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Avoid Sleeping During Class

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Well I feel sleepy during my coaching classes study hours?

After school I go for coaching and there I feel a lot more than sleep, mind gets stunned and much more

You are crashing at this time. If you are eating high carbohydrate or processed foods throughout the day and drinking or eating sugar substances this can cause that drowsy crash. After class drink Oolong Tea and take a Taurine supplement. These will help you with your coaching session and keep you alert and focused.

I had fallen asleep in the class countless times. How can I overcome it?

I usually fall asleep in the middle of the class. This only happens whenever I attended classes that I need to wake up early for. During other days, I am able to fully participate in class due to the class schedule that starts later in the afternoon. Thanks in advance for helping.. I have tried: Eating sweets (sometimes it helps), asking friends to wake me up. I think it was caused by: Probably sleeping late

Eating sweets can cause sugar crashes. Instead, you should eat a protein bar and though it may contain some sugar it will help you remain alert by fueling your body with the protein. If you are skipping breakfast because you lack the time in the morning, hard boil some eggs and eat those with a handful of walnuts or almonds.

Why do I sleep suddenly for no reason in the middle of the class? It usually happens in the same subjects on daily basis too?

During classes like Physics and Chemistry or similar subject, I always unintentionally sleep, and wake up few minutes later and return to sleep unwillingly, I try so hard to stay awake but while I am focused about what the teacher says, I suddenly start dreaming. I tried sleeping for over 3 hours then wake up for dinner and sleep for 8 hours but it just kept happening.

Start eating a Paleo Clean lifestyle diet. By cutting sugars from your diet and eating better you can possibly change your excess fatigue. The Paleo diet also helps with other underlying health concerns that can be causing your fatigue. Start taking walks around the block if you already are not active enough. If you are not sleeping peacefully then your not getting enough rest even with all the hours you sleep.

Instead of a 3 hour nap try limiting your naps to 30 minutes or less. Take that extra time to be more active either by walking or physical activity at home. Drink more water for hydration and practice relaxation techniques before bed. This will help you sleep better and overall feel more refreshed when you wake up in the morning. Add extra protein to your morning with hard boiled eggs or nuts. You can even bring these to school to eat right before class starts.

How to stop sleeping in the class?

I'm in high school now and I at least get caught sleeping 2-3 times every day. I feel so embarrassed cause all my classmates now know that if anyone ever gets caught sleeping in the class.. that would always be me. :(. I tried drinking ice cold water.. it helped me a lot but I don't want to spoil my voice.. Please help me!! I got caught 2 times today and my sir told me get out of the class once.. :(.. Please you got to help me right now!!

There are a couple of things that are quite likely in this case. You either aren't getting enough sleep, or you have an underlying medical issue that is sapping your energy and making you drowsy. Get to bed at the same time every night, and wake up at the same time every morning - that includes weekends. It's actually better for you to just take a nap on weekends if you're looking to get a little extra sleep.

If you eat well, get enough sleep, and have attempted the rest of the suggestions in the article and still continue to struggle with falling asleep in class, go to the doctor and ask for help. You might have a health issue.

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Avoid Sleeping During Class
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I need simple, fast ways to help a student who sleeps in class?

I have a student who is constantly sleepy in class. Sometimes he will even fall asleep sitting up. Today I gave him some peppermints to suck on, hoping that it will help. Do you have any other simple, fast suggestions for dealing with a sleepy student?. I have tried: Having him stand up, contacting the parent. one on one conversations. Gave him peppermints to suck on

moved him to the front of the room. I think it was caused by: He is big into gaming so I think he stays up very late at night.

Unfortunately, his parents are not inhibiting his gaming time. As a teacher, you know that education is important and that because he is drowsy and not alert he is missing half of what you say. Perhaps instate a few physical activities during class time which will help everyone. Even 30 seconds of running in place in the middle of class can get everyone more awake and alert. Have ice cold water ready for him. This can wake someone immediately when they drink it. If he won't bring a glass to class then perhaps assign a water bottle specifically to him that you keep in the classroom. The colder the water the better to get him feeling more alert.

I use to get sleep even I drink water or sit in first bench?

I want to get rid of sleep during my class because even though I sit focused immediately I use to fell in sleep. I have tried: Wetting my eyes with water. I think it was caused by: Sleeping at late nights. but I have lot to study so I can't sleep early. even I sleep early I used to get sleep in class compulsory

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I have migraine how can I prevent migraine?

About migraine and how to avoid that

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