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Understanding Rising Star Articles on VisiHow

Rising Stars are good articles that add value to the community, and help people.

VisiHow is a place where you can share your knowledge with the world, and everyone you meet will also have something to share. Whether you're a full time manager writing to educate your team, a freelance writer working to build your online presence, or just enjoy contributing to the world in your free time, your voice matters, and can make a difference to someone else. While lots of the new articles we get here at VisiHow are great, some go above and beyond that greatness, they're well written, use great images, and demonstrating a level of commitment and dedication that makes them exceptional contributions to the site. They're from people who really care, and it shows in their writing.

It's not so much about exactly what they wrote, but rather how they wrote it. That's what a Rising Star article is. It's something that makes a difference because it comes from the heart. It's a sincere and helpful effort to share knowledge and make the world a better place. When our editors see that, even if the the article needs work, we work to make sure others see it too. It's that great potential that matters, and while quality is certainly part of it, part of our job is to help you and your articles be the best they can. Because of that, if we see something good, we'll let you know, and work with you to improve it. The more work you put into it, the more likely it is to be selected as a Rising Star.

What are the Signs of a Rising Star Article on VisiHow

New and unique ideas, methods, and presentation are all signs of a Rising Star article.

There are many things that make a Rising Star article, and they aren't necessarily the same for every type of article. For example, sometimes a new article might be on a topic that's been discussed frequently. It could be a great article, but if it's not presenting new information, or new solutions, it's probably not going to be selected as a Rising Star. That doesn't mean you can't write about what you love. Rather, it means that there are a few things you can do before writing your article to make sure it's got all the signs of a Rising Star, and will be noticed by our editors.

  1. Search VisiHow, and see what else our writers have written about your topic. Look for ways you can add something new and meaningful, that will demonstrate your expertise and help others. Be honest, and authentic in your writing, and make sure you follow up with your articles and answer any questions others may have.
  2. Consider relevant topics that are currently trending. A great way to do this is to search Google, and see whether other people are also interested in the topic you want to write about. One thing we really like to see is a topic that genuinely shows others how to turn your how-to instructions into a real world solution to help them. That's what VisiHow is all about.
  3. Make sure your title is good, and easy to read. That means your title shouldn't be too long, misspelled, or have any grammatical mistakes. For example, an article on how to prepare for a final exam might be too broad. You'd be better off writing a main article on the topic, and then linking other articles from it, such as how to prepare for a History exam, or how to prepare for an English exam. This is because there are different techniques specific to each type of exam. The same applies to other topics, such as how to fix an engine, or how to grow a garden. By creatively applying your knowledge and expertise, you can work your way to a Rising Star article that links to your other supporting articles.
  4. Link your images, and make sure they're properly referenced. WikiMedia Commons, and Flickr Creative Commons are both great resources. Make sure that you're not using commercial images, and always link as requested by the author of the image. Also, try to avoid using any images that you may believe aren't honestly creative commons images, such as an exact photo of a copyrighted logo or trademark. If you get stuck, don't worry. We're here to help, and since this is a Wiki, we can always update it.
  5. Include citations and references to support your work for topics that require it. Just make sure that you follow our external link policies. For example, you don't need to put in a citation on how to reset a phone, or plant a flower. However, if you're writing about science, or a new medical technology, some of your readers may want more information on the subject. Including citations and references to scientific studies is a great way to build trust with your readers. That trust is a big part of building the community here at VisiHow, and will go a long way towards helping you to be a Rising Star, and reach a larger audience.
  6. Look back over your article, and make sure the steps make sense. Is everything there? Are there any missing steps, or ambiguous references that aren't clear? Remember, while you're an expert on the topic, your readers aren't. They might not know what a particular term or item you describe is, so make sure anyone can understand it. That way everyone can benefit from it.
  7. Are there any related articles you can add to the topic? VisiHow has a great selection of articles, and while they all might not be rising stars, you can link to them from your article as additional support resources. For example, if you were discussing the signs of a rising star article, you could also link to our article on how to write a Rising Star article on VisiHow. That way, your article has other links to the community, and can help even more people expand their knowledge, and learn how to do something new.

Remember, the more people your article can help, the more likely it is to be a Rising Star, and the more likely you are to be noticed. Welcome to VisiHow! We hope to see more of you and your great articles.

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