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How do I fix local only issue with Atheros WLAN adapter(s) and Windows Vista

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I cannot reset my Android phone because all the options I've told to select are not there. how do I go about resetting it?

Well I have tried following the instructions on this site but all that's shown on my phone's screen is username, password, sign in and emergency call. please help

If you are trying to reset the phone back to factory settings. this is because you are need to enter the button combination while the device is turned off in order to reach the reboot menu on your device successfully.Did you know that not all Android devices have the same way to reset? Some requires you to use a PC companion nor a reset button that you need to poke using a needle.

I Hard Reset my Android Tablet, but there is an error?

A "!" in side a red triangle under of the Android

It simply means that you are entering the system recovery menu.Turn it off again by pressing the power button and re-do the following steps:

NOTE: This deletes all apps and data. Make sure you are fully charged.

  • turn off device
  • press the following:

power button

volume button (up/down or both)

home button (if any)

look for a reset button/hole

  • release buttons when you see logo
  • choose wipe data/Factory Reset
  • use volume buttons to scroll and power to select
  • choose yes--delete all user data
  • choose reboot now

I can't get the recovery menu to do a Factory Reset?

I get to the Android icon for Factory Reset but I don't get the recovery menu so I can't continue. Tablet is Ferguson regent 10 running Android 4.1

In order to be able to reach your boot menu you are going to need to follow the instructions that I will lay out below in order to help aid you in the process of hard resetting your device fully to get past the password error:

-Power off your device

-Hold the volume up + Volume down key + power button

-Release these buttons on the boot menu

-Use the volume key to highlight the option to Factory Reset/wipe data

-Press the power button to make the selection

-After the reset is complete use the volume keys to highlight the reboot device option

-Press the power button to make the selection

After all of this is complete your device will in fact reset itself with the new settings and no data on the device.

How can I Factory Reset a GT-T9500?

If you can still turn the device on and reach your settings, do the following:

  • Open your Settings app.
  • Navigate to and tap Backup and reset.
  • Tap Factory data reset.

If you can boot it up, but it keeps restarting or doesn't make it past the manufacturer's logo, you will need to get it repaired. Boot loops occur when your software won't allow the hardware to complete the boot up process.

If you can't turn the device on at all, you'll need to get your phone repaired; broken hardware will not be fixed by a Factory Reset.

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How do I fix local only issue with Atheros WLAN adapter(s) and Windows Vista
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How do I Factory Reset my HTC Tablet?

I cannot Factory Reset my Tablet. I attempted my pattern to many times, and now it wants me to login with my Gmail but is not letting me connect to the internet to do that.how can I reset it?

The only possible way to use your Tablet now is by doing a Hard Reset. This will delete all apps and data on your Tablet. Do the following:

  • turn off Tablet(charge it full first)
  • press the following:

power button

volume up/down or both

home button (if any)

or look for a reset button/hole

  • release buttons when you see a logo (your Tablet's name)
  • choose wipe data/Factory Reset
  • choose yes--delete all user data
  • choose reboot now

If the method above does not work on your phone, please send your Tablet to the nearest service center to get it reflashed with a new firmware.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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