Identify the Difference Between Anime and Cartoons

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What's The Difference Between Cartoons And Anime?


On the surface, cartoons and anime appear quite similar. In fact, anime is a type of cartoon. Anime originated in Japan, and is characterized by a distinct style, culture, and history. The term Anime comes from the abbreviation of Animation, and in Japanese is used to describe all animations from anywhere in the world, while the rest of the world uses it to refer specifically to Japanese animation. The style has evolved and flourished in the past century.

How to Identify Anime


If you grew up watching morning cartoons like Pokémon, Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z, you've already been exposed to Anime. Some Anime has made its way into mainstream Western culture, known by many in the US and beyond (who hasn't heard of Pokémon?).

Anime has evolved to include many different styles and variations, but some general characteristics that define a large portion of anime include:

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    Exaggerated facial features abnormally large eyes and expressions.
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    Brightly colored hair (green, pink, etc.)
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    Simplified lines and shading.
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    Human proportions derived from head size
    Many Anime artists use the head as a unit of measurement to determine proportions in their characters.
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    Default icons and expressions are often used to denote certain emotions and feelings
    For instance, anger is often shown as a vein popping on a character's forehead, while exasperation or embarrassment is sometimes portrayed with a sweat-drop.
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Not all Anime has these characteristics. In fact there are few of these staples in the animation of Studio Ghibli, one of the most popular anime studios whose movies have found acclaim and popularity on US shores.

Different Genres in Anime

Anime on its own is not a genre in the same way that "movie" is not a genre. There are a number of different genres within anime, often geared towards specific segments of the audience:

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    This style of anime is geared towards young boys, and usually features action, adventure, fighting, and young male protagonists. Some examples include One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto.
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    This style is for young girls instead, and focuses more on relationships. Shoujo Animes often features a female protagonist, with some elements of romance or friendship. Some examples include Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, and Fruits Basket.
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    Seinen is geared toward young men in their late teens through mid-twenties, and are generally more mature, psychological, and sometimes explicit. Some examples are Ghost in the Shell, Hellsing, and Elfen Lied.
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    Aimed at adult women, this style of Anime explores relationships in a more mature manner than Shoujo anime. They often involve romance, sometimes of a homosexual nature, and explore mature or dark themes like infidelity and rape. Some examples include Honey and Clover, Paradise Kiss, and Princess Jellyfish.
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  5. 5
    This is a light-hearted style of anime, aimed at teaching young children values, morals, and imagination. Some examples include Doraemon and Hello Kitty.
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