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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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How to repair vocal cords from screaming?

When you scream, you will cause different issues to your vocal chords from tearing of tissue, inflammation, irritation or swelling. These things can be helped or repaired by performing the following steps and treatments.

1. Rest your vocal chords by not doing anything strenuous such as singing or yelling anymore for some days. This will allow your vocal chords to in fact repair themselves in time.

2. Drink juices such as orange juice, apple juices, lemon tea or honey tea to help aid the repair of your vocals. These things will coat your throat with vitamins that will aid you in the repair of your throat and vocal chords.

3. If your voice is hoarse, then you can take medicine such as cough drops to help give you a temporary solution to your voice being hoarse, etc. Along with these types of medication ensure that you are also performing step 1 which is resting your vocals.



Can you repair vocal cords after they have been stretched?

The answer is yes; you can repair your injured vocal cords after they have been stretched. When you abuse your vocal cords by repetitive and forceful talking or singing, your vocal cords will dry out and eventually becomes stretched or swollen, making your voice hoarse. Repairing your stretched or strained vocal cords takes time and requires proper throat hygiene (gargling a warm glass of water with 1 teaspoon salt every day), avoiding foods and drinks that may irritate the throat (like spicy foods, dairy products, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks), taking natural throat remedies (like drinking a warm cup of herbal tea like ginger or ginseng tea with a tablespoon of honey) and resting the voice entirely for four to five days. By following the above tips, your stretched vocal cords will recover naturally and brings back your natural singing voice.

I am having vocal hydration trouble while singing?

Hi I am tenor sometimes 2nd alto depending on the key of the song. Recently the last few events I've noticed that I struggle severely with my upper range (which used to be no problem for me at all) While singing my voice becomes extremely dry and hoarse (for no reason that it should be) and it makes me fight to stay on pitch and key because it is so dry. And to me, my tone sounds so weak (compared to what it used to sound like) and forced. Do I need help with this? My voice seems fine before singing then I get up to sing I'm in a fight to stay on pitch and key because it gets extremely dry?

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I am a singer, and I am experiencing dry or tightened chords..feels like it anyway...how can I correct this?

I cannot hit my high notes..the upper register is not there like it was a month ago... I wake up with hoarseness...I sing very high..and I can no longer do that.... I have tried: Teas...throat coat tea..olive oil..butterscotch candies...rest. I think it was caused by: I'm not sure what caused it..it's only been like this for a bit over a month.

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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids
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Complete loss of upper register 3 years how to fix Chronic Vocal fold injury?

Hi I'm a singer, currently moving away from the industry, I was at a party 3 years ago and I was screaming and yelling and lost my voice, ever since I've had this weird pain in my throat and every time I speak it hurts and complete loss of the high notes my only wish is to get my voice back. As my passion is in the music industry and it pains me to feel like I've lost the ability to sing, I don't have a knot I've been to the doctor; I have to go again never had the time. My question is if I have chronic vocal fold injury since every time I try to go up it's completely dead, how to recover vocal folds after chronic vocal fold injury? Chronic Vocal fold injury techniques on how to recover voice back to the golden days. I have tried: Drinking lots of warm tea barely speaking for a day, some vocal fold warm ups but to no help. I think it was caused by: Yelling screaming 1-3 days in a row after it happened I got an intense pain in my throat and I remember not being able to hit the high notes

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I can't hit the notes while singing. My throat doesn't hurt when I talk but it hurts when I sing?

Hi I'm zoha. I went to a concert few days ago and obviously there was a lot of screaming involved. It's been three days since the concert and my voice is fine but the thing is I can't sing like I used to. I can't hit the notes and my throat feels only a tiny bit itchy after singing. But when I talk it doesn't hurt. Help please. I have to audition soon. . . It doesn't talk about singing and the throat feeling bit itchy. It doesn't talk about hitting notes. And screaming only for one day.

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