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Play PSP Games on PC using PPSSPP Emulator

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How to rotate analog in keyboard on God of War 2?

I want to know how to rotate to the analog keyboard, to pass the steed of horses stage on god of war 2 PC. I have tried: I have tried to use the directional buttons on the keyboard, which does not work. I think it was caused by: I am using a keyboard instead of a controller

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    You will need to download a Plugin for PCSX2 called TwinPad.
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    Extract the archive to the PCSX2 installation folder.
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    Run the "TwinPad.exe" file.
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    Configure the keys as you wish.
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    Click "Mouse" on the right.
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    Configure mouse buttons and sensitivity
    Now, you can use the mouse, for example, to rotate the analog stick. Just make big circles with the mouse.
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How to rotate direction with key board?

While playing god of war, level Steeds of Time, how to control four horses with keyboard

In addition to the suggestions on this page such as using the TwinPad plugin, watch this YouTube Tutorial of God of War 2 Steeds of Time walkthrough.

How can I complete steed of horses stage?

I don't know what is directional button in PC keyboard

I had difficulty with this as well and found that using the mouse in addition to a plugin like Lilypad or Twinpad helped me get past this stage. Without a joystick, a mouse is your best option and not the keyboard.

I downloaded the twin pad but at the time of installation its asking for BIOS?

I downloaded twin pad, at the time of installation its asking for BIOS, what should I do now?

You should get your BIOS from your PlayStation System via a zip drive. You could also install a file from this list however, it may not work as these regularly get taken down or no longer are usable. This Youtube Tutorial explains how to dump your PS2 BIOS onto your PC and this YouTube Tutorial shows you how to setup the BIOS you just dumped into your PCSX2.

More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: I am playing God of War 1 with the emulator it requires rotating of the left analog stick I have set my controls but still not able to do that?

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Play PSP Games on PC using PPSSPP Emulator
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Which Pcsx2 should I download from the archive?

When I entered the Archive there was a lot of Pcsx 2 with a numbers and many uses for ex PCSX2 1.2.1 Standalone Installer , PCSX2 1.2.1 Web Installer. PCSX2 1.2.1 Windows Binary , PCSX2 v1.2.1 Source Code ,and PCSX2 1.2.2 Linux Binary , so my question is which one is to download , or any one will do the trick? Will the game does work with keyboard and I don't know which keys to press so when I tried to find a way to play it with keyboard on the game's options to play it was only the way with controllers there wasn't any way to explain how to play it with keyboard

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