rid of them?

Try rubbing a small amount of honey or Aloe Vera over the scars daily. Both of these are relatively gentle treatments that can help your skin get back to better health. You'll also want to wear sunscreen daily, as that can help lighten your skin and prevent damaged areas - like scars - from getting worse.

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