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Trust your boyfriend

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I wish to format my itel 2520, I need the formatting code?

I can't format the whole phone or access my messages because of a password, so want to restore the phone

You would do this by clicking Forgot Password and using your Google Account. Otherwise, hard reset the device by following the steps to reset an itel device in the top answer.

How to remove password on my itel5150 mobile phone, accidentally entered by a child?

My phone is locked by my son with an unknown password and I can not access my phonebook, or play music, thanks


Try attempting until you can login with your Google Account. It will prompt Forgot Password and you want to click that to use your Google Account that is attached to the phone.

Hi, I am presently in America. I used itei phone in Nigeria but it is not seeing SIM here. what can I do? My phone type is it403+?

Hi, I am presently in America. I used itei phone in Nigeria but it is not seeing SIM here. what can I do? My phone type is it403+

Your phone is not a dual band which means that it will not work in the US on the towers is trying to connect to. What you can do is get a cheap phone at many Convenience Stores and Walmart. You can connect it for the time you are visiting or use your itel over WiFi to connect and use data for Social Media and making phone calls over WiFi.

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Hi, Good morning, reviewing internet settings for an iTel1400?

I have an itel model 1400 but have failed to set internet on it? When I connect it tells me that {unable to connect review your network settings}. Thanks you

Turn your phone off and then back on to see if that resets your network settings. Make sure that you are not in Airplane Mode also. Go back into Settings if you are still getting the message and under the General menu you will see Network and choose that to manually refresh the network settings.

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