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Tell if Your Boyfriend Is Obsessed with You

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How to make your boyfriend obsessed with you in a long distance relationship?

Here are some ways to make your boyfriend obsessed with you in a long distance relationship:

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    Call him and say to him that you are going to a party with some friends, of which at least one happens to be a guy
    It will make him worry about the guy that is part of the group. He will also worry about other guys who will be at the party. He will be insecure that they might like you and be hitting on you.
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    Post pretty pictures of you on a social networking site like Facebook and Instagram
    When other boys post likes and comments about how pretty you are it will make him jealous. He will be messaging you trying to figure out what is going on and will obsess with you.
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    Make him miss you, so don't call or message him for a few days
    Let him message you but don't respond right away, or only give him a short sassy response.
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    Post pictures of you on Facebook or Instagram that where you are like watching movies, going to the mall, and it will make him want to go, see you and to be with you.
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When you do those above, please don't forget to tell him how much you miss him, be with him, and how much you love him. And also to make him obsess of you just be yourself and he will love you for who you are.

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I am in a long distance relationship for the past one year, he came here to Bangladesh after three months of our relationship, then again went back to Florida for his studies, then he came here again in May and stayed until August we had a wonderful time?

So after he went away he was kinda strange to me and was not paying as much attention I used to get. He says that it is his 3rd year in university and he needs to focus, and if I don't get to go to States there is no future whereas he always used to say we will work on it. But his actions do not seem like that we are on a break now; we had a fight where he wanted to break up, and I begged him not to do so! Now I am very sad, scattered as hell. I still call him to know how he is and try to explain that I will wait and I am not willing to give up, what can I do to bring those things back that he used to do so? I do get the fact that he is busy and my boyfriend is very loyal and honest, it is not that he is partying around or is another relationship, please advise me

Visit him in the United States. Make the effort because he is basically telling you that with all that is going on in his life, he can't make the effort. Make plans to visit him during Winter Break after he is finished with his final exams for that semester. You have to understand that his seriousness with the school is valid. One of the first rules of the university life is not to let a relationship interfere with your quest for a degree. Send him a care package of sweets or snacks he enjoyed with you during your time together in Bangladesh. Leave a note in the package that you support the fact that he wants to improve himself by earning a degree and that you want to help him attain his goals in any way that you can.

How can I make my man fully in love with me in a distance relationship?

I want his total attention, he is too much into work

Ask him to keep a scheduled time for you and him to talk on the phone or Skype. Make regular Skype dates with him and starts making plans to see him in person whether you both go on vacation together or you travel to see him and spend time with him in person when he is not working. He may be fully in love with you. However, the pressure he is experiencing at work is taking precedence in his daily life. Take those baby steps of asking for scheduled time to speak with him. Let him know that you treasure the time you have together even if it is brief. Compose an email throughout the day of all your thoughts about him and send it. Develop your own interests in a hobby or activity. Make plans with friends. Binge watch on Netflix. You will then notice less of a void when he can't speak with you.

My boyfriend is becoming very obsessed I am not sure if it is care or love?

I have been dating a man for four months he knows the date we met and has made comments "he can't live without me, he won't live without me." He asks me constantly to say I will never leave him and that we are meant to be together forever. He gets upset and has made threats to my old boyfriend who I still care about asking him to stay away. During intimate times, he says I am his, and he owns me.

At this stage of your relationship, I would be concerned about this kind of thing taking place. I would strongly advise you to speak with a counselor or trusted friend/family member and read up on how abuse begins in a relationship. This type of behavior can be a form of manipulation as a means of "grooming". Although this is early in your relationship, this is a time that you will start to catch a glimpse of an individual without the introductory masks that we all tend to have on when we are trying to impress another individual during the start of the dating phase. A loving relationship is one in which you should feel respected, encouraged, and most importantly equal to the person you are with. These are things that every person deserves to feel. If the person you are with is not making you feel this way, then my advice to you is to step back and assess the relationship to determine if how you are feeling is something you can deal with for a long term. Hope this helps.

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What should I say to my obsessive boyfriend if he threatens me that he will do something bad?

I want to break up with my boyfriend. I am not feeling any connection with him. But he wants me in his life forever at any cost. He will do anything so that I will be afraid and will stay with him. He threatens me that he will come to my home and will tell my parents any bad things and then will marry me. But I don't feel anything for him. I do not have feelings for him. How should I break up with him? What should I say to him so that he will leave me & will accept the breakup?

If he threatens that he will contact your parents, then it might happen one way or another: anonymous letters, phone calls, or street conversations. You will have to hire or ask help from a very big or influential person to tell him that if something from his threats happens, or there will be any suggestion of his negative involvement in your everyday life, then he will be in trouble. I am afraid there is no other way of preventing any trouble.

Is my ex-boyfriend obsessed with me? Or does he actually just hate me?

Texts me every chance to put me down and constantly calls me heartless for not wanting him back. Constantly texts me, even if I don't reply. When we dated he told me he loved me every minute and said he missed me constantly. Didn't want me to go to homecoming, even though we broke. Four months later he texted me to tell me I was worthless and fat and heartless. He also likes everything of mine on social media, so I had to block him, and he likes all my friends' posts and even added some of them. Is this obsession?

No one deserves to be put down, no matter what the situation. This sounds a little more serious, and you should consider your safety. Maybe while you were with him, he had strong feelings for you and possibly showed them more than usual. But it doesn't make it okay for him to be obsessive or controlling over you when you are not together. Eliminating him from your social media and other areas where he will be able to attract your attention is a good idea. Explaining the situation to your friends and family would be a good idea, to begin eliminating him from your media life. If he starts to make you uncomfortable in any way or puts your safety in jeopardy be sure to contact the police and have arrangements made from there.

I really want my boyfriend to miss me a lot? what should I do?

I deactivated my Facebook, Instagram, etc. I want to disappear so he can't reach me. I want him to call me and to look for me. What should I do?

That you disappeared from social networks is always a good thing, but you cannot immediately make someone miss you. To be missed, being noticed by others is the best thing that you can do, and that might be time-consuming. Start modeling, where your pictures will be published online by photographers, start your own band and shows, start dancing, organize anything that will attract a lot, or at least some, public attention. Use all of your free time and energy that you used on social networks, and you will succeed in more than just getting the attention of your boyfriend.

What is the easiest step to make my boyfriend miss me?

He complains that he wants to miss me

If you are trying to make your boyfriend miss you, the easiest step would be taking a leave of absence from him. Perhaps taking some time completely away from him will test the waters and see if he will miss you. When you take that absence, make sure it is complete absence, as in no phone calls, text messages or contact. Perhaps you should treat yourself to a week or two away for some "me" time. If after your period of absence he is still complaining he would like to miss you, I would suggest a re-examination of your relationship. Thanks for your question!

Hello, how are you doing? I hope by the grace of God you are doing well as I am here. I have my husband, he is in the USA and I am in Ghana. Please can you help me, and give me sweet words that I will say to him to make him love me more and think about me each and every seconds, because I really love him so much, and I just want him to know that he is the only one that I love in my heart, I hope you will help me to solve this?

Hello, how are you doing? I hope by the grace of God you are doing well as I am here. I have my husband, he is in the USA and I am in Ghana. Please can you help me, and give me sweet words that I will say to him to make him love me more and think about me each and every seconds, because I really love him so much, and I just want him to know that he is the only one that I love in my heart, I hope you will help me to solve this

Long distance relationships are hard to maintain because of the fact that it is hard to show how much you love the other person or feel the love the other person is trying to express. Make arrangements for a Skype date. Find a movie online that you can both watch together and interact during the movie. Make an effort to communicate with him daily to ask how his day is going as being so far apart is a new learning opportunity for both of you. Send him letters and care packages to remind him of you. Give him an item that every time he sees it he will immediately think of you.

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I have been talking to him on the phone for almost 4 years but it seems that he is not into me and I love him very much, he lives five hours away he says he loves me but not in love with me so what should I do?

How do I get him back he says he loves me but not in love with me? He lives by himself and when I visited him in Chicago he didn't give me any respect. When he saw a girl walking he said shake it, baby yeah shake it. He forgot I was in the car with him. What shall I do? He even said he didn't say or do this thing and it hurt me so bad. I was there and he did say that what I heard just him joking. He said it like he didn't care or he forgot I was there with him because I only visited him once and only visited me once. We talked on the phone for 4 years so what's up with that? He is just not into me anymore because I told him that was going to find me someone else because he was not calling me enough. Every time we talked he would always talk about his past and nothing about us at all. It was all about him and no one else. What he is going to do today or tomorrow was all he talked about. It is all about him that's about it.

It is time for you to move on. Sadly, you have invested four years with this guy, and you have only met twice, despite being in the same country and only 5 hours apart. After one year, you should have already been discussing living in the same location. You can't make someone love you the same way that you love them. It sounds like he seems to only be in love with himself and you can't compete with a person like that. With no commitment or plans of a future after four years of speaking with him, cut your losses and run before you waste even more time.

LDR has many 'women friends' and keeps following hot chicks on Twitter?

Hi, My LDR (sort of LDR .. we still don't know what we are after 1 year 8 months).. has many women 'friends' who he hangs with and on Facebook. He left Facebook now to go onto Twitter. He now follows 'strangers' (many women.. not just the supposed news he is on there for). On asking who the latest woman who has only 8 follows is. He says it's nothing and then after 1 week proceeded to block me on Twitter. The day after he then followed some other good looking chick. He also red-carded me (sent me a pic of a red card) and said that he would not be talking to me for a week as punishment for asking too many questions. This is the 4th time on Twitter (he keeps leaving) and every time he has blocked me when I ask who the girl who is sending him hearts on Tweets Is. Am I being overly sensitive? He used to call me his oxygen/love/ babe / etc.. I was his focus... he now has too much on Twitter to keep him occupied and now has blocked me from his world. Highly suspicious and happens every time he is on there. The silent treatment is now my reward for trying to find out where I stand in his world. When I asked what he is doing with all these strangers now.. he proceeded to tell me so am I. HELP... am I wasting my time? 1yr and 8 months later.. I am tossed aside like a used rag. He went from overweight and miserable from a past relationship and said I revived him. He is now exercised, feeling handsome and ready to get out there by the looks of things. Did I just help him be ready for all these new women? This latest blocking/silent treatment makes me think so. HELP

It sounds like you were there to support him during his weight loss journey and now he had moved on. 6 months is a long enough time to date and the relationship not progress as a sign that it is going nowhere. One year and 8 months are way too long to be in a relationship stalemate. Blocking you from Twitter is not what a person would do who was really in a long-term relationship with you. Instead, you were there to make him feel good while he was losing weight, but now he is ready to date other people and get used to the new physical person he has become. Send him a message that you are walking away and you wish him all the best in the future. Do not contact him and if he wants to interact with you, he will make an attempt. It may not have been his intention in the very beginning to be the way he is towards you now. Unfortunately, the relationship is over, and it is time for you to move on. There is someone out there who will respect you for who you are and treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

How do I get his attention if we are not in the same country?

I love the guy so much, but he does not text me or even talk to me unless I do, even at times he does not reply my texts after texting him.

Long-distance relationships are always communication-deprived. Sometimes, we live in different time zones, economic conditions, and cultures. For example, the Internet traffic and SMS messages can cost the person a lot. If you send a message to him during the day, he might be preparing for bed. When he plans to send you a message, he thinks that it might be too early for you, and then he works for 8-16 hours. Always consider those factors when having a long-distance relationship. The only way to guarantee his immediate attention is meeting, but I would suggest switching to real letters. Write profusely, evoking bright images and feelings with your intricate sentences, and your partner will take his time to writing his reply, ample with imagination so that you will cherish the letter like nothing else. Use your perfume on letters too.

How can I get my soon to be husband to stop lying to me about messaging other girls?

He is in the navy. We made plans for me to come in a few weeks to get married and to move. He left his iPad with me and his iCloud is connected to his phone so texts and phone calls go to the iPad. I have been seeing flirty messages with a few girls there in the navy. I haven't told him that his iCloud is connected. I am trying to decide if this is something I want to do anymore because of the stuff he is doing now.. I have tried: I asked what he did that day. I knew he hung out with a group of people but he didn't tell me that. When I asked what he did he said he was working which is a lie because of the day before he said we would be able to talk on the phone all day, but he hung out with some girls.. I think it was caused by: I have no idea. Everything was great and in love and so sweet.

This could be as simple as last-minute jitters about the wedding. Sometimes people can feel trapped right before they get married even though they want to get married. Before you get married and when you are face to face let him know what you have been seeing. If you are not happy with his response, you should postpone the wedding and see if you can build trust with him again. Let him know that you are willing to marry him and move with him to wherever he is posted in the Navy. That you are willing to support his military career so the least he can do is be honest with you about his true intentions towards these girls. Guys often do not realize they are flirting but instead think they are being funny. It could be innocent, however, when I person lies they are generally covering something up.

How can I make him miss me and chase me again?

I've been away for a month and a half now, and he seems to be getting more and more distant. He doesn't text anymore. I've been the one initiating texts. I even didn't text him for one week and he didn't text. So, I texted him and asked him why he is not texting anymore, he said that he is very stressed at work and tired and he is not in the mood to text (bad mood). He just doesn't feel like texting much. The same happened the week after, he didn't text for a whole week and I ended up texting and complaining asking him why he has changed. I just don't understand this change from him, he used to really like me, and he says he still does but his actions definitely don't show it and I feel like he doesn't miss me or care anymore. I don't want to appear clingy and needy at the same time because I feel like that is how I am appearing lately to him... I have tried: Not texting for a week, then I started texting him every day. I just don't know what to do anymore. I think it was caused by: We had a big fight over text once, and he says he doesn't want to fight and have misunderstandings over text, but that's not a reason to stop texting

Stop texting him completely. Call him when you need to speak with him instead of sending a text. It appears that he may not want to text because of the previous misunderstanding and is trying to avoid any possibility of a fight between you two. Respect his wishes, and by doing that, you will show that you are actually hearing his request and honoring it. If he still does not answer your calls or calls you back then I would say that the relationship is over for him.

How can I be happy with him without any quarrels?

My boyfriend doesn't like to talk to me much and to text with me. How can I make him feel better with me and make him happy? I have tried: I make him more jealous telling him about my friends especially boys. I think it was caused by: He doesn't like to get too much close to me, and he likes to be alone

Some people need alone time more than others. Perhaps giving him his space is what will make him happy. Maybe scheduled time together is best for him. Ask him to contact you when he is ready to and see how long it takes. I would say that if you do not hear from him after 24 hours then he is just not into you anymore. Start making more plans with friends to help take your focus off of your boyfriend. Look into group events that you can invite him to where you are also with your friends. It may take pressure off of him to keep you occupied as well as you will not notice as much if he is not giving you enough attention.

How can I make him talk to me like before?

My boyfriend and I are going through problems of communication. Infidelity is what I have in mind about him. We spent months without talking. Is it Love?

At the beginning of a relationship, everyone goes through a stage of "Puppy Love", which you are going through the motions and enjoying the moment. When that stage is over, and reality hits that you are in a committed relationship, this is when the real work starts. Now two people are learning more and more about each other; they tend to find attributes they like or dislike. People may have a hiatus in conversations when they run out of topics to discuss. For a lot of people, silence with a loved one is comfortable; for some of us, it brings discomfort, as we strive for knowledge and affection from our loved ones. The solution usually is to start stimulating each other's minds by discussing historical, world, factual, or entertaining facts or events with your own view on that. With some "probing" and trial and error, you may find it easier and more comfortable to talk to each other. If you succeed, then it is, indeed, love.

How to make him loyal and faithful to me?

I know he loves me too much, do everything just for me, support me all the way he can, but the problem is, he can't resist himself being attracted to other girls. well, it's fine with me because I know there are still lots of beautiful girls. but the thing is, he still make sweet conversations with those girls then eventually lies whenever he makes a wrong move. I know I'm jealous but it's too much of what he is doing. Every girl wants to be an apple of the eyes of their partner but he can't be loyal and faithful to me

Trust is one of the pillars in a relationship. If you can not trust him the foundation of your relationship will never be stable enough to build further on. Ask for him to give you space and walk away from dating him for a bit. Distance from him may help you make a decision on whether to try to continue the relationship. You first have to love and respect yourself. If you feel that you are not the most important person to him then perhaps it is time to end things. He should not be seeking the attention of other women and be flirting with them. These actions show that he is not serious about your relationship nor does he respect you enough.

How do I get his time? He has other works to do that aren't even important?

My boyfriend loves me, he cannot live without me. But the problem is he is too busy thus he doesn't get to see me. To get him close to me I have to talk to him on call for 1-2 hours to create love between us, as in addiction. He loves me but has many other priorities. Why does he do that even though he loves me too much? I have tried: I tried to not to talk to him, so he can miss me but at last, after few days same things started. I think it was caused by: Because I don't talk much, and he is bored, which causes us not to talk

He is comfortable in your relationship. This means he is going to put forth the least amount of effort. This will not change, especially if he is busy and you feel that he is bored. If you do not talk much because that is your personality or because you do not have much in common, then you need to consider putting this relationship on pause or break it off completely. You are unbalanced in communication and that is one of the pillars of a successful relationship. He is also not making you a priority. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words when it comes to love. You can say you love someone but you also need to effectively show them how much you love them. Your boyfriend is failing at this or you are missing the ways he does show you that he loves you.

How do I make him want me more or miss me?

My boyfriend doesn't text me or start a conversation, he always says that he is busy. Sometimes I would wonder if he even thinks about me or its work work work, so what do I do to get his attention

Demand time. Approach the conversation with the understanding that although he is busy, you should be allowed a few hours a week with him. If he refuses, then there is a bigger issue in the relationship, and you may be more seriously involved than he is. Make sure that you are not evaluating your relationship too high for what he views as a casual dating situation.

Here are VisiHow articles with suggestions of what to send him to get his attention:

What are some question to ask him that will make him run over to my house?

I really love him, and I want our love to be thicker. I have tried: I have tried visiting him not at his house but I went to see him on the basketball court, and man he was so hot. I think it was caused by: There is no problem between us I just want him happy

The best way to get a guy's attention is to be yourself! Play it casual and invite him over for dinner. Enticing him in other ways can just lead to a booty call and nothing else type of attitude from a guy. If he is actually interested in you, he will agree to dinner with you at your house. In this day in age of Tinder and other social dating apps, it is very easy to think a guy is interested in all of you when he is only thinking in immediate sexual gratification terms.

How do I make him miss me so much?

We had an argument some week ago and 5 days, we didn't talk to each other, and we solved everything out but he is kind of silence. For example yesterday I sent him a picture of my new hair, he just said it is nice. That was not hot at all and I feel bad inside me. I responded thanks, he saw it but didn't respond to me. Now he seems too quiet. How can I get his attention and make him miss me more and more? I am confused

He is still pouting from the argument you both had a few weeks ago. Here are a few VisiHow articles that can help you deal with his current attitude of silence:

Even though you think that the argument was resolved, send him an apology text to see if he responds. It might make him end his sulking. Unfortunately, his cavalier attitude is a sign that he is not ready to be emotionally stable in a committed relationship. Give it time, and he should get over what happened, but if he does not, you should be glad that you did not invest more time with someone not mature enough to be in a relationship.

I want my old boyfriend back because he acts strangely nowadays?

We are in a long distance relationship. It's been 4 months now. We have never seen each other, we met on Facebook and now we are in a relationship. He was obsessed with me before when we were not in relation and used to text a lot but now he doesn't text much even though he's active on social media. He replies very late to my texts also. I don't know what to do, I don't like his behavior, I want his attention and want him to text me and be obsessed with me like before. We are in a long distance relationship for 4 months but never met in real. because he lives in Malaysia. I have tried: I tried to make him miss me, I tried to ignore his texts to make him miss me. I think it was caused by: Maybe because we used to fight a lot, we even broke up a couple of times

As mentioned in a few of the other answers on this page, long-distance relationships can be incredibly difficult. In your case, you haven't met in-person, which adds an additional layer of complications. If you're not getting the attention you seek, focus more on improving yourself. If it is meant to be, he'll come around once he notices you living your life to the fullest. If he doesn't, you would have still made improvements to your life.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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