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Sober yourself up

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I throw up every time I drink. and it is annoying and embarrassing, I don't even drink too much, I heard a spoon of olive oil helps? I'm not sure?

Sydney Perry, throwing up from drinking,

Supposedly, the fat would protect the walls of your stomach from absorbing alcohol too fast, but alcohol is mostly absorbed in the small intestine, so this trick won't help much at all.

21 years old male, very intoxicated celebrating his birthday (friends kept giving him multiple shots of hard whisky), now vomiting, urinating on the floor, fell and cut his knee, complaining of severe nausea. While I recognize that vomiting is natures way of getting rid of the ETOH poisoning, and thus a good thing, my question is would it be OK to give him Dramamine, in that this has helped him in the past?

Is it safe or OK to provide Dramamine to an intoxicated vomiting 21 years old male complaining of nausea, given this has helped him in the past.

If you want to give him an antiemetic, I would rather call the doctor to deliver it to the intoxicated individual intravenously which is more likely to work out better, however if you cannot go to the doctor, at least call one on the phone to ask if this is OK, what I know is that you should probably administer an antiemetic drug like dimenhydrinate (Dramamine), ondansetron (Zofran) or prochlorperazine (Compazine) if the person cannot stop vomiting over and over again, but seeking medical help is always the best bet, especially if he has his knee cut as well. VisiHow QnA. This section is not written yet. Want to join in? Click EDIT to write this answer.

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Each time I finish drinking, I sleep well but in the morning I do have a heavy, painful headache, feeling very tired and the feelings that I want to vomit. I cannot eat anything throughout the day until late night?

Each time I finish drinking, I sleep well but in the morning I do have a heavy painful headache, feeling very tired and the feelings that I want to vomit. I cannot eat anything throughout the day until late night

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Alcohol is a diuretic. If you do not consume water while you are drinking, then you will get sick each time. You also may have an ulcer because of the stomach pain you experience or the alcohol is dropping your blood sugar to dangerous levels.

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If you vomit while drunk are you getting sober?

Virtual.marian lady vomiting.jpg

No. Vomiting cannot help you sober up because the alcohol still remains to be processed in the bloodstream. However it will allow you to sober up quicker! Any alcohol still in your stomach will not be absorbed into your blood stream thus your liver can start to get ahead removing alcohol from your bloodstream. That being said, vomiting does not actually make you become more sober, it just lets you start sobering up quicker. This is one of the lingering myths, alongside taking cold showers, constant elimination of urine, and drinking that glorious cup of coffee, which could make you feel somewhat less intoxicated or better, but will not make you entirely sober. Regardless of what your drinking peers would say, alcohol moves quickly past the digestive tract and is absorbed by the bloodstream. The liver is the only organ that can eliminate alcohol content from the body. It takes much longer to process and flush out alcohol than to ingest it because the liver gets to metabolize only a certain amount of alcohol content in an hour's duration. That is precisely why your blood alcohol content (BAC) could stay relatively high even, if you stopped drinking few hours ago.

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If you want to completely and effectively sober up, then you must give it time. The alcohol content, toxicity level, and processing time will remain the same, no matter what you do. There are certain tips that you can try out to help you feel more comfortable or reduce the tipsiness, but sobering up in itself takes a while. If you want to sober up fast, then you must control your drinking of alcoholic beverages in the first place. Reduce the amount and stop drinking at the earliest possible time. It takes roughly an hour to process one drink. Even if you down your drinks one after another in rapid succession - it will still take an hour for every standard drink. So, if you do the math, four standard drinks will take four hours to process, and so on.

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Physicians do not recommend inducing vomiting to expel or reduce alcohol in the system because it can do more harm than good for your body and overall health unless you have just injected a large quantity that may constitute alcohol poisoning. Alcohol in large enough quantities can kill you. Habitual drinking in itself is dangerous as well because it slowly damages your liver. In addition, the alcohol continues to linger in the bloodstream, brain functions - both motor and cognitive abilities - are also affected and hampered.

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Forced vomiting can even be dangerous for your body by forced or induced vomiting in the effort to lessen the toxicity level brought about by too much booze. When you forcibly throw up, you also inadvertently eliminate body fluids plus essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body for proper daily functioning. Once in a while this is not a problem. However forcing yourself to vomit all the time will prevent you from digesting vitamins and minerals your body needs. You can also end up severely dehydrated and ill in the process, and may require hospitalization or transfer of IV fluids.

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If you drink way too much, your respiration, as well as gag reflex, are affected, which can trigger vomiting. The acid reflux that comes along with vomiting while drinking can be toxic for your throat, vocal cords, and esophagus. If you add this and that as to how excessive drinking and vomiting messes up your body system, you might have to think again about going beyond your drinking limitations. There are no shortcuts to sobering up, just like there are no known cheats to good health.

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How to stop throwing up when your drunk?

One way that you can stop throwing up when you get drunk is to eat enough food before drinking. This will slow down the alcohol absorption and minimize your blood alcohol level.

When it comes to drinking it is important that you know your limit if you surpass your limit even if you have eaten enough you will throw up. This is your body's natural protection mechanism. Your body automatically will reject what it feels is poison. Too much alcohol is poison, and your body makes a wise choice to eject it. Be careful and know your limit, so you won't have to throw up.

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There is no way you can stop from throwing up sometimes. But it's a good thing if you throw up all the alcohol and the food that you ate. This will help you lessen the dizziness that you're feeling. After throwing up, try to get some sleep. The first thing that you have to do after waking up is to take a bath or shower. This will help you freshen up, not only your body but your brain as well. Drink black coffee to help you regain your mental alertness. The next time that you're going to drink, do it in moderation.

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How to stop vomiting?

I drank yesterday nothing unusual, I have gotten more drunk other times with the same drinks. And now I can't stop vomiting for some reason. But the other times I got drunk I didn't vomit at all. I need help should I just go to the doctor.

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I can't stop throwing up blood the next day after an alcohol binge

HORRIBLE abdominal pain on my right side and in my throat. 24. I have tried: Pedialyte, Ensure, water, yogurt. I literally throw everything immediately for relief. I think it was caused by: Alcohol

You may actually have a kidney stone. Most likely your throat is sore because of the vomiting, and you could just have blood present from the throat irritation. People with kidney stones often feel pain in their side for one to three days after drinking. This is because alcohol stressed the kidney out and basically makes the kidney stone more noticeable. If you were consuming alcohol with a grain content like beer, it is high in something called Purines. Sometimes if you consume heavy amounts of Purine, uric acid begins to back up in your kidneys and can cause stones and the pain you are experiencing.

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How to fix a drunk person who is dry heaving?

My friend is going in and out of sleep and he threw up earlier so there's nothing left but he is dry heaving.

Have him drink small sips of water, the equivalent of a tablespoon every few hours. He may vomit up the water but it will ease the dry heaving a bit. Make sure if he is sleeping that he is on his stomach so that he does not vomit on his back and choke.

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Hi there, I am just throwing up, I am throwing all things, it's just green stuff coming now and after every 5 min?

Vomiting after drinking, please help me

You are vomiting green bile which should not be ignored as it can be a sign of something more serious such as a bowel obstruction or ruptured appendix. You may also have a stomach ulcer. Seek medical attention as soon as possible if you are vomiting green bile.

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What to do if one overdosed of alcohol?

Suppose one is drunk enough, what to do for anti intoxication.

There is nothing you can really do other than prevent it from happening in the first place by eating something beforehand, drinking water in between alcoholic drinks, and not holding down vomit.

If someone appears to have these symptoms you need to dial 911 and report a person with possible alcohol poisoning:

  • Slow and low breathing sounds
  • Unconscious
  • Experiencing Seizures
  • Appears pale and has a low body temperature

These are just some of the most common symptoms of alcohol poisoning, and a person may have all the symptoms or just one. Any one of the symptoms that were listed above are reasons to dial 911. Especially if the person has been consuming alcohol.

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Friend can't hold anything down even water, and she keeps throwing up every 10 minutes. Is there anything that can help?

Been going on all morning. She wasn't throwing up last night while we were drinking. I have tried: She tried to eat and threw it up, she's drinking water and then laying down. Nothing is helping. I think it was caused by: Drinking too much I think

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This sounds more like a stomach virus or food poisoning. Generally vomiting while intoxicated is a once or twice event. Make sure that your friend remains hydrated. If she is still throwing up and unable to control it, seek medical attention so that she can have IV fluids administered.

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My question is salt good or bad for you if you are throwing up?

My friend was throwing up last night everyone wanted to give him salt

Drinking salted water can help bring relief, because the water re-hydrates you and helps you sober up faster, while the salt makes you thirsty and helps you drink more.

I just took 4 shots and threw up?

Took 4 shots of grey goose and threw up a bit

am I drunk

That was your body telling you to slow down because it thinks you are poisoning yourself. Alcohol poisoning can happen faster in some people who consumed less yet process the alcohol differently.

Does it just come back or will it disappear?

About vomiting and its current treatment.

Once your body has adjusted to the alcohol present in your system, you should stop vomiting. If you have stomach flu, the virus can last up to 48 hours.

My stomach hurts, how do I fix it?

I drank a lot and threw up last night. Now my stomach hurts

  • Apply a hot compress to your stomach
  • Drink a cup of mint or chamomile tea with lemon
  • Chew on some ginger root or have a glass of ginger ale
  • Eat food with active cultures like yogurt

Why my Chest and back is aching? It was unnatural to me,?

HI. I've only experienced this aching two days ago, I can't breathe properly, also, my back is aching. I was totally drunk that night, and I vomit so hard. The next day, I feel something strange in the chest. It was aching, also the back, so I assume that it was because of vomiting last night, but I wonder why until now, I can feel the pain.and I have difficulty in breathing. Thanks for your response. I hope you can help me understand what's going on on my body.

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