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Trust your boyfriend

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How to reset Galaxy Note 3 without losing data?

Cracked screen. I had valuable info on phone I can't afford to lose. Then I saved the phone. I had money to replace the screen and now I can't remember the password.

If you logged into a Google account before you cracked your screen, simply enter the wrong password 20 times until your phone asks you for your Google account information. Enter it; your device will unlock, allowing you to change the password to something you can remember. If you don't remember your Google account information, go to this website to try to recover it.

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However, if you cannot recover your Google account information, or if you never logged into a Google account in the first place, your only option will is performing a Factory Reset. Read through and follow the steps in this in-depth VisiHow article. Remember that this procedure will wipe all of your Galaxy Note 3's data. When the procedure is complete, be sure to log into a Google account to which you know the password so you don't run into this problem in the future.

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How do I fix my WiFi which isn't turning on?

When I tried to change my mac address the problem came out and WiFi is not turning on... I have tried: I haven't done anything yet.... I think it was caused by: Pry fi app has caused this problem


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How can you remove the passcode on the note 3 without reset or PC?

My dad cannot memorize the password. please help me. Hnoiugpuiph9[bgp[9phyfviu[hg=9[GB[0ohnyuklh7tgfoklo

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Trust your boyfriend

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