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Legally Monitor your Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone. Works for your Girlfriend or Boyfriend with Permission.

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I wanted the details of my girlfriend who messages daily an unknown boy?

I wanted the details of my girlfriend who messages daily an unknown boy. I have tried: She doesn't give me her phone. I think it was caused by: The boy is also my friend and cheating on me

Hold up! Is your girlfriend cheating on you with one of your friends? Then he is not unknown. You need to get them both in a room and sit them down and ask what really is going on. Violating the friend code means that you need to kick your girlfriend and friend to the curb if there is cheating going on between them. You can have a spy app monitor them both or just her, but it seems you already know the real situation already.

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I have a Galaxy Android phone and I know my Girlfriend has installed a tracking of my text on it. How do I find it on my phone to remove?

I have a Galaxy Android phone and I know my Girlfriend has installed a tracking of my text on it. How do I find it on my phone to remove?. I have tried: Nothing look I know it she told me so do you know how to remove Y or N?

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Install anti spyware on your phone. That should notify you of the app. She could just be saying that she installed one to smoke out any lies from you that she thinks you are telling. If you are in a relationship with her why are you so concerned that she sees what is on your phone? Here are some VisiHow articles on protecting your phone from spy apps:

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Ask her what the name of the app is so that you can make sure it is 100% gone. You also can factory reset your phone to remove the app completely if you still feel like you are being monitored.

Find hidden text message using 9230?

Is there a special code to put in to read message sent to cheating boyfriend. I have tried: Went to boost mobile and should to clerk. I think it was caused by: He got caught cheating on me when I listen to his voice message now I think he is still doing it but hiding what text message says

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9230 is usually an error code for message undeliverable or failed. You already caught him cheating so you can monitor his phone and he actually should give you 100% access without a spy app for you to rebuild your trust in him. If he does not however then it is time for you to monitor him using a spy app.

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I want to track his messages on his Facebook account. I want to find out the real status of their relationship and if she is really pregnant. This will help him to marry her.

He got a few accounts on Facebook. I just want to know if he's really falling in love with that woman and ready to marry her.

You will need to talk to the person on whom you are preparing to spy. As an extra measure to avoid any legal actions against you, you will need to contact his partner as well. After asking both whether they accept your spying upon them and they agree to that, you can install a keylogger program onto the computer of either of the partners. If they use mobile smartphones for Facebook for some reason, then you can use the same spy software for mobile smartphones. Both ways, you will need access to the computer or one of the hand-held devices. Buy mSpy, Bundle Kit, to install a keylogger on one of the computers. This will track any pressed keys on the computer and send them to your browser with an opened mSpy dashboard. The bundle includes the mobile smartphone version as well that you can use, but you will need to jailbreak or root their device to install the program successfully.

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More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: I think my boyfriend is either talking back with his ex or some other female and he has these weird text that comes up on his phone as just like 5 #s sent it to him. He tends to have a problem Factory Resetting his phone. He does it at least 4 maybe 5 tim

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Its my girlfriend and I think she is being secretive about her life?

Found out that she has a different middle name than I thought and she is older than I thought. She seems to have some secrets popping up

Well, now that is an interesting situation. Not exactly a cheating one though. I recently found out that my friend goes by her middle name and not her first but that really means nothing untoward. She lied about her name and age but those could be things she was embarrassed to admit to you. Especially if she is several years older than you. If you are interested in her, give her a chance and forget about how old she is unless it has become a deal breaker for you. Some women never feel comfortable revealing their real age until they truly know the other person because to them their age is as private as revealing an underwear size would be to a stranger.

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How can I safeguard my chats and pic from hackers?

Actually, my friend has a problem. She used to text with her boy, but someone is tracking her messages, pic and all, even she did security in WhatsApp. After that, he said all the details to her . How can he able to hack all staff. very much disappointed about tech. kindly give suggestions for her.

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Yes, I am looking for a possible free untraceable app to track my husband's call, text, internet usage, any suggestions?

Suspicion of cheating - women are texting me. I have tried: Nothing

There are no free reputable apps. Some from time to time have short free trials but somehow other women have gotten your number and are texting you and this is not good. Spot check his phone by asking him to hand it over when he least expects it first before you spend money on an app. If you see call logs erased and messages dumped he may be speaking with other women and then you should install an app. Gut feeling though is something untoward is definitely going on with him and other women.

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I need to see her text and pics and hear her conversation?

She keeps telling me she is not, I need to see her text and pics

There seem to be serious trust issues in your relationship. She repeatedly tells you that there is nothing going on yet you still want to listen in on her phone conversations.You can't keep her in a bubble forever because that is not only stifling for her but exhaustive for you. Give her a chance to prove to you that she is telling the truth before you violate her trust as well as the person on the other end of the conversation by monitoring her phone calls. There needs to be trust from both people for a relationship to survive and thrive.

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