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Fix a Crack in a Glass Table

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I'm trying to fix a chipped corner on a glass table?

The method of fixing a glass table's chipped corner is a little different than the one used to fix a cracked glass table. If you have the piece of glass that chipped off from the table, follow these steps:

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  • Clean the chip. You can use whatever cleaner you want, but be careful, so you don't cut yourself. Make sure you get all of the cleaning material off.
  • Mix a two-part epoxy. Here is a good clear one.
  • Apply the epoxy to the chip.
  • Push the chip back into place.
  • Use a dull razor blade to remove excess epoxy while you press the chip back into place.
  • Put the glass table onto a large piece of wax paper. The pressure from the entire table will keep the chip in place and push out any excess epoxy.
  • After 24 to 48 hours, flip the table right-side up again. Use the razor blade to remove excess epoxy.
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You have successfully repaired the chip. However, if you don't have the chipped piece of glass, you can try some automotive windshield chip repair liquids that will fill and seal the chip. Here are links to two such products:

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If these repair kits don't work, you may want to take the table to a glass shop to get it professionally repaired. Depending on the size of the chip, the repair should not be costly -- and it will look brand-new since a professional is repairing it, too. Get a quote from your local glass shop to learn how much it would cost, and then you can see if it's worth repairing, or if it's more worth your time and money to get a new table.

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