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Trust your boyfriend

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Universal itel it2080 password?

Forgot my password for the above phone is there any universal password I can use?. I have tried: 0000 and 1234 tried recalling my password but in vain. I think it was caused by: changed it but unfortunately, I couldn't note somewhere

You can see if Furious Gold can unlock your itel 2080. Some of the devices require that you purchase an extra Furious Gold Dongle. The service is not free but has good reviews from other itel device owners in your situation.

Is there an application to unlock my itel or Tecno for free?

I've been looking, but I'm not finding any, help me please

There is no free app. Your free option is to use your Google Account. Also, you would not be able to configure the permissions of an app that you install remotely with the lock screen active. Many of these "Lock/Security" apps require you to Allow from Unknown Sources within Security before they will work. Either use your Google Account or hard reset the Tecno.

To Factory/Hard Reset an itel Tecno:

  1. 1
    Power off the Tecno.
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    Press and Hold the Power and Volume Down buttons until the Android Man on his back appears on the screen.
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    You will now release those buttons and use the Volume buttons to navigate the menu
    Power/Home will be what you use to confirm your selection of Factory Reset/Wipe All Data. You will get a few more prompts making sure this is what you intend to do.
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My itel 1450 does not read the SIM card and does not call and also could not update Android?

My itel 1450 does not read the SIM card and does not call and also could not update Android

Remove the SIM card from the slot and make sure it is not damaged. Clean the card and re-insert. While you are doing this, also remove your battery. Then put both back into place and wait for the phone to reboot. You may then have to try to go into your Network Connections portion of the Settings and update your baseband.If this fails, hard reset your device.

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Trust your boyfriend

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