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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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How do I unlock this iRola DX752 tablet, one of my children decided to put a passcode on and then forgot what it is?

I also don't know the Gmail account

The iRola Tablet, like the Digital2 tab series, is a budget device. It uses a somewhat different set of Android protocols, but can usually be unlocked by following the same steps as any other Android device, like a Samsung Galaxy Tab, or a Motorola Droid X. You can find steps to unlock your iRola DX752 in our main guide. You can also use this guide to use alternate unlocking methods.

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Hello, I can not get my device to proceed past the "iRola"screen. What can I do?

I charged the device, then turned it on. It did go to the Android screen and stated factory reset etc. Hit factory reset and now when I turn it on, it only goes as far as the iRola screen and will not do anything else. How can I fix this?

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Sometimes you have to hard reset a couple of times to get past any boot loop issues. You will also want to make sure that the tablet is fully charged. If you have no success then register with [register.irolausa.com/firmware.html iRola] and install the Stock ROM from their website.

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Can you tell me why my device won't turn on at all?

I bought both of my children iRola DX752 Jellybean 4.2 Tablets for Christmas and it hasn't even been a month and they just shut down and it won't turn back on. I have tried the whole volume - and volume + with the power button (of course at different times) and nothing! I Really want to keep them occupied when I have work to do at home so if you can please help me I will greatly appreciate it.

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If you are like me then you use the same charger for both of your kid's tablets. Most likely your tablets are completely dead and the charger is corrupted so not charging the tablets. Get a new charger. You can find them at big box stores in Universal options. Or see if you have a phone charger around the house that you can use. Charge them to 100% and I bet they will turn on for you. This happened to me where I thought that both of my children's Samsung Tablets were dead to rights. But it was the charger that I was using for both tablets. You should have a spare one that came with the other tablet so try that. Check the tablet after several hours of charging and you should see a battery symbol or notification that it is charging. Do not panic if the notifications do not appear right away.

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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