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Change a Harsh Voice Into a Sweet Soft Singing Voice

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Will you help with ideas to improve my singing?

I have an okay voice, but it's not as good as my sister's and friend's. Considering I do musical theater/choir/singing, I want my voice to be lighter and prettier. Suggestions?

First of all, it is important that your vocal capabilities are unique, and you must utilize its own features as stated in our video tutorial on how to sing like yourself. Also, the perception of pretty differs from person to person, and he or she will tell you absolutely opposite things when asked about pretty vocals. Then, work on your advantages and features of the voice until you achieve something that you like by recording it over and over at home and then listening to yourself. Take out the passages you like and practice them daily. As you are quite engaged with singing in public, it is very important to give a lot of time to yourself and practice away from everyone and from the limitations of the theater or choir. Control your airflow by using your diaphragm to breathe. Let the flow be less intense but steady. You may also wish to focus on one type of singing and pursue one goal at a time to give you more time to practice on one type of singing.

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Change a Harsh Voice Into a Sweet Soft Singing Voice

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