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Edit Who Can Send You Snaps and View Your Story on SnapChat

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Why can't I receive snaps chat from one friend and why does it keep saying they haven't opened my snapchats even if they have?

I have been sending this user snap chats for a week and it kept saying they hadn't been opened and I got no replies so a week later I got a snapchat from them and they had been replying to all my snaps and they thought I was ignoring them because I hadn't been getting any of their snapchats so I replied, however it keeps happening, I send them snapchats and it keeps saying delivered, all my other snaps to friends are working apart from this one. I've tried reinstalling the app and resetting my phone but nothing is working. Nobody has asked about the same problem I am experiencing. I have tried: Reinstalling the app 3 times, resetting my phone. I think it was caused by: I'm not sure, I've not done anything different.

The exact same thing is happening to me. I've been sending messages and they say they're delivered but the person doesn't receive them please tell me if you fixed it.

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If I add someone but they haven't added me back yet, can they see snaps I directly send them?

For instance, I added someone today but they haven't added me back yet. If I send them a personal snap, will they be able to open it and reply?. I have tried: I haven't sent them anything yet.

No, if you add someone and they don't add you back but you try sending them a snap it will say pending as they aren't a friend yet

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Edit Who Can Send You Snaps and View Your Story on SnapChat

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