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Legally Monitor your Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone. Works for your Girlfriend or Boyfriend with Permission.

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Hi, I want to know my friend's mobile number call history details of past 1 week?

Hi, I want to know my friend's mobile number call history details of past 1 week. I think it was caused by: Because I want to check

Just because you want to check is not a reason to possibly break the law. There are more and more laws about installing applications for monitoring, and friends are usually not an exemption. Monitoring apps are intended for parents who want to monitor their children's mobile device usage. In your situation, a good option is to confront the friend about what you think may have happened. Just going through their call history can be done by asking to use their phone to make a call instead of spending money on an invasive app.

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I want to check call details of a prepaid mobile no? How can I?

Only last 3 days details that I want.

Most, if not all, telephone carrier offer free itemization, which includes call and message logs from your phone. To access it, go to the website of the carrier and locate the self-service or any control panel. You can log into it by entering your account name or phone number and a password that is either selected by you or sent to your phone by an SMS message. Then, you can check the call and message history. For example, here are the instructions on how to do that with Verizon: Verizon Web Site.

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I want to get call details of a person in India Mumbai?

I want to know the calls and WhatsApp details on the phone of one person. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: I doubt that the person remains too occupied

The only way to view this person's WhatsApp chat history would be to physically have the phone in your possession and look through it yourself, that is if they permit you. As mentioned above, if this person is your child, you can install monitoring software (monitoring app). However, you would most likely need access to the device first. If this person is an adult, you cannot monitor their device without running into legal issues.

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I want to check my girlfriend's call history?

I have doubts about my girlfriend, so I want to check her call history, is there any possibility to view her history

A lot of carriers have the option of showing the bill or itemization of messages and calls on their web page. All you need to know is the carrier name, and either the account name and password or the phone number and a code sent as an SMS message to that number. Log on to the webpage and find the appropriate section for the call history.

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The other way is asking permission to view her call history. If you express your concerns is a genuine manner, she might show you. If you do ask her to look through her phone, ensure she knows that it's a unique situation and that it is not an attempt to control.

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More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: Hi, my husband cheated on me by sending messages to his girlfriend, now he spoiled his mobile. How can I get his call history and chat history

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How can log in to the webpage. I want to see my wife's call logs and SMS history?

I want to check my wife phone dials and SMS. can I do without downloading a monitoring application on her phone

If you and your wife share the same mobile provider, you should be able to view call/sms logs by signing in to your account online. All mobile carriers have a customer interface that gives you access to account information, such as billing, usage, logs, features, customer support, etc. If you or your wife haven't set up the online account yet, go to your carrier's website and look for the sign in/create account links. You could also call customer support for assistance with accessing your account online.

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How can I check my landline call record?

I want to check my landline call record, how many I have called to whom and when. I have tried: Nothing I have tried today

You have to be the owner of the phone (the one with whom the agreement was signed) to find out details on how to see history (if any) for your telephone service provider. Visit the office of the company or call them up to find out if it is possible:

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  • get any call history printed out, mailed or emailed to you;
  • obtain local-call history besides international-call history.

You can also visit the website of your telephone service provider for self-care where you can obtain the data or any details to contact the company. Basically, everything varies from one telephone provider to another. For example, AT&T lets people call 611 to get history and sends phone bills monthly where anyone can see call history.

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How can I see my girlfriend contacts list? Explain?

Knowing my girlfriend contacts list.

If it's something that is truly bothering you, ask your girlfriend to see her contact list. There is not much else you can do that's both legal and ethical. Talk to her and let her know your concerns, you can assess her reaction and behavior. The lines of privacy are blurred when people are in a romantic relationship, and some people are more sensitive than others.

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Hi, I want to track my girlfriend?

Hi, want to track my girlfriend, I want to know her call logs for 1 month and messages

"Tracking" or "monitoring" someone's phone is almost always illegal and not recommended. The only instance that warrants exemption is parents who want to monitor their children with a monitoring app like; Circle with Disney - Parental Controls and Filters for your Family's Wireless Devices. In your situation, you could view the logs if you share the same account/carrier as your girlfriend by signing in to the online account. If you don't share a mobile account, you can always ask her to view the logs. She may not want to show you ALL her text messages, but you might be able to see the contact.

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Yes I need call details of a jio company number. I know it is not the right way but it is very important?

I need call details of a number. It is very important about 2 months call details I need. In return I can help you with financial suoport. I am a student not at some powerful postion, so I am not able to manage by any other medium. kindly reply. My call details duration is less. financial support, I want to keep it secret and simple. I have tried: Called customer care. visited jio centre. no other leagal way. I think it was caused by: I need to know wheather the man is busy at night calls. most frequent calls.

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