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Use the Calendar App on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Manage Tasks and Events

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How do I access my Tasks & Calendar online? I've logged into Samsung and can't find them?

I've logged into Samsung and can't find them. I want to make sure they'll reinstall once I do a Factory Reset on my phone -- it's extremely important!!!

Did you check Google's PC Calendar website? If you used your Gmail as the login this is probably where all of your stuff is. If not, then perhaps you should use the Google Calendar app if you have important information that you do not want to lose. Outlook by Microsoft also has a calendar app and online version.

I have multiple calendars and accounts with Google?

How can I see more than one Google calendar? how can I view multiple shared calendars?

Once you share your calendar with someone else it appears in their calendar. You might have to force sync. If you wish to add multiple Gmail accounts to your phone as explained above you can do this or on the PC, login to Google Calendar and then select Export in the Settings to merge all of your other Google Accounts. Once the app on your phone syncs, the changes you have made will appear.

Calendar's destination field no longer sends address to navigation?

AT&T Note3. I noticed yesterday that my calendar [pre-installed on Note 3] that syncs with my Gmail--it no longer allows user to tap the address to allow Maps [or other program] to navigate to address. No link. No settings that I can find. I shut down phone and took out battery re-started. Tested calendar event with one created on phone. No link to address--not working.

Put your Note3 into Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition. Then see if there is an available update for the app. Otherwise, uninstall and reinstall.

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Use the Calendar App on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Manage Tasks and Events

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