Identify a Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery

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I would like to thank Battery Assault for the great informative video on how to identify a genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 battery. I organized it into a step-by-step instructional format for anyone with a hearing impairment, or for those who just prefer to read the steps. Hope you enjoy it. :)

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    Hello, we are Battery Assault on We bring some of the lowest priced batteries directly to consumers on Amazon. The way we can do that, is we purchase them in very high volume (thousands of batteries at once) from tier one and tier two direct dealers with Sprint and Verizon. We're at the top of the food chain for the OEM battery market and we understand the different between a genuine and a fake battery. We do not have fake batteries on site but we know the key identifiers. You can use this video as an educational tool to help identify a real battery versus a fake battery. One of the most popular batteries sold on the planet right now is the Samsung Galaxy S3 battery, part number EB-L1G6LLA. This is marketed through Sprint and it is sold with the Galaxy S3 phone at Sprint. It's the same battery that is marketed by Verizon. The Verizon version is the EB-L1G6LLZ. We have the Sprint battery here. This is a modern Samsung product.
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    When we take a look at the back of the battery, it mentions that it has near field communication, which is a way for phones to communicate. There are parts in this battery that allow that to happen. One of the things with the fake batteries, which is easily identifiable, is that they're missing the near field communication connector when we pull the label off. We're going to do that now and make this battery unsuitable for resale purposes. We're showing you how to identify what's real and what's fake, so we're peeling the label back to show some very key identifiers.
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    When we look at the back of the label itself, we can see that pewter color. That's a key identifier. If we look at the front of the label, we'll see the same pewter color. The fakes that are produced are usually a reflective silver color. This is something that is well known about the fakes that are out there.
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    As we peel the label off and get to the other side, we'll also see an imprint by Samsung. On the fakes, we don't see that. We can also see how shiny that surface is. The only thing that's on there is the residue from the glue on the label. If we're buying a fake and we peel it back, we won't see the Samsung imprint and the surface is typically very rough and obvious. We'll know it's a fake by looking at it.
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    The most important identifier on this battery is the near field communication connector. We can see it up at the top. In a fake, we won't see this connector. At this point, if we have a fake battery on hand, we'll know it's fake because the connector is not there and the label isn't going to be a pewter color just like the front of the label. We're looking at a genuine battery here because we can see that near field communication connector.
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    This is what Samsung does to guarantee authenticity. They're not as advanced as Motorola, Blackberry or Nokia, who all use holograms and have for many years. Thank you for watching this video. If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of any battery, we're anxious to help you with that and potentially make future videos to help the consumer understand the difference between a fake and a genuine battery. Feel free to contact us at, we would be more than happy to take your item in possession and identify it for you. Alternatively, we can help you with that by phone or email. Feel free to contact us as any time. Thank you so much.
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Video: Identify a Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery

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How can I identify if Samsung battery is original or not?

How can I identify if Samsung battery is original or not?. I have tried: How can I identify if Samsung battery is original or not?. I think it was caused by: How can I identify if Samsung battery is original or not?

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In addition to the methods shown above, you can also perform the following actions:

  • weigh your battery with a one-gram precision. For example, a real S4 battery weighs exactly 39 grams and a real S3 battery is about 44 grams.
  • if you detach the battery sticker label, you will get severe uneven glue residue for fake batteries;
  • check the Samsung warning document on the Samsung Web site:;
  • the sticker label on the original battery is attached accurately and precisely: its size matches the battery with no visible gaps;
  • check if the information on the battery is complete by dialling *#0228# on your phone;
  • a cheap brand-new battery may mean that it is fake.
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