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Make Calls on Samsung Galaxy S4

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I am unable to merge the conference call as the Samsung S4 puts the 1st called number on hold?

I am unable to do conference call on my Samsung S4 CDMA phone as when I try to add a call and then merge it, it puts the 1st called number on hold and does not put him on to call conference

Conference calling is a great feature for a number of reasons, so it's understandably frustrating that the feature is not working for you. You're probably not allowed to make conference calls on your network. Contact your carrier and check with them to make sure either way.

I am having trouble merging a phone call on my Note4?

Hello! I make the first call, then choose add a call and call the second person. I see merge call but when I hit the button only the first person is on the call? Other info. I have my earpiece in. Does that make a difference?. Does it matter the carrier of the other person's phone? Please advise?. I have tried: I had my earpiece in. I tried turning off from the call and hitting the speaker button to be sure it was not in effect. I think it was caused by: I have no idea. I have never been able and give up, but really need it today to get someone on a call that took 45 minutes to get someone to answer.

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Make Calls on Samsung Galaxy S4

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