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Know if Someone Is Spying on My Phone

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I was gifted with a phone by a person long over-interested in me, he is behaving super weird ever since, now I wonder, did he put a spyware?

Hi, there I was given a Samsung J5 not long ago, but the giver of the gift (somewhat obsessed with me for 8 years) had opened the phone, just to look at it, so he said. I now wonder if anything was installed on it. In 'Applications' I don't see anything too weird, save for something called 'Telly', two things called 'SIM toolkit' and something called 'RCP Components'. Anything to worry about there? If not what anti spyware app or program do you suggest I run/install on my Samsung J5, is there anything you particularly recommended for Android? Thanks. Is there any need to be overly suspicious when the 'new' phone has already been opened, and also when the giver of the phone has stalker tendencies? Am I overreacting? I have tried: I've looked in Applications for anything weird and have also checked phone temp (normal) battery drainage (normal). Audio seems fine. I think it was caused by: It is the identity and nature of the person who gave me the phone which has me worried. Not anything the phone is doing itself.

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How do I find the monitoring app without whoever is spying not erasing it first or them finding out? Is there anyone I can take my phone to or call? How do I catch them?

I have noticed my battery draining quicker than normal and I recently turned off my phone for awhile. When I turned it back on their was a strange icon on my phone that I never saw before. The symbol was a box with 2 waterfalls falling from the top crisscrossing each other with one heading to the right corner and another to the left. Also, sometimes when I am on the phone speaking to someone I hear an echo or other noises. But the problem is when I cleared my messages on my Android LG v20 the icon disappeared. Please help me. I have had a feeling for a long time that someone has had access to my phone for malicious reasons for awhile now. I am not a tech person so I don't know all the can and can't of what these apps can do and not do nor do I know how to get the evidence so I can find out who is doing this to me. I have tried: Only try to up my security on my phone. I have installed Avast. I think it was caused by: Hateful/unhappy people who have high opinions of themselves

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How do I identify the hacker without alerting them, to catch them?

I feel my cell and computer is being monitored for years and I'm not sure where it's coming from but I have an idea. The thing is I need to prove it because it has made me feel like I'm going crazy and it has done psychological damage to me in ways I may need to get counseling for but I need help proving it. I know my cell is being monitored but I can't figure out where it's coming from plus, I have a good feeling that it's linked to the hack & or remote monitoring of my lab top. I need help figuring it out, any advice where to start would be very helpful to me. I'm honestly not sure how different the situation is other then it has my mind paranoid to everyone around me, and I don't feel right without knowing what, how, and who. This has been going on for at least 3 or 4 years. Now and because of it, I've pushed a lot of good people away. Could Spiceworks do something like this?

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My girlfriend recently broke up with a controlling person and I am worried he is stalking her now?

My girlfriend was in a very controlling relationship-not going into much detail,they shared his phone plan with her keeping her phone number. They broke up and even though she changed plans and kept her number, he always seems to know where she is at. How can I tell he is tracking her by her phone? Other than its super creepy, my fear is that he will show up at my home where we live. What specific apps or signs can I recognize he put a track on her phone? I have tried: I have an unpublished landline-He hasn't found my home...yet. She hasn't blocked his number yet because she has property she needs to get from him still. I think it was caused by: It seems when we are traveling he knows where we are-he is relentless. The creepy thing is he seems to know exactly where we are in the car.

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