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Legally Monitor your Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone. Works for your Girlfriend or Boyfriend with Permission.

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What is the best way to track someone's location without them knowing, and without having their phone physically?

I need help on how to track a cell phone without them knowing. Can you tell me what to do?

If the person you want to spy on is using an Android phone, you can track their text messages and location with a free application, such as SMS Tracker, which will let you read SMS messages, and see their location. If, however, you want to monitor their location in real time, you will want to have a more powerful application, such as Spyera, Highster Mobile, OwnSpy, or Phonty. All four of these apps do require physical access to the device for installation. Once installed, you can track a wide variety of functions from an online control panel.

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The catch is that you will only receive location information while the person's phone can transmit data. So, as an example, if you were tracking your child, and he or she was in an area where they had no cell signal, the spy app would try to send location tracking data over a WiFi signal. If there were also no WiFi signal, then the spy application would store activity records, and later send them when it was able to connect.

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For some people, especially those on a lower cost data plan, this can present a problem, as many times they will regain a cell signal long before they have a WiFi connection, resulting in large data charges as their phone secretly uploads tracking information from the spy app. To work around this, you can set a spy app only to upload tracking data when it has a WiFi connection. Another alternative is to limit the information it uploads, such as SMS tracking, or another data type you define.

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See more questions like this: I believe I have a cheater on my hands. I would like to be able to see his texts, pics, location, etc. without him knowing. Also, if he checks for spyware, I do not want him to be able to see it. I know the 4 digit code and can access his phone when he is

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What app on the Google Play Store can I use to spy on the web history of an iPhone using my WiFi?

I want to install a tracking app on an Android phone so that I can look at the web history and spy on it from my iPhone. What can I use to do this?

There is no way that you will be able to spy on a person's web history without having a spy application downloaded to his device to be able to spy on his web history. For you to be able to do this, you are going to need to get his device so that you will be able to download the app directly to his device.

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I will be giving you the link you can use to be able to download the app, so his phone to spy on his web history:

  1. 1
    1. 2
      Open his browser
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    2. 3
      Go to This Link
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      Click on "BUY NOW" button and choose an appropriate package.
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      For more information on Spyera, check out our Tutorial.
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I need a free and easy cell phone tracking device that my boyfriend won't know about?

Okay girls, I am pretty sure I have a cheating boyfriend, but I need to track his phone to catch him. Can anyone please help me?

You can download SMS Tracker from the Google Play Store. Just keep in mind that it isn't an invisible spy app, as Google does not allow hidden tracking and cell phone spy apps on the Google Play Store. However, if your boyfriend isn't always paying attention to that sort of thing, you can quickly install it by borrowing his phone for a few minutes. Some great excuses are using the camera to fix your make up, and then claiming that you need to use it a little longer, and stepping to the bathroom. An alternative is to have one of your girlfriends call his phone when you 'forgot' your phone. Then you can go away for a bit and talk to her when in reality you are installing the spy app.

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To install SMS Tracker, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Google Play Store and locate SMS Tracker
  2. Download and install SMS Tracker
  3. Turn the SMS Tracker application on and make sure you are registered on their website so that you can spy on his phone.
    • It's that simple, and you're spying on his phone messages. Just be prepared for him to be pretty hurt if he finds out what you did, and he was innocent.

How can I track my boyfriend's phone with no access to download anything?

Is there any way for me to track my boyfriend when I don't have his phone?

If you want to be able to track his device without being able to get into his device then understand that this is not possible because in order to be able to track his device you are going to need to download an application or software directly to his device for use.

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The only other option you will have in order to be able to get his phone information will be if you were to log into his online account through his carrier to view his information. This will require you to need his username/password to his account in order to log in but this is the only alternate way of knowing his phones information without being able to get into his device to be able to download tracking software.

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More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: I think my boyfriend is either talking back with his ex or some other female and he has these weird text that comes up on his phone as just like 5 #s sent it to him. He tends to have a problem Factory Resetting his phone. He does it at least 4 maybe 5 tim

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Do you have to have the phone to download the spyware?

Just wanted to read texts messages. How can I do this?

Yes, in almost every case you will need to have the phone to be able to track texts and messages on the phone you will be spying on. In addition to that, there are big differences between the Android system iOS devices, which is further complicated by the methods programs use to track Facebook messages or spy on WhatsApp texts.

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It is also important to note that neither the Apple store nor the Google store supports third-party apps that install and do not make themselves known on the phone. For example, any spy apps downloaded from the Google Play Store will show up in the notifications panel when they are active.

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This means that, while there are many free cell phone spy programs available, not that many of them are truly useful for real-time spying. However, some of them are effective in situations like yours, where you can read deleted text messages from the phone. In this case, you will still need the phone, but you can view messages over a greater period of time, without having previously installed an app to track SMS messages.

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NOTE: Spying on someone without their knowledge may not be legal depending on the country you live in. Check local laws before using a cell phone spy program.

I need to spy on my girlfriend's texts?

How can I spy on my girlfriend's phone activities without installing anything on her phone?

To spy on your girlfriend's cell phone, and track her messages, you will need to install a spy phone application like one of those referenced earlier in this guide. If you absolutely need to install something without her knowledge or access to her phone, you will need to get her to perform the installation herself, either with a program or application that hides the data or using a third party tool.

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Otherwise, the only other way to gain access to her phone records without installing anything will be to access to her phone records either via her carrier's online site or by contacting her carrier directly to try to recover her phone records. In most cases, this sort of activity will require the assistance of a lawyer and is quite costly. You would generally be better off simply purchasing her a new phone, and secretly installing a spy application before you give it to her.

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How can I hide being logged in on WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop?

My wife found out I was logged in on her phone via WhatsApp web. I'm able to spy and log in on her phone but she can check and log me out. I have tried: I've scanned her code on WhatsApp web / WhatsApp desktop and was able to view her messages. I think it was caused by: She started using WhatsApp web and realized I was logged in on her phone

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Why do you want to hide that you are on WhatsApp? If you wish to monitor your wife through WhatsApp you will need to use a spy app so that unread messages do not show marked as read.

I need to locate my grandson mom, we live in the same town?

We are supposed to know her address at all times, we are going to court for my grandson. She is a child abuser, she is supposed to let us know her address at all times and vice versa, so can you PLEASE help me and my son, she moved and didn't let us know the court order

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Anywho and Spokeo are services that are popular for free. That is them is beneficial in that you can input even an email address of the person you are looking for and if there are public records attached to the email holder you will see details to help you find the person. I am not sure of your custody arrangements with the mother or if you reside in a state where it is a law to report locations in custody situations but you may be able to contact your local law enforcement for help or ask a judge to issue a bench warrant of appearance for the mother. Most courts require both parties to be present whether by phone or in person during a preceding or the party that is present will be awarded their request by default.

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Hello, I really need help?

I have a laptop, I have had for a few months, so it isn't that old. However, it is a Hewlett Packard, so I don't have the Apple App Store. I have the Windows Store. So is there a FREE app for the Windows store that I can have on my laptop so I can look at my boy's texts? All the ones I look at either cost money (which I have none of) or don't show up when they download because it's made for mobile devices. Do you know of any?

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Most cellphone to laptop spy apps requires payment, especially if they are reliable because they are marketed more towards companies that want to track their employees on company phones or parents monitoring their children. Sometimes you can find a free trial that may be beneficial if you want to see what the person is doing as a spot check, however, those spy apps usually are for a short time and then require a one time fee or monthly payment.

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Here are some suggestions:

With the apps listed above, you will log in from your computer and be able to see the data from a cell phone just like you would when you log into other accounts that are synced to show data in real time.

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I am trying to locate someone to make sure their telling the truth?

I want to find the location of someone who is planning to meet me for the first time so I want to see if they are where they say they are before committing to meeting up. Trying to be careful with so many fake people. Online dating, We chat and take each other at their word but something doesn't seem right. Said he had to go oversea's for a few days work but the hours he said for leaving and getting back don't match up. Being careful.

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Tracking someone from far location without any physical app installation?

Hello, . . I want to track someone who is cheating me. I am located around 1000km away from the other person. I had a fight so I can't ask anyone out there to install a physical app. . . Is there any other way out for Android? . . Is there any way to do this? Difference is, I can't go out to the location and install the app. but I need to track somehow. I have tried: I tried to know the process. however, all the processes lead me to installation of an app. into the target phone. I think it was caused by: Issue of non installation of application. I can't go to him and install the application practically. I don't know anyone who can go to him and install the app for me, hiddenly.

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