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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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I forgot my pattern password of my Tablet?

How to unlock my Tablet using my PC

You cannot unlock your Tablet using PC. You will have to reset it on its own by pressing power button and volume up button together. If that doesn't work, press the power and reset button together for a while or press the reset button alone. If all fails, enter wrong password 5 times and then sign into your Google mail by clicking on "forgot password". You will be able to set a new password. The PC can be used only to charge your Tablet and to transfer data.

To put it simply, I think you can't manually unlock your phone using your computer. But the simplest way is to do a restore data default. However these option will erase all of your files that is in your phone. Now, to do it. Simply click and hold these key combinations simultaneously for about 3-5 seconds ; volume up, power on, home button. You will then see an option or choices to restore data default then select it and wait for it to finish.

You can view this option in the article, also on your device you will need to have the debug option or mode activated on your device prior to you forgetting your password. If this is possible then you can read the information in the article in order to unlock your device.

I attempted 17 times pattern password. What should I do?

If too many attempts have already done, then the best way to unlock it by using your phone and going to Google recovery password and account. To be able to connect, you must first ensure that you are connected on the internet via WiFi or 3G/data network.

If you have tried several times of putting in your password without any luck then you will need to enter your Gmail information into your device to bypass this feature and set up a new password on your device. This will be the best way to gain access without having to perform a Hard Reset on your device.

Lenovo a1000 asking password after a Factory Reset?

Hi. I have a Lenovo a1000 and cannot retrieve the password.... after Factory Reset it still asking for a password. Is there a Master Password?

After Factory data reset, it should not ask for a password anymore. If your Tablet is still asking for a password, this just means that you have not successfully factory data reset your Tablet. Please do the following to reset your Tablet. n

  • Turn off your Tablet.
  • Press and hold Volume up & Power Button simultaneously until Android system recovery appears.
  • Then Select "Wipe Data & Factory Reset" with your volume Key then press power button to confirm.
  • Then select "yes - delete all user data" with your volume key again, then hit the power button again to confirm.
  • After data wipe is complete, select "reboot system now, and then confirm using your power button.
  • You Tablet will now restart and it is back to its original state when you first bought it. It won't ask for a password anymore.

How to reset my skk mobile impulse password?

My skk mobile impulse got compromised, it has Gmail password, then accidentally my niece gets it from me without my prior knowledge...since it has a password, she was not able to open it..so do I....what do you propose I can do now... Hope you can help me with my problem,.. thanks in advance

You can reset the password by entering the email (Gmail) and the corresponding password. You must be connected to the internet via WiFi or data connection to be able to reset it successfully. If by any chance that you are not able to successfully reset the password, do the following:

  • turn off device
  • press the following:

Power button

Volume down

  • release power button when Android appears
  • select clear flash

NOTE: This procedure will delete all apps and data on your device

More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: Not finding the combination of buttons to Hard reset iRULU y1 pro Babypad

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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Why it does not accept my ID and password?

My phone has been locked and it does not accept my ID and password

First, you will need to double check your information to ensure that your Gmail ID and password are correct. Once you have checked this information along with if this Gmail information is in fact linked to your phone then go back to your device and enter your information again. If this doesn't work reply in this section for more help in regards to your specific phone.

Can you tell me what my password is please?

My sister had my Tablet and reset my password

I'm sorry to say, but your sister is the only one who knows the current password on the Tablet. If you had set it up with a Google account, there's still a way to get back in. Check and see if the WiFi connection is still active on the Tablet. Go to a computer and log in to the play store website using the same Google account as the Tablet and purchase this app:


It should send the app to your Tablet and then follow the on screen instructions to bypass the password lock screen.

Hi sir I can enter to my mobile?

It is Tablet it is write .

too many pattern attempts

You can try entering your Gmail and password. Make sure data connection or WiFi is enabled to reset the password without the need to wipe the Tablet. If you are not connected, you will have to do a Factory Reset. Do the following steps:

  • turn off Tablet
  • press the following:

Volume up/down or both Power button Home button (if any)


Look for a reset button/hole

  • wait until you see a logo
  • if menu does not show up press power 5 times
  • choose recovery menu
  • select wipe data/Factory Reset
  • confirm action to reboot

NOTE: use volume up or down to navigate options and power button to select.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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