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Change the Home Screen Mode on Samsung Galaxy S4

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I want to convert my Galaxy S4 from easy mode to normal mode?

Samsung Galaxy S4 from easy to normal modes

I believe that your phone is currently in Starter Mode or Easy mode. If you wanted to set your phone back to Standard mode that you can enjoy your phone with all the applications on screen just like other Androids do.

Here are the easy steps on how you can set it back to Standard or normal mode:

1. On your phone. Simply tap the soft menu key located on the left side of your home button and a menu on screen will pop up.

2. In the settings menu, you will see there, tabs for connections, My Device, Accounts and More. Select the second option for My Devices then scroll down and look for Home screen mode.

Normal 1.png

3. You will find there Starter mode and the Standard mode. Currently it is on Starter mode or Easy mode, select Standard mode or normal mode for you to change it back to a normal view with all the apps and advanced actions that you could do on the phone. Apply the settings you change to Standard and everything will go back properly.

Normal 2.png

You can change this setting from being in easy mode to standard mode by using the steps that I have provided below so that you can make the transition the easiest way:

1. Go to settings in your device

2. Tap on the my device tab in your phone

3. Tap on Home Screen Mode

4. In this menu tap on standard mode to make the selection

5. This will turn your device back to the standard mode and out of the Easy mode on your device

Here is a video with the steps:


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Change the Home Screen Mode on Samsung Galaxy S4

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