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SideSync error keeps popping up, both the PC and phone app have been updated to their latest versions

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Does the USB SideSync connection also charge the phone?

I am wondering if being connected via USB for SideSync will also charge the phone from the tablet battery.

SideSync is a great program to mirror your Samsung Smartphone screen to your PC monitor. The useful features of this program include:

  • Keyboard and mouse sharing mode
  • File sharing
  • Clipboard sharing
  • Screen sharing mode.

When you connect your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone to your computer, your phone automatically starts charging. As a result, any time your phone is connected to the PC, whether you're using the SideSync program or not, your phone is charging. To learn more on how to use this program for screen sharing, follow the instructions in our main article.

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Enjoy using great features of SideSync program. If you have any problem with using SideSync or you have any additional questions, write to us in the Q&A section.

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Samsung Sidesync issues with windows pc

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