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Write a Letter of Invitation

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I want to invite my university teacher for lunch/dinner as a way of thanking her?

I want to treat my teacher at a restaurant, so want to write an invitation letter

Dear Professor Gilligan,

I have learned so much from you this semester and would like to show my appreciation to you by inviting you to dinner at Red Lobster. I am available on March 8th at 7 p.m. so please let me know if that date works for you as well.

Sincerely, Karen Call

If you can get other students who would like to honor the professor that would be better. Many higher education facilities frown on professor/student interaction like this and the professor may feel more comfortable accepting an invitation from several of you.

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Being a manager in a 5* hotel I want to invite our valuable customers for free dinner on their birthdays or anniversaries?

How to write a good invitation for a complimentary cuisine in an impressive manner.

Aloha Hotel would like to honor our valued guests with a complimentary dinner on their birthdays and anniversaries. You have been a vital part of our success and we would like to share your happiness on life events.

Introduce myself and invite him to see a company demo video?

I need to write to a large company overseas, an associate of mine has asked me to write a letter asking them to view our demo, but it needs to look professional, the company is a virtual world

Introduce yourself and the company. Mention what the demo is about and how it incorporates with their company. Keep it brief and keep pertinent information only. It also should be on professional letterhead.

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Need to invite my classmates and juniors to a get together at my Professor's place?

Need to invite my classmates and juniors to a get together at my Professor's place next Saturday, I am arranging, and want the invitation to be warm and formal

Our Professor Yoda has cordially opened up their home for us to get together next Saturday. I will be arranging all of the details so all you need to do is just show up and have a great time.

(Address, Time, Date, Location)

Your name and contact details

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Write a Letter of Invitation
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Inviting some workmates over for a meal and want the right words to pull as many as possible?

Inviting some workmates over next weekend and I wanted some tips on how to get them all the attend, despite not knowing them very well. Lunch event, with great sea food, nibbles and wine.. I have tried: Emailing an invitation. I think it was caused by: Best way to contact all of them. Perhaps I delayed in sending the emails and they needed more time or more reminders.

You can get professional templates from E-Card websites:

I have used each of these for E-invitations. They set a tone of formal or informal depending on which one you choose and look professional. Many of the websites also have an online tracker for R.S.V.P replies to help you in the party planning process.

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