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Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone

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Am trying to download WhatsApp for my Huawei w1 but it has refused?

Can I get the procedure?

You are performing the procedure correctly so understand that you are not doing anything wrong but the problem is that Windows has taken WhatsApp off of the app store and the ability to download the application to your device.

This error has occurred because the WhatsApp application experienced many errors on Windows devices which has caused Windows to take the app out of the app store completely. This has recently happened for many users of the Windows OS are not understanding why the app is no longer working. I located an article that speaks on the Windows company taking away the application from the app store:


Windows has stated that this is not a permanent removal and that after the bugs are fixed that users will then again be able to download the application to their devices.

Unable to see WhatsApp on Windows HTC?

Hi I am trying to download WhatsApp on my HTC Windows 8X but it doesn't show in the play store

Yes, this is not an error on your device or network being that Windows has taken this application off of the app store and has stopped the app from being used on devices that have already installed the application.

This was done because there were a lot of reports of bugs and errors with the application on Windows OS devices. As of now Windows has taken the app off in order to fix the errors to be able to place the app back into the app store for use and download by users.

There has not been a time limit given at this time on when the problem will be solved for users. Here is a link to verify the information above in regards to the application being taken off of the app store:


I can't find WhatsApp internal files when connecting my LMI520 via USB cable?

WhatsApp is occupying a huge amount of space in my internal storage, due to the big amount of audio recordings I have. I want to delete them but can't find them when I connect my phone via USB. And when I delete the chat history it doesn't free up space. Thank you for your efforts

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I have updated 8.1. Now Network+ is not able to upgrade?

The network+ app is not getting installed and shows error

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Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone
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When I want to download it on store its always telling me that the store is currently unavailable what should I do?

Why is the window store is always unavailable for downloading WhatsApp. Store unavailability even though I got a working connection

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