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Cheat on your GBA emulator

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Invalid cheat code Error. No master key works on my john visual boy free version?

When I enter any master code it asks for the code type but none of them works. Every time the code is invalid pops up, help please. It specially occurs during entering master code, and I have no idea what is going on. I even tried to enter the codes in double steps

This is because you are using the free version of the emulator which does not allow more than a few lines of code each time. You could try using the CodeBreaker master code and cheats. Sometimes these work on the free emulator versions. Otherwise, purchase a reliable paid for GBA emulator. There are better free versions but do your research first. Gamboid is a great one but you can't install it from Google Play. VBA also has free working versions.

How do I put all cheat cards in sonic battle GBA?

I try but I want invincible for Emerl

The cheat codes would be in Menu then Cheats tabs. The invincible code would be Infinite Health 3F3EEDB0 306D135D. You can see more codes for Sonic Battle here.

Do you know any good cheats for Minish Cap on the GBA?

I can't seem to find any that I'd like to use. I want to find one that lets you change your character's appearance

To change the appearance, you need to increase the charm with these codes: This code will change the color of your outfit, just like using the real charm would.

  • 2F will Increase Defense which is Nayru's Charm.
  • 30 will Increase Defense and Offense which is Farore's Charm.
  • 31 will Increase Offense which is Din's Charm.

The rest of the codes that are really excellent when playing Minish Cap can be found here. My son uses the BSfree website to get his game cheat codes for the GBA emulator all the time. Very rarely do we run into a problem with the code. These are created by gamers just like you but with the need quality experience on cheat code creation.

I got an emulator for my Android phone/ GBA.emu free?

It has two separate cheat code functions on it, 1) Add gameshark v1-2/ Code Breaker. 2) add gameshark v3 code. My issue is getting the right code for my emulator and is there a process? Do I have to put a master in first and then add more cheats? Also how do you know the cheat is active during game play? I hope you can help me!

Yes you would choose the cheat code version that the list was created on. So for a CodeBreaker cheat code list, enter the master code for CodeBreaker cheats and then the list of codes specific to the game you are playing. When choosing codes search for things like CodeBreaker:Pokemon Light Platinum Cheat Codes. This will give you results with the correct version. This YouTube Tutorial shows you how to use cheat codes on an Android device. Be wary of many scam apps that promise to give you unlimited cheats when you download their app. Read the reviews first before installing the app.

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Cheat on your GBA emulator
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Hi! I'm on open emu and I want to cheat on Pokemon SoulSilver?

It's a randomlocke and downloaded in spain, if that's needed?

You can watch this YouTube Tutorial on how to use Pokemon Soul Silver game cheats for the Open EMU. The walk through is excellent on this tutorial and the process is not difficult to configure the Open EMU.

It is working on my GBA emulator, but I don't how to use it on this web : en.gameslol.net?

Please just help, I've been trying to find the cheat section there but it doesn't have the cheat section, help please

Unfortunately, http://en.gameslol.net does not have a cheat section or any ability to cheat. All ROMs are treated as Flash elements there. No master or normal codes will work with those.

I'm running a Mac and the window to add cheats won't show up?

It is faded and I can click it. I have tried: Nothing really. I think it was caused by: I don't know

Open up the emulator without a game ROM. Then, click the "Options" menu, Scroll down and click "Codebreaker/Gameshark" codes. Enter your cheats (master and normal) in the new window. Click "OK". Load your ROM. If it does not work, try another code (this is owing to the wrong code) or create a ROM for your game for another region (this is owing to the wrong ROM image).

How can I make my character move fast?

How can I make the character of my Pokemon heartgold move fast ? He's slow as a snail, suggest me an answer please

Get the master code if you do not have it already and this use this code in the Trainer Class: 02000418 47701C1F 02065988 FD3AF79A E2000400 00000018 6837AE06 D1012F03 60372709 D0022B02 085F0056 1C164770 D2000000 00000000

You have to press L+R to activate the snail to move at double speed. You will also want the Running Shoes from Cherrygrove City at the beginning of the game.

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