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Repair Windows 7 Black Screen of Death

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Hello, I have a Sony Vaio. I used it yesterday and it was working properly. Then I had to leave my office and instead of shutting down the computer, I just closed the screen and left. When I came back, and started up the computer, no light on my screen. Everything is black, no cursor, nothing. Yesterday afternoon, I was able to connect it to a monitor. This morning, I don't know what touch I pressed, and the monitor screen became black as well and no way to see anything?

I have a Sony Vaio. Windows 7, and a licensed antivirus

Press F4 which is the display settings and probably the one that you clicked yesterday. Then go into the Power Saving Settings and disable the sleep mode. Never leave your laptop on for longer than necessary, especially overnight because this can sometimes confuse the sleep mode. Click the Power button with a long press to see if the laptop at least boots up in the background. Then connect to the monitor and change the settings.

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Help, BSOD and safe mode doesn't work?

I have the black screen of death, this laptop was passed down to my sister after my aunt died. No user names or passwords have ever been needed. But now after I've pressed F8 to 'repair your computer' I need a password and don't know what it is. We've tried guessing with no luck. Also safe mode doesn't work

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Try proceeding with no password and hit Enter. Continually Tap F8 until it takes you past the password screen. If this fails then completely wipe the computer and install a new version of Windows. If you can't do that then remove the battery and execute a start up.

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I have done all of the steps but it does not work?

Black screen of death, the steps does not work. I have done F8 safe mode, and task manager, all of them do not work. What should I do ?

If you can't restore back to the previous version before the issue occurred then try to connect your PC to another monitor or TV. It may be a faulty cable or monitor issue. It could also be a motherboard issue if the computer is not responding to prompts at all. Unfortunately, if the screen just does not appear then your computer will need to be repaired. Especially if it is still a black screen once connected to another monitor. Installing to Graphics drivers should have resolved your most obvious issue.

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I have a dual win set up, with one is xp on one drive and just reinstalled win 7 on a second drive?

Win 7 home was starting to crash, and so uneventfully installed win 7 pro.

I use this computer to Master music, mainly on the xp drive, most background is off. Win 7 came up, after the install, and I installed the wrong driver for the WiFi fi built that is built in...it crashed. It went to do the restore thing, and it claimed to have found and fixed the problem. I should have gone to the xp drive and turned off the bad driver, but tried to start. It starts, no mouse, no keyboard, and the light on my USB hub is on. Disconnected the USB things, and unplugged from power after I shut it down. Black screen, no mouse, no keyboard, all the PS fans and CPU fan are on. DVD player spins for a minute. HD lights come on like it is trying to boot. Old PC style mouse and keyboard are plugged in. Been working on this for 10 hours now.

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Windows has stopped support for drivers for the XP. This may have been the cause of your initial problem. You should completely uninstall Windows XP but first put in the Windows Repair Disc to see if it does anything for the Windows 7 Pro you purchased. You copy should have come with the disk for repair options. Continuously press F8 until you can get the screen to boot up in some way. Also, unplug your computer from the monitor for a few minutes before you turn it back on. Once you have turned the PC on then connect the monitor again.

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Repair Windows 7 Black Screen of Death
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Can BSOD on Win 7 (with a difference) be solved?

At first power-up, I got absolutely no response from my laptop which is installed with Win 7 Premium 32 Bit. The laptop does not respond to my Windows emergency repair disc. The power-off button will not function either. The battery has to be removed to stop the power drain. Powering-up whilst simultaneously pushing F8 has no reaction. The screen remains black.

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Okay so here is a story of two laptops with your issue. One repaired itself once we got a new battery for it while the other never ever did turn on again because the motherboard got overheated and melted. This happened because it was constantly plugged in and not using the battery yet had no cooling fan underneath. With the first computer, we had to get two batteries because the first one would not be recognized no matter what we did by the computer. The second battery was recognized and then we had no issues.

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